How To Wash Wool Blanket? The 4-Step Guide For You!

how to wash wool blanket

With the winters waving you goodbye and summers making a grand entry, it is time to stack up your wool blanket. For the record, if you care for a wool blanket well, it could last you a lifetime! It is moisture-resistant, durable, and low on maintenance. However, the problem with most people is that they are unaware of the correct way to wash it. This results in their blankets getting ruined! So, how to wash wool blanket correctly? We have the answer for you! 

As you scroll down this post, you will get the preparatory and washing steps for woolen blankets and also the right way to store them. Apart from that, we have answers to a myriad of your queries right here! 

How to wash wool blanket? 

Here are some steps to follow for washing the wool blanket – 

Preparatory Steps – 

brush and detergent for cleaning blanket
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What do you need? 

  • A brush with soft bristles 
  • Clean cloth to wipe off the stains 
  • Wool-safe detergent (ensure that it is enzyme-free) 
  • An iron with a low-heat setting 
  • Optional: vinegar/club soda, bath towels, pressing cloth 

Steps to wash it – 

Step 1 – Shake the blanket and remove the dirt 

removing dirt from wool blanket for washing
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  • You have to kickstart this cleaning process by shaking the blanket and brushing off the dirt. 
  • Hang the blanket in a well-ventilated area for ventilation purposes. After that, take the brush and gently wipe off the dirt in one direction. Continue with this process for 5 – 10 minutes to remove the ingrained dirt. 

Step 2 – Spot-clean the stains 

spot cleaning of wool blanket before washing
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Before putting it through the wash cycles, you must spot-clean the stains (if any) on your blanket. Here are some of the most followed ways – 

  • If the stain is fresh, simply let it run under the water. Whether it’s a coffee, juice, or even wine stain, if caught fresh – the water will assuredly wash it off. 
  • In case the stains have hardened, remove some of them using the backside of the spoon. Once a part of the stain is removed, you need to gently blot out the stain. For that, mix vinegar/club soda with water (1:2 ratio) and dip a clean cloth in it. After that rub the stain with it gently. 
  • Leave it like that for some time, and then rinse that area with cold water. 
  • If the stain (like dark blood stains) does not go this way, you need to blot that area with undiluted vinegar. Keep it for some time and rinse it with cold water. 

Tip: Soak it in cold water 

Once you are done with the spot cleaning, then before putting it in the washing machine, you must soak it in cold water for 15 minutes. Make sure to add a little bit of wool-safe detergent to it, before soaking. After that, put it in the machine.  

Step 3 – Put it in the washing machine

washing woollen blankets in washing machine
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  • Mix an adequate amount of wool-protect detergent with cold water (1:2 ratio) and put it in the machine. 
  • Pick out the soaked blanket and put it in the machine. It is best if you do not add any other clothes to it. 
  • Put the machine on a gentle cycle and let it run for 2 minutes. After that switch to the rinse cycle to free it of the dirt. If required, go in for another rinsing cycle. 

Check if your machine has a wool-safe cycle. Follow the same process.  

Step 4 – Drying the blanket 

how to wash wool blanket and dry it
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If you have been reading till here, you have already figured out how to wash wool blanket. The next important thing is – drying it correctly. For starters, do not directly pull out the blanket and put it to air dry. 

  • Take the bath towel and roll up the blanket in it. If required, take more than a single towel to absorb the additional water. Do not wring the blanket. 
  • After that, hang out the blanket on the clothes rack to air-dry. Make sure to keep it in the shade and not expose it to direct sunlight. 

Tip: Iron to remove the wrinkles 

You may find some wrinkled portions after drying the blanket that requires flattening. Set the iron at 300 degrees and place a pressing cloth under the iron before you start. The steam from this iron eliminates the creases on the wool and helps it to flatten. 

If you follow these steps thoroughly then you can easily wash the blanket and store it well for a long time. 

How to store wool blankets correctly?

correctly store woolen blankets
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Once you are done washing them correctly, it is time to store them well. We will now disclose to you the right way to store them – 

You must keep woolen blankets away from moisture or direct sunlight. Find a cool and dry place, not infested by pests. Since wool needs to breathe, therefore, roll it well and store it in a linen or cotton storage bag. Add a couple of woodblocks or cedar chips to keep pests away. 

Conclusive thoughts 

Woolen blankets provide that perfect comfort, every time the temperature nosedives. However, many people are unaware of how to wash wool blanket and preserve them well for years. Assuming you have read this blog post, you now know the DIY method of washing them. However, if you still have any queries or doubts about any of the steps mentioned, you can comment in the section below. Also, do you have some tricks up your sleeve? Share with us here! For more DIY techniques, keep watching this space. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How to soften a woolen blanket? 

At times, the woolen blanket becomes hard due to regular usage or multiple other reasons. Brush it softly and air dry it occasionally (under the shade) to restore its softness. Avoid using harsh chemicals to wash them. 

2. How often to clean woolen blankets? 

For those who use woolen blankets daily, wash them according to the above-mentioned process once in three months. However, for those of you who use it seasonally, washing it once per season is good enough. At times, just leave it out in the shade to freshen it. 

3. How to remove stains from a woolen blanket? 

Spot cleaning of the stains is the best way to deal with it. Mix the wool-safe detergent with water (as mentioned above) and remove the stains gently. 

4. Should you handwash or machine-wash a woolen blanket? 

Though most people prefer hand-washing their blankets, however, washing machines these days enable you to wash wool. So, you can use the same. 

5. Should you use a dryer? 

You must never dry a woolen blanket in the dryer. This will immediately shrink the blanket completely ruining it. 


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