Importance of Using Automation Tools to Boost Business on Social Media

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Every aspiring business person or entrepreneur has goals that remain constant. For example, sales enhancement, building clienteles, lead generation, and so on are some of the significant goals if you are trying to start with something new. Moreover, achieving such goals are mandatory and extremely valuable for the growth of your business. It is now that you shift to social media marketing services for the quick accomplishment of your targets. There was a time when business growth meant loads of work, an indefinite number of days, and a research and development team working day and night. However, everything, including business strategies, has taken a sharp turn with the evolution happening around us. With the increasing popularity of social media marketing services, entrepreneurs are choosing it repeatedly for traffic enhancements and ultimate conversions.

If you want to know the reasons for the gaining popularity of social media marketing services, there will be quite a few answers. However, the simplest, as well as the most important, is that a single platform of social media garners at least a billion people every month. So, in that way, every business can get its fair share of the target audience as well as proper exposure.

Being an entrepreneur, you need to upgrade yourself with the evolving market around you. Besides, social media is also no more confined to just Facebook. The other budding platforms that people have started using include Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and so on.

Earlier, the concept was that social media platforms would need a considerable amount of time to reach potential consumers. However, it is all a myth with an increase in the audience percentage to 71% and 73% for Instagram and Facebook, respectively.

Benefits of social media marketing services

As stated earlier, the target audience scope has been on the increase continuously when it comes to social media platforms. What you must know is that you can enhance the scope to communicate with your share of the target audience by developing proper marketing skills and using social media marketing services efficiently.

The problem amongst everything is the massive number of channels on social media. It becomes challenging to choose which ones you can utilize to find target brands and audiences. Moreover, the growth statistics of the channels fluctuate so frequently that it becomes tougher to select the best.

Now, it isn’t possible to be present everywhere because you will then need a separate dedicated team to maintain the several social media handles on behalf of your business. Besides, the team will also be responsible for sharing continuous business updates on all of these networks always. It is evident how much extra cost you will have to bear if this process happens.

In the second concept, we will talk about the outcomes of not being active on your social handles because you are now not being able to manage your overwhelming presence on so many different networks. The result will be a loss of traffic and a reduction in the number of conversions.

Overall, it will cause harm to both the popularity of the business as well as the sales. Therefore, it is time that we introduce you to the world of automation tools to boost your business on social media. The primary use of these tools is that they will all help you to increase your sales by letting you do cross-promotion of your brand on several social media platforms simultaneously.

Using social media automation tools to save time

Now that you have a budding business to care for, you must adopt techniques and strategies that are going to save you time. So, you should be wise and choose social media automation tools whenever you get the scope. It is an ace content distribution and marketing technique. It will make work easier for you by automating the task of posting updates on multiple SM platforms simultaneously.

You must realize the importance of time management to boost your business and automation tools will help you in this journey. While on the one hand, developing content and then posting them on multiple platforms can become too time-taking. On the other hand, with the help of automation tools, you can get the work done in a jiffy and use your time for other more vital work related to the business.

Apart from just time saving on the publishing part, there are additional perks of using automation tools too. Such tools help in other activities such as scheduling of posts, automated publishing, responding to comments and messages, and so on.

How can you use your time otherwise?

As discussed earlier, using automation tools to boost your business on social media means that it will save you much time for other more useful work. The question that arises now is what action you can focus on, on the contrary.

Curating valuable feedback

While automation tools bring back to your audience comments and feedback, it is still challenging to keep track of all of them manually. So, using an interface to manage all such work becomes essential once again. On the flip side, what you can do manually is to curate valuable responses for your esteemed audience. The tools will further communicate your words to the people who try to contact you.

Produce engaging content

It often becomes a problem when you want to work manually both on the content development as well as the publishing part. So, the best idea, in this case, is to devote more time to the production and development of engaging and quality content. Once you are done with that, you can shift the responsibility of publishing them on all the social media platforms to the automation tools.

Understanding your social media position

Indeed, most of the publishing and handling work is now performed by automation tools. However, a little manual intervention is required at the beginning of it all. So, you must check on the statistics regarding the number of audiences, views, or similar aspects before repeatedly feeding macros and letting them do the work. For example, sending automated messages every time won’t help in conversions. So, you must find out potential customers out of all those who tried to communicate and then revert manually to progress with a special deal. Such work requires manual intervention as well as a reasonable amount of time too.

