Which type of summer shoes for women are trending in 2023?

summer shoes

The temperature in the New York streets is rising! It is time you shove in your boots and bring out your nail paints! From classic strappy sandals to flats and wedges – 2022 had an infinite range for the shoe cart. In 2023, fashion experts are taking it a notch higher – with the summer shoes for women having a lot more apart from wedges and flats.

This fashion article from the house of Fictionpad will cover some amazing combos of summer shoes paired up with classic dresses. From the professional to personal front, our experts will show you how to carry your best foot forward!

Let’s make a fashion statement here –

Which dress to wear with summer shoes for women?

Our experts have curated looks for the summer that you could carry to the office, at a pool party, or while hanging out with friends. Before you check that out, let’s understand that the best shoes for summer include – the classic sandals, espadrille wedges or flats, sneakers, converse, slingbacks, and block-heel ankle straps mostly. How to pair them up? Let’s see –

How to pair summer shoes for women at the office?

If you are in for a formal look, the espadrille wedges or the block-heel ankle straps work well.

  • You can pair a pant-suit or a formal shirt-skirt combo with espadrille wedges, tan sandals, slingback pumps, ballet flats, or block strap sandals.
  • If there’s an occasion in the professional space, and you are looking to pair up classy summer shoes for women with your flair dress or jumpsuit, you can always opt for summer sneakers, summer mules, ballet flats, or even summer loafers.
  • In case you plan to don ethnic at your office space, the best set to go with it is – the classic summer sandal. In this, you can choose alternatives such as – strappy sandals, detailed flat sandals (the one with ruffles, pearls, or even bows), solid flats in contrasting shades, or block – heels.

summer shoes for women

The experts would suggest you choose shoes that contrast your dress. If that’s not suitable – go in for classics such as black or brown. However, since it’s summer – pick out some pop colors to suit the occasion.

How to don summer shoes for women in your personal space?

Say you are partying or hanging out with your friends; you would perhaps not wish to don a pair of wedges or pumps. In that case – the alternatives range from slippers, flip-flops, casual sandals, flats, ballet flats, and converse shoes.

  • If you plan to go for a pool party – flip-flops are the best option! Green, pink, lavender, red, yellow, or any other shade will do!
  • What if you are out clubbing or pubbing? What would be your shoe code there? Are you wearing a summer dress with frills? Then a pair of white converse or black ballet flats will be the perfect pair of summer shoes for women heading out.
  • Are you planning to have a hangout session with your girlfriends? In that case, you could don a pair of classic denim shorts or jeans and pair up summer sneakers or converse shoes with it.
  • If you are wearing short skirts or even the floral printed flared long ones, you can pair them with – silver sandals, strappy leather slingbacks, gladiator sandals, ballerina flats or metallic cut ballerina.
  • When you have a party at your friend’s place, whatever your attire – in terms of shoes, you can choose a pair of slide sandals, runway ballet flats, espadrille flats, or rose gold strappy or the embroidered strap flats. Do carry a pair of resort slippers for lazing around.

What to remember before choosing summer shoes for women?

Which of the aforementioned summer shoes for women did you like? Whichever your choice, here are some tips you must follow before investing in a pair of summer shoes. Let’s share them with you –

1. Add hues at the correct place

With the summer knocking at your door, you would want to add a dose of colour to your shoe rack. But do not rush things and buy shoes with colourful soles. They are not evergreen, and they might lose their sheen once summer is over. Rather, you can go in for hued-shoes with neutral soles. If you wish to experiment a little more – you can always opt for neutral pair of shoes with contrasting laces.

summer shoes for women

2. Choose breathable shoes

With the summer styles in place, you will have to choose breathable shoes. For those who are unaware, these are shoes that allow regulation of the temperature of your feet by letting the heat escape.

3. Opt from these materials

As mentioned beforehand – you must choose breathable shoes. The concerned materials are – suede, canvas, cotton-filled, and leather. Steer clear from synthetic materials.

4. Check if your toes have wiggle space

When buying summer shoes for women, you must check the wiggle space your toes will have. Feet sweating is a common issue in the summers, and, you will have to prep for that in a way – that the heels do not slip.

5. Know your heels well

Though summer is the time to experiment and wear the prettiest of clothes, high heels might not be your permanent friend. Therefore, you need to go in for canvas or cotton-filled soles that will not exert your pressure points and provide you with a solid footing for a long day outing.

summer shoes

Wrapping up

Did you like this listicle on summer shoes for women by our fashion experts? If you wish to add something to this list, or have a query or two – please post them in the comments section. Keep watching this space for more fashion related tips and tricks!


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