How to post a private story on Snapchat? Tips to follow!

How to post a private story on Snapchat

Tell us honestly, do you post everything on social media for everyone? Not really! There are certain aspects of one’s life the person wishes to share only with a handful of people. But every time you post anything on social media, it immediately becomes a public story. Not necessarily! Social media apps in current times are considering privacy concerns, and you can categorically segregate your story for a selected audience. So, how to post a private story on Snapchat? This digital write-up will give you the keys for the same.

What is a private story on Snapchat?

For the first-timers who want to know how to post a private story on Snapchat – a story that only a single person or a group of people can see is called a private story. Also, it is not available in the Our Stories section of the app and is rather found in a different area. Their padlock is the distinctive feature that shows the story is a ‘private’ one vis a vis other Snapchat stories.

How to post a private story on Snapchat?

Before posting a story, you will need to make one. As you scroll down this page, you will see how you can create a Snapchat story from the profile page and then use the Snap tab. Checking the steps –

How will you create a Snapchat story using the profile page? You will have to log in to your Snapchat app and click on the profile icon. From there, you have to go to the Stories section and click on Private Story to confirm that you want to make a private story.

When you do the same, you will find a list of your close friends, specific groups and a close set of people with whom you have shared the next set of stories. From this list again, you can tick out the people you want to share your story with.

How to post a private story on Snapchat

Choose the story you want to share, change the name of the private story and click on the Save icon. If you’re going to include others in your private story, you have to add those people and click on View the Story. To post the story – click on Create Story icon.

Once all of it is done – check the stories on the Stories section in your profile and activate the tab to complete the same. Check your stories – you will find them posted. That’s how to post a private story on Snapchat from your profile.

The next thing you will see is – how to create a private story using the Snap tab. Once you log into your Snapchat app, you must activate the Snap button. This will take your photos or videos, and you can upload the same. At the bottom right of the screen, there’s a Send To icon that will post the story for you when you click.

As you are done with all the procedures, you will have to click on the icon of New Story and, from there – click on Private Story sharing. Have you already selected the people who will see your story? Once that is done – you tap the checkmark that will post the private story. That’s how to post a private story on Snapchat!

Can you let anyone join your private story?

Now that you know how to post a private story on Snapchat you may have a query – what if someone else wants to join your private story apart from the people you have made available?

When you go to the Private story tab, you will find three dots that give you a chance to edit your story. When you click on that, there will be an option for see-viewers. When you click on that tab, you will find the list of people you can still add to your private story.

To allow anyone apart from the set of people you have included in your private story, you must click on the other names. Save the names to extend the availability of your story.

What is a custom story and what’s the difference?

This may be a little complicated for the unversed who need more clues about posting a private story on Snapchat. Not to worry! As already stated, Private stories do not appear in the My Stories section and is categorically made for the customised set of audience. So, the contents of Private stories are extremely restricted for a particular category of people you have chosen.

Quite contrary to this, the facet of Custom stories is part of My Stories. There is a basic level of privacy marking, but with Private stories, the grounds is very limited, which is not the case with Custom Stories.

Before posting Custom stories, you will have to customize the set of people towards whom you target these stories. When you post the story on Snapchat and add it to the customised group of people, it becomes your Custom story. However, as per Snapchat’s algorithmic traction, this will not be shared with a wider audience.

How will you customize your story on Snapchat?

Do you want to know how to post a private story on Snapchat and customise it? You will simply have to restrict and customise a group of people. But what if you want to share the story just with yourself? There’s a way to customise that as well!

When you go to My Story, you will find a small icon with three dots. As you click on that, you will get Story settings and then the Custom icon. The list of people whom you have put on custom appears there and you have to scroll down until you get your username. Click on that, save it and that’s how you customise the story for yourself.

How can you delete a private story?

Assuming you already know how to post a private story on Snapchat – you might come up with another critical query – how will you delete a private story? The process is relatively easy.

You will have to go to the Stories section from your profile, and beside the name of Private Story you will find a three-dot menu. When you click on that, there will be an option to delete the story. When you choose that, the app will again reconfirm your request and once you choose the delete option – your Private story stands deleted.

What issues are you having with private story?

This content has given you a fair idea about how to post a private story on Snapchat. But if you are still hovering on this page, you have some issues with posting a private story.

What if your Snapchat is not allowing you to make your story private? This may happen if you still need to get the updated version of Snapchat. Update it, and then you will be able to post the Private stories on Snapchat.

How to post a private story on Snapchat

If this does not solve the problem, then you will have to uninstall it and then download it. Then you will be able to post a private story.

Can someone remove you from their private stories? Unfortunately, no. But if you are constantly following someone’s private story, you will see that you will not be able to see the padlock on the stories. That’s one subtle way to guess that you are no more part of their private stories.

Key takeaways

That’s how to post a private story on Snapchat for you in a nutshell. Once you have read this article, you can try the same on your Snapchat app and leave your comments below. You can also carry on with the steps as you read this article. For more updates, keep checking this page.


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