Primary automation tools to boost

The first concept that you must understand under this concept is that social media nowadays is all about responsiveness and spontaneity. Simple, if you are aiming at time-saving in the journey of social media marketing, just go ahead and shift to simple automation tools. As a result, you will be able to save a lot of time and increase work-efficiency simultaneously.

In the upcoming section, you will find some of the most efficient and modern automation tools to boost your social media marketing services.


Arguably, AgoraPulse is now ruling the automation tools market with its advanced features that are currently considered the best. With AgoraPulse, you can get a fantastic two-fold advantage. On the one hand, you can plan, and on the other, you can schedule valuable content across almost six social networking platforms. Moreover, you will be able to do performance-tracking, team-collaboration, and also do content-reposting several times. Therefore, to sum up, AgoraPulse has the following benefits-

  • It helps you to increase connections with followers and prospects all from a single place.
  • You will be able to do social media postings across several platforms simultaneously. For example, you can publish content on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • The application enables users to republish evergreen content according to fixed schedules.
  • Fixing collaborations with several members of a team.
  • Helps to do the power-tracking of social content by using smart analytics.


Is Instagram the major focusing platform for your social media marketing services? The good news is here because Kicksta is your one-stop solution for all Instagram problems. Starting from increasing followers to boosting posts, the platform can do everything under the roof. As a result, it will save you much time that you would have taken otherwise to achieve all of that. The best part is that all the work happens on Autopilot. So, the platform does not only limit to commenting and liking on your posts but a lot more.

Check out the benefits of using Kicksta:

  • You can get real followers and engagements. Therefore, it does not, at any point in time, try to trick the system, game it, or buy them.
  • It will save you at least 10-15 hours a day that you would spend otherwise creating engagements on Instagram.
  • Your account grows throughout the day, even when you are not awake.
  • It will target prospective audience by creating valid hashtags, location, gender, and so much more.
  • Your account is in safe hands as Kicksta knows how to maintain the security and privacy of it.


Hootsuite is presently a top-rated social media automation tool. Several advanced features can be of immense help in your social media marketing services. So, let’s not waste any more time and try this tool out.

Firstly, Hootsuite is highly capable of keeping an account of activities running on several social media platforms simultaneously. It has the feature that can give you real-time updates that, in turn, helps to perform activities related to the brand- monitoring.

The reason why you must know the whereabouts of your brand is to track the feedback provides by consumers about it. As a result, you can quickly avert a crisis and also keep track of valuable consumer feedback.

You will now get a summary of all the significant benefits of using Kicksta:

  • It has a post-scheduler that helps to regularize activities on several social media platforms.
  • The inbuilt analytics in Kicksta suggests the most suitable time for publishing content and posts.
  • The advanced features include sentiment analysis, search by location, and so on.
  • As a user, you can make brand mentions, publish content, reply to messages, and much more.
  • Searching for influencers becomes more comfortable with Kicksta.
  • The advanced analytics and similar other features help in the generation of in-depth reports.


Buffer is a handy and efficient tool with an extremely user-friendly interface. The major-most advantage that you will get while you are using this tool is to be able to queue posts. It means that you can keep the order of several posts over a range of social media platforms. Also, the analytics of this tool is quite comprehensive.

If you are eager to know about the position and fruitfulness of your business strategies, Buffer can of some real help to you. It has auto-upgrade features that, in turn, helps to keep you up at pace with the competition around. Moreover, there is a wide range of packages that will help you to make a decision based on your requirements.

The summary of advantages of Buffer for you are

  • Apart from auto-posting features, it also understands and tells you when to post.
  • There are several dedicated interfaces that will help you to focus on specific campaigns right from the beginning.
  • It may happen at times that you have posted similar content more than once. Buffer helps to keep away the monotony. It, in turn, starts generating separate links to keep the analyses easier.
  • As mentioned earlier, the ultimate user-friendly features and analytics make it a universal favorite of a lot of users.

Final thoughts

In the world of digitization and fast growth in business, you must keep yourself up at pace with everything. Social media marketing services help you to stay upgraded and stand firm to face the competition around. Besides, the automation tools mentioned above will help you be more successful at your job. You can now analyze the features and benefits of each and make your decision easier.

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