Enhancing Loading Times of Your Mobile Commerce Apps

With some reports showing that up to 70% of traffic emanates from mobile phones, enhancing the speed of your apps can translate to significant yields. Reports from Google have suggested that apps with load times of less than 3 seconds will always bring optimal results to the company. 

Shopping with faster apps always elevates the customer experience, especially due to minimal or low lagging. Elevated customer experiences increase customers’ lifetime value and loyalty, enhancing the sustainability of your business. 

The Rising Significance of App Speed

App speed has become increasingly important as fast-loading apps can enhance conversion rates by up to 93%. Many e-commerce sectors, especially entertainment, where consumers interact with their products more often, use high-speed apps to engage customers. With the possibility of accessing physical services online, the desire to have more realistic online experiences becomes even more apparent. One of the ways to increase realism is to reduce load times and increase the speed of your apps.  

In the iGaming industry, gambling companies use such apps to offer sporting and non-sporting events to a broad audience. Whether it is a novice player or an experienced player who’s ever been a 5 million jackpot winner, these companies ensure that players have a consistent experience even when engaging their services via phone. This ensures they can stand out to a broader preference, whether for players who love slots like Jackpot King collections or other game variations.

An APMDigest study revealed that close to two-thirds (71%) of users in the survey expected apps to load in less than three seconds, while 63% switched to another app if it took more than five seconds. A brand that exhibits good app behavior is usually perceived as more legitimate and can attract more potential buyers. App speed is paramount as search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use load times to rank apps and their websites. This ranking significantly affects an app’s organic visibility, increasing traffic and visits. 

Effective Ways of Improving Loading Times

Performance optimization of e-commerce apps should be looked at as a strategic imperative and not just a technical endeavor. Code optimization, minification, delayed resource loading, etc., allow swift access to essential content on these apps.

App developers can diminish latency while enhancing performance by leveraging CDNs (content delivery networks). These networks utilize efficient content distribution across an app’s website to achieve optimal app performance. They accomplish this by ensuring that assets required to load internet content, such as HTML pages, JavaScript files, stylesheets, etc., can be transferred quickly via their content delivery servers.

Implementing minimalist design philosophies that center on prioritizing crucial content over the rest of the app’s features should be a focal point in app development. The minimalist approach reduces resource requirements like network bandwidth and storage sizes for m-commerce apps. If well implemented, this above-the-fold approach can allow customers access a company’s services easily on the app.


In summary, every second counts in the world of e-commerce. With the steady rise in demand for instant gratification, each player in the industry must pay attention to their app’s speed. Therefore, by embracing the discussed performance optimization strategies, online businesses can improve their brand’s online presence and create an enhanced user experience.


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