Know How To Cancel Manscaped Subscription In 5 Methods!

how to cancel manscaped subscription

Manscaped, based in the US, is the leading men’s lifestyle consumer brand that has everything a man needs under its roof (we mean its website)! But, Manscaped has something else, too – its sneaky habit of enrolling unsuspecting buyers into its Peak Hygiene Plan Subscription. Have you, too, been auto-subscribed to be a part of this plan? Then you’ve hit the right post! We will detail how to cancel Manscaped subscription in the easiest possible manner. 

As you scroll down this post, you will also get an idea about how to get a refund from the same and how to cancel a deceased person’s account as well. Read on the details – 

How to cancel Manscaped subscription easily? 

Here are a couple of methods by which you can cancel your Manscaped subscription – 

Method 1 – Email a cancellation request to the Support Team

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Since the Manscaped account does not function traditionally, you can mail them to cancel your account. The concerned email ID is – and it will take up to 5 business days for your subscription to get cancelled. 

Steps to follow 

1 – Compose the email that includes details of your – name/type of subscription and its price coverage, the email address that is associated with this account, and the account number to which the money has to be refunded. 

2 – Request them to confirm the cancellation and inform you promptly of the refund. 

3 – You may also mention the reason for cancelling and inform them whether you are keeping or sending the products back. Drop the mail. 

Method 2 – Cancel the subscription from your Account 

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If you already have a Manscaped account, cancelling it is almost a cakewalk. You will have to go to the Peak Hygiene Plan Dashboard – 

Steps to follow 

1 – Log into your account by using your email and go to the My Peak Hygiene Plan option. 

2 – From there, you will have to go to the Manage Plan option and opt for Cancel Plan. 

3 – Do as per the prompts that are given to you, and you will see that you can cancel your plan. 

Method 3 – If Auto-subscribed – create an account to cancel it 

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Are you wondering how to cancel Manscaped subscription even if you don’t have an account? Well, you are then part of the platform’s auto-subscription gimmick! In this case, you will have to create an account and then cancel the same. We will outline the procedure for you – 

Steps to follow 

1 – You will have to visit the Peak Hygiene Plan’s page – Join Now. You have an email ID by which you were receiving orders. You can use the same ID. 

2 – At the top of the concerned page, look for My Peak Hygiene Plan and see if your subscription is noted there. 

3 – If you see that the concerned subscription is assigned to that plan, you will have to go to the Manage section and, from there, click on Cancel Plan. 

Note: For request procession, it takes up to 5 days. 

Method 4 – My Peak Hygiene Plan offers Priority Support 

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For those who want to know how to cancel Manscaped subscription when you are logged under the priority support of My Peak Hygiene Plan, let us inform you beforehand that the – Priority support is different from the Regular Support offered. So, to cancel the subscription, you must – 

Steps to follow 

1 – Log into your Manscaped account and go to the My Peak Hygiene tab. 

2 – From there, you have to click on the Priority Support icon. 

3 – Connect with the support staff and place your cancellation request. 

Method 5 – Use the Contact Form on their website 

contact form manscaped
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If you wish to look for another option when asking about how to cancel Manscaped subscription – you can message them via their Contact Us page. We will outline the process for you – 

Steps to follow 

1 – You need to get to the Manscaped website’s Contact Us page from a smartphone or a desktop. 

2 – Click on the dropdown menu of Select The Subject and opt for ‘Account Help.’ 

3 – Under that section, you will find the – Give Us More Detail icon, and then from that, you must opt for ‘Cancel My Subscription.’ Note down your name, email and other details and send in the cancellation request.

If you follow any of these five methods that are mentioned above, you will be able to cancel the Manscaped subscription. 

Can you get a refund from the company? 

manscaped refund policy
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According to the company’s policy, you cannot get a refund; however, there’s a way out. If you have been subscribed to the Manscaped Peak Hygiene plan via auto-mode without having an account – you need to – 

1 – Return the products you have bought 

You must not open the package since you do not have an account and have received the products thanks to their auto-subscribed policy. Once you receive them, you will have to hand them back to the courier (the courier service is bound to take them) and ship them back to the warehouse.  

2 – Connect with Manscaped support to ask for a refund 

Once you have returned the package, you must reach out to Manscaped’s customer support service. You will get the refund after the concerned party has received the box at the warehouse. 

3 – Call up your bank 

In the meantime, you must call up your bank/card representative and inform them of the complete scenario. Detail to them that you have received this service without subscribing to it and that you are awaiting a refund for the same. In case of any glitch, the bank representatives will take things up from their end. 

How to cancel a deceased person’s account? 

You may have a last query about how to cancel Manscaped subscription of a person who has passed away. Let us show you how to proceed – 

1 – Log into his account and review the status. If you don’t have access to the password, then you can check their Password Manager. There are chances that you can access their account via these modes. 

2 – Once you have checked their account status and are convinced that you do not wish to carry it on – apply any of the methods mentioned above to cancel the account. Once the account is cancelled, you will not receive any notification and will not be charged for any service either. 

With these steps, you will be able to cancel the account of someone who has passed away. 

Parting thoughts 

It is quite unfortunate that, unlike any other company, cancelling the subscription of the Manscaped account is not the easiest thing to do. However, despite the odds, we have figured out how to cancel Manscaped subscription for you and detailed them out. Assuming you have read this article well and follow the steps closely, that will solve your problem. For more queries, you can always scroll down to the FAQ section. If you liked this post and want more informative posts like this, keep following FictionPad. 


1. When and how to cancel Manscaped subscription? 

You can cancel the Manscaped subscription anytime that you wish. The cancellation process will kickstart immediately. The process to cancel the subscription is mentioned in detail in the above segment. 

2. How to modify the Manscaped plan?

If you wish to modify the Peak Hygiene Plan, you need to visit the self-member portal of your account and make the desired modifications accordingly. 

3. How do we modify the number of Manscaped deliveries? 

Whether you wish to change the delivery date, skip it, or adjust it for the next annual plan, you can do it all! Connect with the Manscaped self-service account portal and make the required changes. 


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