6 Tips for Artists to Sell and Promote Artwork on LinkedIn

6 Tips for Artists to Sell and Promote Artwork on LinkedIn

Almost every professional is familiar with LinkedIn, which is a professional network designed to connect businesses to people.

It can be a great platform to share your artistic photography and to promote artwork online. You can also build credibility for your artwork, art licensing service, commission pieces, and more on this platform.

The best part is that you can join the LinkedIn network for free. Here are a few tips on effectively using LinkedIn to sell and promote artwork on it.

Build your business page

To promote the artwork, first, you will need to build your business page. This will be beneficial for you for many reasons. One of them is that you can check how your account looks to the audience and how customers are responding to your artwork.

Know everything about what potential art lovers are loving the most and know what kind of fans are liking your arts. This will help you to build a customized page similar to ElephantStock online gallery so that you can target potential clients to sell your artwork.

If you do not want to create a business portfolio, then you can also create a personal portfolio on LinkedIn.

Share an Update

When you use LinkedIn, you will notice an update box at the top of the homepage. So, post an update daily on it regarding your latest artwork and photography.

But note that LinkedIn is not similar to Twitter. It means you cannot post various updates in a day on it. But, yes, it allows you to share from one to two updates every day, but one to three times a week.

When it comes to updates, try to post documents, images, and artwork to engage more people in your business. You can also describe your specific artwork to convince people to buy that one.

Be Regular with LinkedIn Blog

On LinkedIn, you will find a powerful blog platform which is also known as ‘Pulse” or “Publishing Platform.” It shares your expertise in a specific field and does not use sales offers. Also, there is space for you to write a call to action at the bottom of the post

On LinkedIn, you can copy your own written blog posts from your business website or other platforms. Basically, blog posts should have information that can inspire your readers to buy your artwork or can share it further.

You won’t see this happen right away, but over time, and with practice. I am always working on this myself, and the important thing is that you practice the good habit of developing your writing towards this idea.

Don’t be afraid to make a new connection

It is possible that in the past, you have never made connections with unknown, but on LinkedIn, you have to make new connections. In today’s era of social networking, very few people and businessmen meet face-to-face, but they are friends on sites like LinkedIn.

So, if you want to reach out to local businesses to sell your artwork, then you have to make connections with professionals on LinkedIn. One way to make more connections is to join LinkedIn groups. With this, you are able to communicate with group members and can make strong connections with them.

LinkedIn has many groups similar to those on Reddit. Also, you will find groups on different topics including, ideas or business.  Further, the groups you join will become an important part of your profile. As a photographer or to promote your wall art, you can join groups like Photography Business Secrets.

Website section

Last but not least, your website also plays an important role in promoting your artwork. On your LinkedIn account, you can share the URL of your website so that potential clients can click on it and can see your prints.

Note that LinkedIn allows you to post around three websites on Twitter as well. This is an amazing and useful way to promote artwork on online platforms. You can develop your photography website and can update it regularly with the latest content to gain more traffic.

Also, you can share the link of your website on all social media accounts so that more and more people can reach you.

Final Words

If you love photography or are a new photographer, learning how to sell and promote photos will help you in many ways. You can take help from the above ideas to sell your prints and to gain profit. This will help you reach more people and will promote your amazing photo prints in a better way. Use social media, including LinkedIn, to promote your photos and grow your business.

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