How to clean Sperrys? Top 5 ways to check out!

How to clean Sperrys

Do you own a pair of Sperrys? Which one is it? The leather, suede, or canvas one? Whichever it is, do you know how to clean Sperrys? After all, as fancy as it may be – this pair of your favorite boat shoes need cleaning now and then. Never mind, you have clicked on the right link! This article will give you a complete insight into cleaning the Sperrys, the things you will need to clean it, and some tips to save you the headache the next time.

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Which type of Sperry do you have?

Generally, there are three types – leather, canvas, and suede. Then there’s an addition of flip-flops and insoles for casual wear.

Leather shoes are ultimate when it comes to class and comfort. Then comes the canvas and suede types which might not be so high on fashion but can beat the rest in terms of comfort.

In the next section, you will get a clear idea of how to clean different types of Sperrys in specific ways.

How to clean Sperrys – the steps

For the reader’s benefit, we have divided this segment into the type of Sperrys and the ways you can clean them.

1. How to clean Leather Sperrys?

For this, you will require –

A shoebrush or an unused toothbrush, mild dish soap, leather conditioner and polish combination. You will also need – rubber gloves and two-three microfiber clothes.

How to proceed?
  • Firstly, you will have to rub off the debris from that Sperry of yours with the brush. Clean it thoroughly and ensure that you are cleaning in the direction of the shoes. This will ease the removal process.
  • Next, you will have to prepare the soap solution by using mild soap with cold water.
  • Now dip the cloth in this solution and clean the pair in a circular motion. You will notice that the shoe might get damp, but do not soak them in the water.
  • Once you have cleaned it with the cloth, take the other fabric and pat it dry. Do it in circular motions and then leave it to air dry.
  • Once it is more or less dried (at times, it might take a little more time to dry), you need to put the shoe conditioner like a thin lining on the shoes. Once that is dried (it should take 10 minutes), you will have to put the shoe polish on it. Again let it dry.
  • It is suggested that you get a combined conditioner-polish product to save time. If you have that product, apply a thin coating of it; you can later re-apply another coat. Let it dry for 20 minutes, and then you can wipe the shoes to remove the excess residue.
  • That’s it – you have the pair of shoes ready to wear – answering your perennial query – how to clean Sperrys.

#Now, what if you have stains? For the record – the dish soap solution will ease most problems. But if you have an oil or grease stain, use talcum powder or baking soda over the same. Rub it overnight – the next narrow will be gone.

How to clean Sperrys

If you have an ink stain, you must blend water and isopropyl alcohol in a 1:1 ratio.

2. How to clean Suede Sperrys?

For this, you will require –

A suede brush, a suede eraser, or even a bar, sandpaper, newspaper, sponge, suede protection spray, and two-three pieces of microfiber cloth.

How to proceed?
  • Remove the debris from the shoe by using the brush in small strokes. Use the brush in the same direction and in a circular motion to remove the surface dirt.
  • When you have matted down scuff marks – which mostly happens in the case of suede Sperrys, you will have to use sandpaper to remove these marks.
  • If the sandpaper is not enough, then use the rubber to remove the mark.
  • Do you already have the sponge? Then you will have to wet this sponge and dampen the outer part of the suede shoes. This will prevent any watermark from settling down.
  • When you follow the above-mentioned procedures, the shoes will get cleaned automatically. But, if there is still some dirt, you must use steam to loosen those dirt particles. Once they are comparatively loose – you will have to use the brush to remove the dirt, which by this time has dried up.
  • Spray the suede Sperrys with the spray protector to guard against any external glitch.
  • Once all is done – next, stuff the shoes with newspapers and leave them to air-dry. This will maintain the shoe’s shape and absorb dampness.

#When you have suede shoes – this is how to clean Sperrys. If you have stains (especially water stains), then rather than dampening the sponge with water – you could do the same with white vinegar. If it is an oil stain – then spread some cornstarch over the affected area and leave it to rest for 10 minutes. Get a plain cloth to wipe this cornstarch off.

Ensure that you treat the mark on your suede shoes immediately upon notice. Dried stains take more effort to be removed from suedes.

3. How to clean Canvas Sperrys?

For this, you will require –

Newspaper, rubber gloves, laundry detergent, cloth, and shoebrush (use a toothbrush as an alternative).

