What Is Microsoft Azure? Why Is It Important for Business?

microsoft azure

Microsoft has now started leveraging the constantly expanding worldwide network of the centers for the creation of the cloud platform Azure. It is helping in building, management of services, and deployment of the applications anywhere and everywhere. You can get security reliability and access to the cloud-hosted data when you have this proven architecture of Microsoft.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is now working as the ever-expanding set of cloud services for overcoming the essential business challenges. It gives the freedom for building, management, and deployment of the applications on the global and massive networks. It makes use of the tools and frameworks.


You can plan a future with continuous innovation from Microsoft Azure. It will give supportive development and also product visions for the future.

You can build on your terms with a commitment to open source and supportive language based frameworks. You can also build whatever you want with the appropriate deployment of services.

It’s flexible to get the operation of the hybrid seamlessly in the cloud. The edge cutting technology makes use of the integrated and managed environment with the service for the hybrid cloud.

Now you can be ready to trust the cloud and get security. The support is available with a team of experts and proactive compliance. Enterprises, startups, and governments trust the service of Microsoft Azure.

Elements involved

When the customers subscribe to Microsoft azure, they get access to a plethora of services available on the portal.

They can also use the services for the creation of cloud-based resources. One of the prime services is virtual machines and databases. In addition to the service that Microsoft Azure offers, with the portal people can also get software availability directly.

With the help of the third-party applications, people will get the availability of varied plans at nominal subscription fees. People can get the application with the different customer support plans available. The Microsoft Azure plans are- basic, developer, standard, professional direct, and premier.

Use of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure comes with numerous service offerings that are extremely diverse. Running the virtual machines as well as containers in the cloud is a popular aspect of Microsoft Azure. The resources can now host the infrastructure components like the domain name, system service, Windows server services like internet information services.  There are also third party applications that are supportive like the Linux.

Azure works commonly as a platform for hosting will kinds of databases in the cloud. You’ll get Microsoft services that can provide with all sorts of serverless relational databases. Some of them are Azure SQL as well as non-relational databases like NoSQL.

You can get the platform up and running for backup and recovery against disasters. There are organizations that focus on using Azure Storage for archiving to meet with the long term retention requirements of data.

Products and services

Microsoft Azure now comes with the cloud services that has dozen of categories.

Computer Services will enable the user to deploy and manage the containers, batch jobs, and VMs. You will also get support for the remote application. When you use this compute method, it makes use of the Azure cloud that is configured with the public IP address or private address. It is totally dependent upon the resource need that is accessible to the outside world.

The web services will support the development and deployment of web applications. It also comes with the features for searching, content delivery, notifications, reporting and API management. There are mobile services for helping developers build cloud applications. There are applications for building mobile devices, providing services for notification, backend tasks for building application programs, and so on.

They have analytics services that will distribute analytics and storage. There are also features for real-time analytics along with big data. You’ll get options like machine learning, internet of things, business as well as data streams. The services come with the scalable cloud storage for both structured and unstructured data. It will also give big data projects, suitable and persistent storage. There are media and content delivery network that is inclusive of the on-demand streaming, digital rights protection, as well as encoding. The networking options are available for various virtual network gateways, dedicated connections, and other services for traffic management.

You’ll also get diagnostics for the DNS hosting and local balancing. The availability of the media and content delivery network services are inclusive of on-demand streaming digital protection, media playback encoding, and so on.

The integration services are there for server backup, connection to the private and public clouds, as well as site recovery. You will get identity services for offering authorised users to access the Azure platform.

The services also help with the protection of the encryption keys and other information that is sensitive in the cloud.

The internet of things services will help with the monitoring, capturing, and analysis of the data from the devices. The services are inclusive of analytics, notifications, monitoring and support for the execution and coding.

DevOps services are available for the project and collaboration tools that will facilitate the software development process of DevOps. You will also get plenty of features like tool integration, application, Diagnostics as well as a lab test.

The development services are available for sharing code, test applications, as well as tracking the potential issues. There is a range of programming languages that will also favor the objective.

Importance of Microsoft Azure at the enterprise level

Azure comes with a combination of services like IaaS and PaaS. IaaS is available for enabling enterprises to outsource infrastructure on Azure and make payment for what they use.

You’ll also get the availability of the PaaS for the creation of web apps as well as solutions. The consultants from Azure now work with Enterprises for leveraging the as your PaaS and IaaS for building the enterprise applications on the cloud.

It will also give the accelerated business growth. You can get system offerings that are leading in the industry. It works on the security process for Azure that comprises of the private and public data-based services. Such services will keep you safe and secure on the cloud.

