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importance of spiritual psychology

“Is Spiritual Psychology even real? Is that even a concept? If at all, how does it affect regular life?” – Do you have questions like this? You are not the only one! For years together, spiritual and religious communities have organized certain practices to weave their community together. Only recently have psychologists taken a deep interest in the same and tried to inculcate those in an individual’s daily life to better its quality. Hence, the concept and importance of spiritual psychology, which was already present for ages, have now received a coherent format. 

By definition, it implies – a discipline that focuses on the human psyche and its relation to the spiritual domain. 

This is just the basics of this concept. As you scroll down this article, we will give you insights on its necessity in current life, its range of benefits, and where to apply it. Let’s dive deep into the basics of this – 

What is spiritual psychology? 

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For the uninformed and the ones who barely know, spiritual psychology, alternatively known as transpersonal psychology – is a way of blending the spiritual (which may or may not be religious always) aspects into one’s psychology. This, unlike the mere psychological tests/treatment (if we try taking it from a healing point of view) – concentrates on a holistic approach towards healing. 

Let’s try to understand how it has gained importance in current times –

What is the importance of spiritual psychology? 

Unlike the general psychological aspects, spiritual psychology blends the concepts of spirit and body and, rather than merely concentrating on the ‘obvious’ – tries to peek deep into the concepts of dignity and identity. This, therefore, helps to understand oneself comprehensively rather than merely considering parts of an individual’s being. 

spiritual psychology and its needs
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Let’s help you decode the facts with clarity – 

  • It helps to develop a sense of self-awareness 

The critical significance of spiritual psychology is – developing a sense of self-awareness. At times, it happens that specific repetitive patterns hinder one’s personal growth, and individuals either cannot recognize it or go they on to blame their surroundings and situations. When your psychology is spiritually contained, you try to grasp the condition and its causes. Additionally, you also look into bringing about a change in yourself (in a positive way) and better the chances of your personal growth. 

  • Self-awareness becomes the first step of transformation 

Now that you have realized how self-awareness is one of the initial points in terms of importance of spiritual psychology – let’s try from here to relate the further points. When you are self-aware, naturally, you will try to bring about an inevitable transformation in yourself. In that transformation process, you will give up certain behavioural patterns and try to teach new ones (that are beneficial for your well-being). This automatically cultivates a new way of living, which seems like a transformative process for your being. 

  • Transformation leads to self-exploration 

When you are a transformed individual, you will seek to explore yourself. Try to understand a factor here: self-exploration and self-awareness are two distinct features, and both are associated with the importance of spiritual psychology. To be self-aware is to understand the issues that are disturbing you. However, self-exploration is working on those issues and bettering oneself to face the world – in all its notoriety. 

  • Self-exploration helps to understand the world 

When you know how to better your approach, you also start understanding the world and its conspiracies. More than often, the world will be unfair. In these moments, rather than constantly confronting it, spiritual acceptance within your mental set-up teaches you to do your duty, be resilient, and have a calm mind to deal with it all. By doing that, you will be able to stand strong amidst the world’s consistent and constant demands. 

  • Figure the workings of the world for inner peace 

Spiritual psychology teaches you to comprehend the world at a deeper level and, by extension, understand and respond accordingly. When you become spiritually aware, then you, in regard to the happenings of the world – respond to it rather than react to everything. This, therefore, improves your approach to the world, making it easier for you to meander through it rather than always finding faults. 

These are some of the ways in which spiritual psychology has affected 

individual beings and enhanced their approach towards life in general. 

How does it benefit our current situation? 

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If you have been reading till here, supposedly you have understood the importance of spiritual psychology and how you must integrate it into your life to better your reactions to situations. Having said that, what are the benefits that you can accrue from this concept? Quickly looking through it – 

  • This psychology format heals holistically – and helps one understand the world’s workings rather than fighting whenever your plans falter. 
  • Since this brings about self-exploration and understanding in your darkest times, this helps you steer through. 
  • This recently-popular segment of psychology unites your mind with your heart, giving you a sense of purpose. 
  • With a clearer comprehension of oneself, people can emotionally heal themselves, improve their relationships, and develop a sense of resilience. This amplifies their personal growth in the long run. 