How to proceed?
  • Firstly, you will have to mix warm water with the laundry detergent – and ensure that there are bubbles on top of the bucket.
  • Next, you can dip the dirty part of the shoe into this solution and scrub it with the brush. Refrain from submerging the whole pair since chances are high that it will catch mildew if not dried on time.
  • Once you have removed the debris, you will have to wipe the wet part of the shoes with a clean cloth. Pat-dry it well.
  • Before you go in for the air-dry method, you must remove the soles and fill up the shoes with a dry newspaper, which will help them remain in shape.

#How to clean Sperrys if you have a major stain ot it? Be assured – of putting it in the washing machine (unlike other varieties). But refrain from putting it in the drier since the heat can melt the glue.

How to clean Sperrys
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4. How to clean Sperry Insoles?

For this, you will require –

You will need dishwashing soap, glycerine, or a bar of vegetable soap. Additionally, you will need baking soda and two-three pieces of microfiber cloth.

How to proceed?
  • Mostly, these type of Sperry comes with additional insoles. Hence, you will have to remove them.
  • Rinse these insoles using cool water.
  • Once done rinsing – you will have to pour any of the soap mentioned above on the cloth and rub it on the soles. Follow a circular motion.
  • Rinse the insoles again and allow them to air dry.

#How to clean Sperrys if the insoles are not removable? What if they are not made of leather? In that case – you will have to use baking soda. Take a teaspoon of baking soda and spread it on only the affected area since baking soda, if put directly on leather, can harm the same. Let it rest for 10 minutes. Then take a damp toothbrush and scrub the affected area. Surely, some residue will be left. You can vacuum that later.

5. How to clean Sperry Flip-Flops?

For this, you will require –

Since most of these Sperry flip-flops are made of leather, the procedure, to a great extent, is similar to that of leather Sperrys. Here you will need – a shoebrush or toothbrush, microfiber cloth, leather polish-conditioner combined pack, and dish-washing soap solution.

How to proceed?
  • Firstly, you will have to remove the debris from the shoes using the brush.
  • Then you will have to mix the water and soap to create the solution. Damp the cloth in that and wipe off the outer areas of the flip-flops.
  • Once it is cleaned thoroughly, use another cloth to wipe it dry. After that, hang it up for air-dry.
  • Once dried – coat the conditioner -polish on the pair of flip-flops, and leave it to dry for 20 minutes. If you do not have a blend of both, use the conditioner first, wait for 10 minutes, and then use the polish.
  • Use the cloth to tap it after this has dried completely. Ensure you wipe it in circular motions.

#How to clean Sperrys if they have oil or a grease stain? Use baking or talcum powder and let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping it off. In case – it is an ink mark – you can blend water and isopropyl alcohol in a 1:1 ratio and wipe the stain with that.

Some ready-to-use things you will need

Now that you know how to clean Sperrys of different kinds, ensure you keep certain things handy. Here’s the list –

  • If you have leather shoes – you could keep an old T-shirt or a dress shirt handy. Apart from that – keep a horsehair brush, a leather shoe conditioner, a leather shoe conditioner, and finally, a cold water spray bottle. Don’t forget a shoe-cream polish in a lighter shade.
  • In case you have suede shoes – you will need a suede-specific brush, a suede-specific shampoo, a shoe brush, and waterproof spray.

Ensure that you keep these things at your disposal if you have a collection of footwear in any of the three materials. Also, do not wear leather shoes back to back since that could harm your feet. Another thing – ensure that you lightly brush off the shoes you are wearing every two days to protect them for a more extended period.

How to clean Sperrys

Do you know?

  • The best way to keep Sperry from smelling is to use a versatile shoe spray. There are different types available for suede, leather, and canvas. Pick up one that suits your requirement. Also, wear socks with your Sperry.
  • Usually – Sperrys get wet but dry up quite soon. But there might be chances of a water stain, which you can remove by using white vinegar.
  • When you put your Sperry to air dry – it might take around 12-15 hours.

Trekking and trotting, you go

So, that’s how to clean Sperrys! Is it clear now? Clean them, and wear them while you go hiking up the hills or even for a casual walk. Do you have any further queries? You could shoot us your queries and keep checking this space for more. Also, if you have a tip or two to share – please do leave a comment.



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