10 Hottest Video Game Characters You Cannot Miss Out On!


Are you too fooled by their good looks? Beware! They can kick some ass! You know her as Bayonetta or refer to him as Drake – and they just know how to be at their best – every time!! It is not just their physical attractiveness that matters; rather, their intellectual capacities are no less appealing! Here’s presenting before you a list of the hottest video game characters who enamour you with their moves! 

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Hottest video game characters you meet 

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1. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) 

hottest video game characters
Image Credit: GamesRadar

Without her, you cannot kickstart this listicle on the hottest video game characters! The hottest, sassiest, and surely the sharpest of the characters you have come across on screen. She’s been around since the late 1990s and is an archaeologist. Though initially, she did receive some flak about her disproportionate body (sexist comments like – “triangular bosom”) were afloat – she has aged like fine wine! 

Produced by Core Design, this British-based action-adventure series reimagined its design and structure in the 2000s, and since then, Croft has never looked back! No wonder we still love her, as evolved as she is! 

2. Dante (Devil May Cry) 

dante video game character
Image Credit: GameByte

Alternatively, you know him as – Tony Redgrave, a vigilante, private investigator paranormal mercenary, and the protagonist of Devil May Cry. One of the hottest hack-and-slash game characters, his military-style boots, tanned jeans, and affinity for red make him sexier than his contemporaries. 

His double-tailed coats are a classic, and the flippant and disinterested attitude he flaunts for his enemies adds to his charm! Though one gets to see his laidback demeanour in general, he can get into the sharpest of persons when the situation demands it! 

3. Bayonetta (Bayonetta) 

Image Credit: CharacTour

Another of the sexiest video game characters created – Bayonetta by PlatinumGames, is nonchalant, to the point of disregarding people. However, the true allure of this hack-and-slash game character rests in the fact that she is genuine in empathizing with people. The way she has stood by Luka and her friendship with Jeanne is worth celebrating. 

Added to that, she shows her excellence in dealing with weapons and her endurance and strength, combined with her capability to deal with enemies forthright – makes her assuredly one of the hottest video game characters! 

4. Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

uncharted video game character
Image Credit: NDTV

Born as Nathan Morgan, this central character of the Uncharted video game series is a professional treasure hunter and is extremely quick-witted. The typical Caucasian male is blessed with brown eyes, tan skin, and a muscular physique! The ruggedly handsome touted as the hottest video game characters that one has ever played with – his dry humour, even in the face of the most dangerous situations, makes him sexier! 

Though he is easy to provoke and gets enraged at times in the smallest of situations, he is incredibly skilled and extremely loyal to his friends and family. Here’s a character you cannot stop yourself from falling in love with!

5. Poison Ivy (Batman Arkham) 

poison ivy hot video game character
Image Credit: YouTube

Originally a botanist going by the name of – Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, the chlorophyll-flowing lady has a toxic trait and a powerful ability to seduce! One of the most noted eco-terrorists, the bonafide psychopath, she has been in more than a single scenario referred to as – fleshy-meat sacks. Parallel to the stance of Catwoman, she is extremely dominating. However, her motherly affection sharply comes out when her plants are concerned. Apart from that, she holds humans in complete disdain. 

The lady is decked in green, with blood-red lips and romps around barefoot. With tighter eyes and hair braided in a floral bun, she is a villain one cannot stop oneself from admiring. 

6. Paul Phoneix (Tekken)

Image Credit: GamesHub

Another of the hottest video game characters coming from the Japanese domain (though the character is American) – Paul is aggressive, volatile, and determined to win the King Of Iron Fist Tournament. His battle spirit is unmatchable, and despite his range of side jobs – he truly is the epitome of persistence. 

Though mostly overconfident, he is muscle-brained and never doubts his capacities or abilities. Also, his brash attitude is problematic at times, but mostly, he is someone with whom one can easily get along. Topping it all – who wouldn’t want to melt into those blue eyes backed with the flat-topped hairstyle? 

7. Lady Dimitrescu (Resident Evil Village)

hottest video game characters
Image Credit: Radio Times

No wonder she’s the boss lady, but do you know what’s that one key factor that backs her name on this list of hottest video game characters? The towering lady is deliciously vicious! Compared to multiple others on that list, she, along with her daughters, is as ghoulish as ever. The way she moves ahead like a bloodhound – primarily when she targets Ethan, shows how tactful she is in using her regenerative properties. 

Created to bring about destruction, the vampire Countess stands true to her name till she lives. Her every move is devilishly sharp, and the intrigue surrounding her existence is spooky. Her incredible height and sultry demeanour, yet the gory aura that she represents – make Lady Dimitrescu a horrific video game heroine to remember for a lifetime! 

8. Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil) 

Image Credit: GAMINGbible

He is one of the hottest digital characters ever created, and interestingly, with time, his charm is increasing!! His presence in Resident Evil 6 has allowed his character to expand like no other, and as the lead guy-cum-undercover agent, he is someone who is trusted supremely. 

A fan-favourite from the very beginning, he is a driving character and manages to find a way out in every situation – however critical it might be. His relationship with Claire, dedication, and other specifics associated with him make him one of the best-entailed fictional men around. 

9. Kassandra (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey)

Image Credit: Forbes

Now, you must be relieved! After all, you have been scrolling down this list of some of the hottest video game characters, and Kassandra’s name did not appear anywhere. Here it is! Ubisoft’s Assissin’s Creed games have garnered a penchant for sending off players to ancient lands. This game also allows the players to move in and around ancient Greece, where Kassandra can be mercenary on the one hand and extremely humane on the other. 

The most charming aspect of Kassandra is that she is not technically attractive; rather, it’s her sharp intellect that always takes the cake! What’s more interesting is that Kassandra, unlike many other video game characters, is extremely inspiring and helps one push through in the toughest of times! So, if you are looking for a dash of inspiration through digital mediums, this is the character to check out!

10. Johnny Silverhand (Cyberpunk)

Image Credit: HD Wallpapers

Born as Robert John Linder, he is a sassy yet mass-puller! Though he is a military veteran, he still has not let his rockerboy image go away from him! He is quite the charmer, and what’s most interesting about him is that – since his beginnings- he has evolved over time, too, in a positive direction. 

The lead singer of Samurai, though he is sharp-witted, can be highly manipulative and dominating in nature at times. Yet, the way he manages to come out of every dicey scenario – is truly worth noting!

Conclusive thoughts 

Assuming you have read through this listicle of the hottest video game characters – do you have a favorite? Are they on this list? If they are, well, it is good to see you love them as well. If not, why don’t you add them in the comments section? After all, they are sexy and sharp – and you just do not want to miss them in action. Did you like this post? Keep following this website for more exciting content like this! 


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