Know How To Listen To Music On A Plane In 3 Ways!

how to listen to music on airplane

As you are busy mentally grooving to Sia’s Unstoppable while you fly down for the business meeting, the air hostess cuts your reverie down – “Sorry Sir, you need to put your phone on Airplane mode.” And you realize it’s time to stop! Not really, though! We will tell you how to listen to music on a plane. Though most planes have their in-flight music system, it is not necessary that they would play your music list. Time to find an alternative! 

This article will give you a list of apps on which you can listen to your chosen playlist, even when you are high up in the sky! We will also try to answer some of the most asked questions regarding this topic. What do you need to carry? Your mobile and a pair of headphones! Let’s fly – 

How to listen to music on a plane in flight mode?    

If you are high amidst the clouds, there are technically 3 ways to listen to your favorite music. You can – either use any music streaming device that works in flight mode, you may use the flight’s seatback screens or you may use the in-flight Wi-Fi (if enabled and permitted). 

Way 1 – If you are using a music streaming device 

listening to music on light
Image Credit: Together Price

There are multiple music streaming devices that work even in flight mode (you will get the list below). You can download your chosen songs and create an offline playlist. Otherwise, you may also download complete albums and keep them ready for offline access. 

However, it would help if you remembered that these apps have specific subscriptions that allow you to download songs beforehand. Hence, you must be a premium member of these apps. 

Steps to follow – 

  1. Assuming that you are a premium member, choose your songs. Then, click the download button or go to the playlist setting to create the directory. 
  2. After turning your phone into airplane mode, you must turn on your Bluetooth (if you listen with wireless headphones). Click on the app’s icon to see the created music directory flash before you. Put on your music of choice and enjoy the long haul. 

Way 2 – You can use the Airbus’s seatback screen

listening to music on seatback screen
Image Credit: Travel+Leisure

If downloading music from streaming apps is not your style, then how to listen to music on a plane? You can always use the seatback screen. Most of the flights have amped up their in-flight entertainment status, and that’s how the seatback screens came to the forefront.

What’s interesting is – that this is not only a gateway to your choicest music but also movies and podcasts that are free of cost! Though you may not find all your chosen songs here (depending on the country and the flight), most of the globally famous tracks and artists are on its playlist. 

Steps to follow – 

  1. Mostly, seatback screens do not have a Bluetooth connection. Hence, you must traditionally plug–in your earphones. You will mostly find the control plug right next to the screen’s frame. 
  2. Once you are set, you will have to click on the music column and figure out which track you wish to listen. Click on it and enjoy your flight. 

Way 3 – Try using the flight’s Wi-Fi 

using wifi on airplanes
Image Credit: Air Advisor

In case you have missed downloading your favorite playlist for the long flight but wish to listen to some peppy tracks while you are in the air, what do you do then? Let us show you how to listen to music on a plane by using the plane’s Wi-Fi. 

For the unversed, the Wi-Fi on airplanes might be slow and does come at a cost (differs for different flights). Clarify that. 

Steps to follow – 

  1. Once you have put your phone in airplane mode, you will have to click on its Wi-Fi settings. Turn it on. 
  2. As it happens naturally, you will be directed to the flight’s Wi-Fi, and after connecting it, you can surf it naturally. In case you have any problems, see help from the air hostess. 

So, for anyone in doubt about how to listen to music on a plane, you can pick any of the methods mentioned above and enjoy your musical air journey. 

Having said that, it is natural for you to ask if there are any particular apps that would help you download your chosen music for your flight. In the next section, we will give you a list of that. 

Which music apps work on the plane? 

In this section, you will get an idea of how to listen to music on a plane via some apps that work even when you are high up in the air – 

  • Spotify Premium 

spotify logo
Image Credit: Spotify

To download and get access to Spotify’s playlist, you need to get a premium subscription. Pick out the songs list or the album, download it (you will see the green arrow), and connect back to the offline music directory for later usage. 

However, if you are not a premium member, you can only download Spotify’s podcasts for offline listening.

  • YouTube Music 

youtube music logo
Image Credit: Variety

This has recently allowed you to listen to and download your chosen songs at a specific price. Pick out a song, playlist, or album and click on the Menu. You will see the Save Online icon and choose to save either the whole video or just the audio for later use. After that, you can play the music in Airplane mode. 

  • Apple Music 

Image Credit: 1000 Logos

If you are an iOS user and want to know how to listen to music on a plane – then Apple Music is your gateway! For downloading music and accessing it offline, you must be a premium user. After that, you can download the specific song or album and tag it into the Make Available Online category. After that, you can listen to it at any given time. 

  • Pandora Music 

Image Credit: Billboard

This, unlike other apps, doesn’t allow you to download the songs for offline access. Instead, you can tune into 3 of their specified channels to listen to a range of chosen songs. However, the offline access of this app comes at a price. 

  • Amazon Music 

amazon music logo
Image Credit: Google Play

With this app, you can download your chosen music for offline access. Once downloaded, you must click on Offline Music Mode to get the directory.   

Parting thoughts 

If you have read this article well, you may have already figured out how to listen to music on a plane in multiple ways. However, in most cases, travelers advise that rather than depending on the airlines’ services, it is better and also, at times, cost-effective to get a premium subscription to any of the music apps and curate your chosen playlist while traveling. If you enjoyed reading this article and want to know more exciting stuff like this, keep watching this space for more! 


1. Do all planes have a Wi-Fi connection?  

Whether a plane will have Wi-Fi depends on the airline and its regular budget. If you are traveling on a budget airline within the domestic territory, you might not get a Wi-Fi connection. However, if yours is a luxury flight, you may have it. 

2. Can you use headphones from the airlines you are traveling? 

If your flight has an in-flight entertainment system, the airlines usually will provide you with headphones. In fact, some of them are free of cost, and you can keep them. In other cases, you might have to pay a fee for the headphones, and the staff will collect them back after the flight. 

3. Can you use Spotify music on the plane without Wi-Fi? 

If you are a premium user of Spotify, then you can download your choicest songs and listen to them offline. 

4. Can you use Bluetooth-enabled earphones in airplane mode? 

According to the Federal Aviation laws, you can use your Bluetooth when you are in the air. However, your phone must be in Airplane mode since it interferes with the Airbus’s navigation and could also result in a crash. 



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