Microsoft Azure now comes with compliance coverage and is a trusted cloud platform. You will get the availability of scalability and ductility without the involvement of additional coding by Azure. The storage comes with safe, secure, and performance efficient services based on the cloud.

It works on using simple to change settings and make use of processes or applications to use. There are unmatched hybrid capabilities by Microsoft Azure for making it unique. It will facilitate the mobility and reliable consistent platform between the public cloud and on-premise cloud.

Azure now comes with the range of hybrid connections that are also inclusive of the virtual private networks, content delivery network and other connections for improvement of performance and stability.

Scope of Microsoft azure

There are some unique uses of Microsoft ages that ranks it ahead of the competitive levels. It has the ability to solve the problems of the main startups. The people learning Azure Technologies will come to know about the ways of solving the issues faced by start-ups.

The learners can prepare for the conceptual topics related to the subscriptions and accounts.

Web hosting plans are also available that are latest and most effective for the Microsoft Azure websites. With the help of the web hosting plans, the learners get knowledge about the integration of the Microsoft Azure traffic management, Microsoft Azure CDN and website deployment.

You will also get different data storage types using the data cloud. The experience will now give knowledge about the different types of storage.

Using the data cloud from Azure, they can also work on the cloud. You can also get comfortable with the technology. The virtual machine templates are available for learning about the different Virtual Machine templates. It will give the exploration of the configuration monitoring techniques.

There is a rapid growth present in the field of Microsoft Azure. The growth started some years ago and Azure became recognized as a platform for serving the cloud computing needs. In the present day market, the services are also standard that will allow scaling up and moving. You can get a major transition when you make use of the services by Microsoft Azure virtual machines.

Some elements also increase the scope of learning and other career opportunities that you won’t find elsewhere. You will get elements for the understanding of the networking features, the configuration of the Azure platform to the monitor as well as management of the virtual machine images. The scope is so large that there is a range of solutions and options without any constraint. You can make use of the functions and opportunities for multiplying the impact in recent years.

Major companies are using Microsoft Azure that is increasing the revenues of Microsoft.

Objectives behind learning Microsoft azure

You can now get a tremendous number of options for career growth with the certification. It will increase your earnings.

So, clients and employers will appreciate the advanced training. It will give a higher salary to the individuals who are specialized in expertise. Microsoft Azure can give good knowledge to the employees for developing further skills on that platform. There is flexibility in choosing Microsoft Azure as a career.

With the certification, people can get different job roles in the technology field. The most demanded roles are developer, architect, and cloud architect. The certification offers flexibility in the type of job role you are looking for.

Every industry will require the power of cloud computing with the Microsoft Azure certification. The employees even in Healthcare, entertainment, and other sectors are looking for jobs based on Microsoft Azure.

The certified Microsoft Azure professionals can now get placed in different multinational companies around the globe. The availability of the structured learning approach will give a lot of options.

People can choose to watch the videos, read blogs, or take training for gaining more knowledge about the Microsoft Azure platform. The accredited course will also give a good knowledge of the platform and will let the employees prosper in the fields of expertise. It will provide you with the right theoretical concepts for solving business based problems.

The concepts are essential for industry experts to solve real-life business problems. The education program that is well structured will also give the opportunity for practising with hi-end learning tools. People can now stay updated on the latest trends in the market with the learning program. They can expand their knowledge base and skills set when they take Microsoft Azure as a foundation for career growth. It will give them a full-time job without consuming much time. Microsoft Azure certification will also hold an impressive role in giving the power to the employers for developing skill in Microsoft Azure.

The platform will help them stand out due to their excellent skills.


There are plenty of certification courses available under Microsoft Azure. They are as follows:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure for Fundamentals Exam AZ-900
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI for Fundamentals Exam AI-900 (beta)
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data for Fundamentals Exam DP-900 (beta)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator for Associate Exam AZ-103
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer for Associate Exam AZ-203
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer for Associate Exam AZ-500
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer for Associate Exam AI-100
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist for Associate Exam DP-100
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer for Associate Exams DP-200 and DP-201
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator for Associate Exam DP-300 (beta)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect for Expert Exams AZ-300 and AZ-301
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer for Expert Exam AZ-400

Salary of certified Microsoft azure employee

Azure Architect Salaries are one of the best in the field of modern IT solutions. On average, the DXC Technology Azure Consultant gets a payment around ₹ 11,32,006/yr. Again, there are Multiverse Azure Consultants who get ₹ 4,77,785/m. The salaries are however very different depending upon the job role or the level of expertise.

Final thoughts

The future of Azure is bright. With the advent of technology and new computing solutions, people are looking for involving Microsoft Asia as a part of the mobile and smart devices. Cloud Computing is now the foundation of the network of partners who are supporting the digital transformation.

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