Naturally, with its list of benefits ever increasing and its core value of helping one understand oneself better – if you haven’t already, it is time to apply it in your life. 

Can you apply it according to your needs? 

spiritual psychology and its importance
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Absolutely, you can! In this section, we will give you an insight into correctly applying this concept in regular life. Here’s the trick to do the same – 

  • Ask ‘why’ and take a note 

One of the biggest problems in the current times is – we do not ask questions, or even if one does, then not the appropriate ones. Here, you may understand the critical importance of spiritual psychology – since it makes you ask ‘why?’ 

When you try to understand the reason behind that particular happening, you automatically delve into those areas that apparently would go unnoticed under standard scenarios. The more you know about the reasons and causes, the better it will be for your individual development. 

  • Practice meditation and mindfulness 

To actualize the benefits of spiritually awakening your psychology and driving it towards bettering yourself, you must practice mindfulness and meditation. The core point of meditation is – understanding oneself and trying to find a sense of oneness with the divine. When one practices this process; naturally, their more profound sense is revealed, and they automatically feel a lot more calm. 

  • Journal your thoughts – from blaming to introspection 

As per the saying – at times, you must simply let destiny do its job and follow suit. However, every time anything bad happens to anyone, the person immediately starts blaming everyone – from God to destiny. This is where the application of spiritual psychology comes in, wherein you – rather than blaming must concentrate on introspecting (again asking the why) regarding that particular occasion. 

A good way to practically use this concept is – journaling your thoughts, wherein you will have to stop the blaming and concentrate on the reasons – accept some and reject certain aspects accordingly. 

  • Explore the ‘shadow self’ 

One of the most challenging things to do is – explore one’s shadow self. This is what spiritual psychology teaches since, from here, one gets an idea about the ‘reason’ for their existence. When that becomes clear, then they can work towards that motive and, unlike random scenarios, can harness their potential to the best of their abilities. 

  • Positive affirmations are key to success 

As an aware individual reading till here, you must have understood that the importance of spiritual psychology rests in complete internal healing – from emotional to physical. To ensure that you correctly apply the same, you must resort to the concept of positive affirmations.

The faith that – you have made it here and will also make it in the future categorically helps to improve your self-belief and ensures that you have only positive thoughts in your mind. 

When you practice these steps mentioned above regularly, naturally, you will see that spiritually, you are in a better place, and that automatically affects you mentally. Hence, the development will not be segregated but rather be in your overall being. 

What to remember while practising this? 

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For those who are looking to immediately garner positive results from correctly applying spiritual psychology, you will be disappointed! This concept of delivering classic results as it promises takes time. The key reason for this is – the individual practices. How well or how early the person is able to adapt to lifestyle changes determines the rate at which this psychology can benefit an individual. 

Additionally, the key to unlocking the potential of spiritual psychology is removing the maladaptive behaviours that one has in place of certain orthodox religious practices. Therefore, you must understand the process and procedure followed in teaching and harnessing the importance of spiritual psychology takes time. It does not work in a rushed space or time. Therefore, you have to adapt the concept and context of patience to get the correct results via this process. 

Parting words 

The importance of spiritual psychology was previously restricted to the practices of a specific community who were religiously inclined. However, with the positives of this being brought to light officially by the psychologists, its importance has extended to a wider realm. The effect has been such that people (especially newbies), initially detached from their religion and spirituality in a wider context, now look up to this for a deeper understanding of life. This is significantly changing people’s lifestyles and pushing them towards a much more disciplined approach to life. Assumingly, you too might like to try this life out after seeing the benefits it accrues to you in the long run. 

If you liked this article and wish to know more about concepts like transpersonal psychology, its usages, and its benefits – keep visiting this website. 


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