How Do You Repost On TikTok To Enhance Your Brand Marketing?

how to repost on TikTok

TikTok – trends start here! If you haven’t taken up the TikTok challenge, it is time you do! Let’s assure you with over 700 million active users (despite all the bans), TikTok is a platform that has become an essential tool for UGC TikTok creators. In fact, reposting on TikTok is one of the best ways to expand your reach, bring fresh content to your followers and connect with them in a one-on-one format. So, how do you repost on TikTok and maximize your business prospects? 

This content will show you, apart from reposting content on TikTok, ideally using the same for engaging the maximum audience. Here’s to all the ‘want to be influencers’ – 

How do you repost on TikTok? 

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If you are not aware – the reposting feature was introduced in TikTok in 2008, and since then, it has cemented its position as a marketing and PR strategy. However, you must note that – whenever you are reposting someone’s TikTok video, you require their ‘consent’; else, it is considered as privacy infringement as per the TikTok regulations. 

To repost someone else’s video on TikTok, you will have to – 

Step 1 – Go to your TikTok app and find the video you wish to Repost. 

Step 2 – When you choose the Repost icon, it automatically shows you the Share button. 

Step 3 – You will have to check if the videos are from a specific profile or they are in the ‘For You’ section. You can only repost these videos. If you find some videos in the ‘Explore’ section, it does necessarily come with a Repost option. 

Step 4 – There is a yellow button for Reposting. When you click on that icon, your video gets reposted. If you wish to – you may add a ‘Visible Comment.’ 

Do you have answers to how do you repost on TikTok? Before you repost, check for copyright infringement issues to avoid future legal complications. Especially when you are using this for propagating your business, you must be careful not to promote your market while infringing the original person’s right. 

However, before you go ahead and use this app to expand your business, you might face some technical glitches. Let’s guide you through the same before understanding the concepts of capitalizing on the market. 

Why can’t you repost on TikTok? 

Facing a problem with Reposting despite following the concerned protocols? There could be some issues. Let’s discuss – 

  1. Perhaps they have disabled the reposting feature of their posts. 
  2. If the account is ‘private’ – then you cannot post from that account. 
  3. TikTok, in recent times, has restricted or banned certain accounts for violations. You cannot repost any content originally posted on this account. 
  4. If the content you are trying to repost has copyright protection or you are infringing on someone’s privacy, TikTok will stall your repost process. 

How to undo a repost on TikTok? 

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Most of the users/marketers have this query. How do you repost on TikTok is followed chiefly by – how to undo a repost. Firstly, it is possible to undo a repost on TikTok. If you think that the post is not relevant and does not match your brand’s strategy, or you are not satisfied with the concerned Repost (or maybe you realized that it was inappropriate), you can always undo it. 

For that – 

  • Go to your Profile’s Video option 
  • Click on the Share icon (as you know, the one with the paper airplane logo) 
  • You will see the Remove Repost option. Click on that to remove the Repost. 

How to turn off the repost button on TikTok? 

If you do not wish to see what other people have posted on their feeds or avoid any accidental reposts from your Profile, you can always turn off the repost button on your TikTok profile. 

  • Go to Privacy Settings on your TikTok app 
  • From there, go to the Repost settings. You will see an Off icon. Click on that. 

Where do you see the Repost on TikTok? 

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Image Credit: William Antonelli/Insider

You might already know that when you repost any of the videos on TikTok, it appears on your Profile in the ‘For You’ section. Also, it will automatically be shared with those of your followers who appear on the ‘Following’ section of your TikTok app. However, if you have a Public Accounts – anyone will be able to see your posts. 


Have you finally got the answer to how do you repost on TikTok by using the share and yellow reposting button? Also, do you now know how to use this reposting feature as a marketing strategy? In that case, it is time to curate your PR strategies accordingly and ensure maximum benefit. Looking for updates like this? Pin this page up and keep browsing this site for more! 

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