Triangle Tattoo Meaning: Exploring The Secrets Here!

triangle tattoo meaning

If you are a minimalist, then getting a trendy yet layered tattoo might be a difficult affair. You do not wish to sport a dragon spewing fire or your body parts. But neither are you looking at something as simple as a butterfly. So, what’s your way out? A triangle tattoo is a great idea! For the unversed, when you decode the triangle tattoo meaning, you will find it layered with a tinge of the Christian faith and symbolizes a sense of wisdom, learning, divine connection, and love. Added to that, it includes a range of implications in different domains. 

This post will detail the specifics for you – from its range of interpretations in different contexts to its religious outlooks. As you scroll down this post, you will also get to see the layers inherent within this tattoo. We will also assist you in choosing a triangle inking that resonates with you – 

Unveiling the core triangle tattoo meaning

triangle tattoo meaning unveiled
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Traditionally speaking, triangle tattoos have the core beliefs of spreading love, wisdom, and a sense of bonding. In Greek culture, it symbolizes a sense of sacred emotion that combines wisdom with a sense of divine learning. While speaking of Christianity, this symbol implies the Holy Trinity – a prominent representation of the Eye of Providence, wherein God is keeping a watch over you.  

If we expand its search, then for the record – this holds multiple interpretations in the Norse culture, is parallel to the Triquetra and Valknut symbols, and has found relevance in European, American, and LGBTQ cultures! 

Let us reveal the specifics for you – 

Decoding triangle tattoo meaning in multiple domains

A triangle tattoo can be interpreted in multiple formats – 

1. As a religious symbol 

christian triangle tattoo
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At a preliminary level, the triangle tattoo implies a Christian religious symbol. Taking it at first glance, it means The Holy Trinity (The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit). However, at an extended level, it also implies – the trinity of the human body, multiple phases of the moon, and a sense of creation, spiritual preservation, the ultimate destruction. The intricacies within the triangle will depict a variety of meanings. 

Another religious interpretation of this triangle is associated with – the Eye of Providence. This means God is watching over all of us and the divine providence is there. So, there is no reason to worry. 

2. What do the cultures have to say?

celtic triangle tattoo
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For those wishing to explore triangle tattoo meaning at the backdrop of cultures, the range is quite wide. Let us see to that. 

In terms of European culture – triquetra and triskelion are the critical meanings behind the symbols. On the one hand, Triquetra implies a trinity knot, that does have pagan roots but eventually is an accepted part of medieval art. For some, it implies the replica of the Goddess Morrigan, while for others it is an interlocking of the 3 forces of nature – sky/sea and earth. 

On the other hand, Triskelion implies a triple spiral shape relevant to Greek and Celtic artifacts – and is associated with Goddess Hecate. The Greek meaning of the triangle is also relevant to its being the Delta symbol. 

Going back to the old Nordic tales, a triple-locked triangle tattoo implied, a Viking Valknut symbol, which showcased the passage of valor to the other world. 

3. Explaining its significance in the geometric aspect 

geometric triangle tattoo
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To look at things as they are, the triangle tattoo has a geometric angle to it. You already are aware that a triangle can be defined as – equilateral, isosceles, or scalene, depending on the length of the side. It depicts the harmonious relationship between family, the bond between siblings, or even the relation between two people who are joined at heart. 

Another triangle tattoo meaning that has emerged recently is the Penrose Tribar, created by the Swedish artist, Oscar Reutersvard. The enigma related to this tattoo is that its mystery cannot be decoded (in fact, not even the artist simplified this triangle tattoo’s meaning). Also, this combined triangle tattoo’s arresting visuals are nothing short of a treat! 

4. Interplaying the natural energies 

male female significant triangle tattoo
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Do you know that triangle tattoos come with a significant interplay of natural energies? Well, they are the houses of wisdom, love, and connection. All these energies are reflected and symbolized in the triangle tattoo meaning.

On the one hand, it signifies male-female energy, while on the other hand, it showcases the rich connection that the soul has with us – giving a sense of freedom and wisdom. So, many would love to have a triangle tattoo to express themselves in this manner. 

5. What does the LGBTQ culture state? 

pink LGBTQ triangle tattoo
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Are you surprised to see their mention on this page? Well, let us surprise you a little more! When you ink a pink triangle tattoo, it symbolizes a sense of pride for the queer community. Though during the Nazi regime, homosexuals were marked by this symbol, it was later discarded. This was brought back again in 1977, by HIV activists. 

Currently, as we stand in the first half of the 21st century, this tattoo is a symbol of pride for the LGBTQ community. The triangle mostly is inverted now, in a bid to separate it from the horrifying history that it entails. 

These are some of the most common meanings of such triangle tattoos that have become a rage in current times. 

How to choose the correct triangle tattoo? 

triangle tattoo inking process
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You have explored the triangle tattoo meaning in multiple domains. Have you decided on one, if you wish to ink one? In case you are undecided, let us assist you with it. 

When looking for a triangle-shaped tattoo, look for one that resonates with your beliefs. Now that you are better aware of the interpretations, you can see for yourself which one holds greater implications for you. Once that is decided, it becomes easier. 

The next thing that you need to check is – if you can customize it according to your taste. This assuredly improves the aesthetic appeal of the tattoo and gives it a unique touch. 

When you take care of all these factors, assuredly you will be able to ink one that is closer to your emotions. 

Parting thoughts 

Triangle tattoo meaning changes according to its social, cultural, and religious setups. Additionally, the more intricately you design it, the more layered it becomes in terms of interpretation. As one of the most opted symbolic tattoos in current times, this at its very core symbolizes – harmony, balance, and eternal strength. Whether a man or a woman, always comprehend the significance of the triangle you wish to ink. 

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