Top Digital Marketing Strategies That No One Should Ignore in 2021

Digital Marketing Strategies

There are two things that the pandemic has taught us – the uncertainty of life and that change is constant. While we have evidently shifted to digital Darwinism as businesses are constantly adjusting to the rapidly evolving consumer behavior, every business is threatened to miss out on certain digital marketing strategies and fall out of consumer interest.

During such challenging times, it might be best to seek the services of a reputable SEO agency. However, no business should ignore the following top digital marketing strategies in 2021 if they want to increase sales and boost revenue. Read on to learn more!

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Since we entered the digital era, the dominance of AI can be seen everywhere. That said, AI is all set to be at the core of all global businesses and future industries since AI has already taken over many tasks. Take the K5 Knightscope robots of Uber and Microsoft as an example of AI integration, where these are used to patrol outdoor spaces and curb crime rates.

According to a Harvard Business Review, by 2021, AI technologies would be so pervasive that nearly all recent software products would be run, controlled, and monitored by Artificial Intelligence. This is why AI is seen as a great commercial opportunity for industries to boost their GDP by up to 14% while standing out from their competitors.


Another digital marketing strategy backed up by AI is the integration of chatbots. Chatbots are used for instant messaging and real-time 24/7 chatting with potential customers who are visiting your website. That said, chatbots are sure to take over more than 80% of many global businesses’ customer service.

Among the top benefits of including chatbots in your digital marketing strategies are instant responses to potential clients’ queries. Customer service is the number one realm that you need to top if you want your business to pop up in the SERPs’ top positions.

Today, a business’s success is more about customer experience, and by integrating chatbots in your digital marketing strategy, you ensure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors while giving prompt answers and providing the clients with accurate recommendations based on their buying history.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is another essential marketing trend today and is more likely to remain here for the next decade. By sharing a brand video, you can boost brand visibility as at least 70% of your clientele is set to share the video on different social media platforms.

If the video is high-quality and informative, it has the potential to go viral, which will ultimately lead to an increase in conversion rate. According to a survey, the customer feels more confident about their buying decisions after watching videos related to the products.

Due to the pandemic, the buying scenario has changed. While adapting to the new norm of ecommerce and online shopping, video marketing is a good way to reach your target audience and introduce your products and services to the globe to integrate the right digital marketing strategies.  

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