What is fun about owning a bearded dragon?

Want a pet that will come when called, perform tricks, and let you dress them up in tiny outfits? We’re not talking about a dog or a cat, we’re talking about a bearded dragon! These quirky lizards are full of personality and love to be in the middle of the action. The best qualities of exotic and traditional pets are combined to make for unexpectedly lively cold-blooded animals. Here are five reasons why bearded dragons are so much fun to own:

They can recognize their owners and their name

A reptile that comes when you call their name? Yes, they exist. Bearded dragons are particularly intelligent, a quality that enables them to do a host of things your typical pet reptile couldn’t. One feat being the ability to recognize their owners, other humans and animals, and even sounds. This also causes bearded dragons to be one of the few reptiles that can become attached to their owners and develop a genuine bond.  

You can teach them tricks

An extension of the bearded dragon’s unique abilities due to their above-average intelligence, you can even teach them tricks! Being very highly food motivated, as long as you have plenty of treats on him, the sky’s the limit on what you can get your scaly friend to perform.

You can take them for walks

Did you know there are small animal harnesses that make it possible to leash your bearded dragon and take them on a neighborhood stroll? More impressive, however, is that they have a mellow enough temperament to allow for this in the first place. You’ll likely want to start with small trips to allow them to adjust to the outside world. 

They’ll let you dress them up

A laid-back pet like a bearded dragon makes them the perfect candidate for donning adorable outfits. A quick peruse on social media (bearded dragon TikTok is very much a thing) will show that this is a pastime many beardie owners partake in and that many of the lizards participate in without protest.

They enjoy quality snuggle time

Last but not least, every pet owner enjoys having the opportunity to hug, snuggle, and otherwise love on their animal companion. Bearded dragons are exceptional reptiles in that they not only reciprocate the feelings but are known to seek out their owners’ attention to demand scritches and pats.

Where To Buy A Bearded Dragon

Possessing an above-average intelligence compared to their brethren, bearded dragons make great pet reptiles for beginners but are also entertaining enough to still be a fun option for more experience reptile lovers. Ready to let the good times roll? You will find the best selection of bearded dragons for sale when you look at online reptile shops. These specialty stores have way more variety than your traditional brick-and-mortar pet store—and better prices too. In addition to a greater selection of different bearded dragon morphs and types, you will also be able to get everything you need for your new spiky friend in a single click including their terrarium, heating elements, and substrate.


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