Where Can I Watch Friends? HBO Max Has It For You!

where to watch friends

Six young adults living in New York, struggling to survive against the competitiveness of the modern world, find comfort and companionship in each other. The result? The creation of one of the world’s most loved and longest-running show ‘Friends.’ As we all, lovers of this sitcom, mourn the death of Matthew Perry, aka Chandler Bing, the netizens seem to have just one question – Where can I watch Friends? We have answers to that! There is more than a single platform for you to check out this incredible series. 

This article will give you details of the platforms, their subscription cost, and an idea of where to rent or watch it with a VPN. We will also try to answer certain other queries that you may have regarding this series. Let’s begin – 

How and Where can I watch Friends in 2023? 

where to watch friends online
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For those who are reeling in nostalgia and wish to know where to watch the classic Kauffamn-Crane-created show, it is available to stream on Max and Netflix (in certain countries). Here are the details – 

HBO Max brings it for you 

where to watch friends
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This show is available on Max (formerly HBO Max), where all 10 seasons are available to stream in HD versions. You must sign up for this OTT platform to track this show. The classic’s return version – the Friends Reunion, is also available to stream here. You have to subscribe to this portal since it offers no free plan. So, when docked in the USA or Canada, this is your remote way to revisit this classic! 

Cost: The subscription cost ranges from $9.99 to $19.99 (monthly). You should go in for the $15.99 (for an ad-free monthly version). Those who already have an existing TV streaming subscription just need to add the Max platform to their current list of streaming sites for $15.99 per month. 

Amazon Prime subscribers can check it out 

watch friends online
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Wondering where can I watch Friends if you do not buy a Max subscription. You can watch it on trial on Amazon Prime! Let’s explain – when you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can watch content on Max for a trial period of 7 days via the Amazon Prime video deals. 

Cost: A monthly subscription to Amazon Prime membership is rated at $14.99. If you are a member, you automatically get a 7-day free trial to Max, wherein you can watch all the episodes of Friends in HD. Once your trial period is over, you can buy Max’s subscription, the costs of which are mentioned above. 

Last checked (the special Fall discounts implied) – you can purchase individual accounts at $2.99. This is a limited offer; hence, it is tentative. 

Netflix airs it for its viewers 

watch friends on netflix
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If you are in the UK, Australia, India, and a couple of chosen European territories, then you can search your Netflix library for this show! They are available for you at that specific region’s notified Netflix subscription cost. 

Cost: When standing within the Royal domain, you have to pay a range from £4.99 to £17.99 to get the monthly subscription. The most opted plan is the standard £4.99, which comes with adverts. 

If you are looking at an advert-supported subscription plan in Australia, the best-offered price for you is the monthly plan of $6.99. 

In India, Netflix pricing is tagged at INR 499 per month, allowing HD (1080p) streaming for up to 2 devices only. 

Where to rent all seasons of Friends? 

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For the record, you can rent it on Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play. All the 10 seasons are available for you. 

Cost: If you opt for Vudu – the membership price for the 10 seasons is – $1.99 (SD version) and $2.99 (HD version) monthly. 

In case you wish to check out this unbeatable classic on Google Play, you can always rent the same for – $1.99 (both SD and HD versions).  

For the iTunes subscriber, the rates are similar to Vudu – $1.99 (SD version) and $2.99 (HD version). 

Figuring out how and where can I watch Friends at leisure? Well, Amazon has launched the BOX DVD format of this show for all its lovers and admirers! This is a special edition Blu-Ray series with 10 seasons in HD format and includes bloopers, footage from behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, and others. This box set is on sale for $54.99 on Amazon’s website. 

Can you watch Friends on cable? 

If you have an active cable subscription, you may watch it when cable channels like TBS, NBC, or any other US cable channel reruns this show. The broadcast details are announced beforehand, so keep track of the same. 

Where can I watch Friends for free? 

where to watch friends
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Technically, there’s no way to watch this show without paying a dime. But in case you stay in a domain where this show is unavailable on primary channels, then you can always use a VPN. 

As you know, HBO Max streams it online for the US and Canadian domains. Hence, get a reputed VPN that unblocks HBO Max (or any other site from where you wish to stream this show) for you and log onto the American (or concerned territory’s) server. As soon as you create an account and log into that, you can watch this show for free! With a bit of tweaking, you can watch one of the best shows in the world! 

Parting thoughts 

Being a sitcom that showed us so much about life and its challenges and tried to help overcome those, Friends will always remain an integral part of its fans’ growing up or adulthood years. Having said so, if you are one of those who haven’t yet caught up with the craze of Chandler and Joey or the madness of Ross and Rachael – and thinking Where can I watch Friends – hopefully, you have got your answer by reading this content. 

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1. Where can I watch Friends online? 

If in the US or Canadian domain, you may watch this on Max (with a subscription). If it is in the UK, Australia, India, New Zealand, or any other specific European domain, then catch it on Netflix. 

2. Is Friends a good show for kids?

Though the show deals with certain mature topics, it is comparatively safe for teenagers and adults. If you have kids below 15 years, you will have to wait until they reach 15 years before they watch the show. 

3. Was it a commercial success? 

Friends was a huge commercial success that ran for 10 seasons between – September 1994 and May 2004. It was nominated for multiple awards like Primetime Emmys, Nickelodeon Kids’s Choice Awards, Satellite Awards, British Academy Television Awards, and more. It registered multiple wins on different platforms. 

4. Did Friends have a spinoff? 

The Friends series does have a spinoff – Joey, who by the end of the series was still a struggling actor and bachelor. This series was led by actor Matt LeBlanc and ran for 2 seasons. However, those interested can watch this series by getting an Amazon-boxed DVD set from the website. 

5. Where to watch the Freinds reunion? 

The Friends Reunion is available on Max (via a subscription) and even on the Blu-Ray DVD set box. 

6. Where are the Friends cast now? 

As we all are aware, Matthew Perry, who essayed the character of Chandler Bing, is no more amongst us. The actor passed away on October 28, 2023, in a bathtub. As we mourn the loss of the phenomenal actor, let us check out where the other key stars are – 

  • Jennifer Aniston, who played the role of Rachael Green, is a noted Hollywood face with multiple big-ticket films to her credit. 
  • David Schwimmer as Ross Geller was last seen as Jerry Bernstein in the cyber-crime-related comedy show – Intelligence. 
  • Lisa Kudrow, who played the role of Phoebe Buffay (Smelly Cat, anyone?), has been busy with her high-profile TV shows and marriage. 
  • Courteney Cox, who was the chosen one for Monica Geller, has been busy with her showbiz career. Her fans are awaiting her to reprise her role as Gale Weathers from her hit Scream VI! 
  • Matt LeBlanc, our favorite Joey Tribbiani, has been the face of multiple shows. Last checked, he was the leading face of – CBS’s hit Man With A Plan. 


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