Getting Windows Ready Stuck! How To Resolve? 

getting windows ready stuck

When opening or shutting down your PC, it might encounter the “Getting Windows Ready Stuck” issue. At this time, the system prompts you to wait for more time. However, the result remains the same. The infuriating technical issue persists in return for the patience it asks. It is not a very intimidating error, yet, if you have an urgent delivery of work to the client, it can take you to your wit’s end. Fret not! Where there is one problem, we have multiple solutions to it. Read the full post to gain more knowledge about the “Getting Windows Ready Stuck” error and find their quick fixes. Here we go! 

Technical Issues Related To The Windows OS

Windows OS is undoubtedly one of the most preferred operating systems among the tech-geeks. It has bestowed businesses and individual freelancers to manage several functions related to their major competencies. Also, it is simple and user-friendly, yet not devoid of technical shortcomings. It might get stuck when starting or shutting down. Slow booting speed of the PC is also one of the most common issues you may face as a Windows user. These errors are inevitable. However, you don’t need to get into deep thinking about the same. There are simple solutions available for each problem. You just need to follow them with the utmost care and attention. We will discuss the solution for the “Getting Windows Ready Stuck” error as well in the next sections. Just remain with us! 

getting windows ready stuck

Symptoms Of The Error

Every ailment has its symptoms. These symptoms help in the identification of the issue. The same is the case with the error we are discussing in this post. When the error crops up, you may not be able to access it for several hours. It suggests you wait for the error resolution. However, if it persists, the right troubleshooting measures should be considered in a prompt manner. It usually takes place when you try to start or shut down your PC. 

Imagine a situation when you have to deliver your work to the client on an urgent basis. When you try to open the PC, the error takes place all of a sudden. Annoying, isn’t it? You may also see it after the application of a new Windows maintenance release. In this situation, you may neither access your system nor close it. Yet, you can determine what kind of technical problem related to Windows you are dealing with. Based on these symptoms, you may also perform the right troubleshooting solutions. This role is similar to a doctor prescribing medicines based on the symptoms of an ailment. 

Apparent Reasons Behind The Error 

Before we hop into the troubleshooting procedure, let’s have a look at the possible reasons. 

  • Sometimes, the tasks running in the background that are not properly closed can make your system stuck when you try to close it down. 
  • Furthermore, there are multi-faceted corruption issues in Windows that can promote the error in the course of an ongoing action. 
  • Also, if a Windows update remains unaccomplished, your system is prone to be stuck endlessly. 
  •  A crucial Windows update can also bring forth uninvited trouble during your personal or official work. 
  • The error can also come into sight in the middle of the installation of a major update. 

These issues are certainly infuriating and can kill your time, efforts, and peace of mind. However, the engineers have provided some quick fixes to these issues, so you can chill and enjoy working on your favorite devices. Let’s jump to the troubleshooting section. 

How To Keep The PC Issue At Bay? 

Now that you are enlightened about the possible causes and symptoms of the “Getting Windows Ready Stuck” error, high time to vanish the problem. How to do it? The below-given solutions can be your saviors. 

Solution 1: Wait for Longer

This issue is based on time. If it is trying to resolve a background task, then trying for some more time can prevent you from all the troubleshooting procedures. On the other hand, if it remains intact for a longer time and you need it back in no time, then you need to navigate through the path of the problem-eradication. 

Solution 2: Shut Down Your PC

Shutting down a device is a panacea to a wide plethora of PC issues. This situation is no exception. We will try to deploy this solution in this moment of technical unease and see if it can work magic. If not, you need to rush to the next procedure. 

Solution 3: Reset Your PC

Consider performing this method in the end once all the efforts prove to be vain. When no option is left, rely on this method to remove the nuisance. However, before moving ahead, you need to create a backup of all your important files and records. You may not be able to retrieve them once the task is done. After securing your data to a safe external device or cloud platform, you may now move ahead to the solution’s easy steps

You need to navigate through the Boot menu to reach out to the System Restore option. Take the guidance of the on-screen prompts and choose an appropriate restore point. In the end, strike the Finish button, and the job is done. This is the final solution that depicts the success of your efforts. These solutions can eradicate the “Getting Windows Ready Stuck” problem. If not, you need to move to more extensive and tech-savvy assistance. If the error is fixed, you may thank us now. 

Final Words! 

The dependency of humans on technology has increased more than ever. This is why we tolerate all the shortcomings of tech gadgets and devices and always keep searching for their solutions. For instance, the error we have listed in this post can annoy you to the core, yet you navigate through the web and other sources to find the solution. We have described some of the most preferred solutions that have gained popularity among the users for their higher success rates. If you enjoyed this post, then keep coming back to our blog section and find more awe-inspiring posts related to the latest trends and technologies. 


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