Successful Facebook Ads – How to Create Ads That Work?

successful Facebook ads

For running a successful business, it is important to market your products and services. Effective marketing is a prerequisite and helps boost the sales as well as increase the customers. Advertisements are the way to go when it comes to marketing. However, selecting a platform for your ads is very essential. Earlier, newspapers, television, and radio were the main platforms to run ads. But in recent times, the trend has shifted and online marketing has become the number one business platform.

Social media usage is at an all-time high and therefore it makes sense to run ads on these platforms to guarantee a maximum response. Out of all the popular social media, Facebook is the ultimate platform to advertise your business. Most big businesses run successful Facebook ads and reap the profits. If you are looking to promote your business, then running ads on Facebook is the most viable and profitable strategy for you. Read on to learn more about running successful Facebook ads.

Successful Facebook Ads

Almost every person on the planet with access to the Internet uses social media in their everyday lives. According to an estimate, the number of social media users will reach almost 3.1 million by the end of 2020. Thus, it makes sense to advertise your business on social media for maximum coverage.

The most popular social media include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Of all these, Facebook is easily the most diverse and versatile platform. A large population of Internet users uses Facebook including school-going teens as well as corporate leaders. Thus, the variety of audiences makes it the ideal platform to advertise your business. In order to run ads on Facebook, you need to keep certain points in mind. Here are some helpful tips to create successful Facebook ads:

 Be certain of your purpose for creating Facebook ads

Before starting the process of advertising, you need to be sure of what you are advertising and why. There are various purposes for promoting a business: increasing sales, gaining new customers, expanding the target population, etc. Are you a new business in the market? Then your aim will be to grab the attention of potential customers by giving a brief idea of what your business is all about.

However, if you are an established business and want to increase your sales, you may want to put up offers and deals to entice your customers. Therefore, you need to be clear about what kind of ad you want to run. You should create the ad in a way that suits your purpose. If you want to understand what kind of ad suits your purpose, you can type Facebook ad examples 2019 and browse the options.

Select the Type of Facebook Ad You Want to Run

Successful Facebook ads require an effective strategy and proper planning. Do you want to create an ad focused on a write-up or do you want to focus on the images and visuals? Content and images are both essential parts of an ad. Images attract the audience by visually engaging them. Write-ups give them information and the necessary details about the business. Depending upon your purpose, you can choose to create a content-driven ad or an image/video-based ad. For example, a clothing brand will focus on displaying its products and thus place emphasis on the images.

They will require only a small fraction of space for the written content. On the other hand, successful Facebook ads for novels will focus on book titles and information about the authors. Therefore, their ad should be a mix of content and image. In some cases, a video would prove to be the best option, such as for promoting a dance class. A small snippet will be enough to catch the attention of the viewers. Thus, you need to pick out the format of your ad. Look into the Facebook ad copy template to get an idea of the different formats you can choose from.

Pick Out Your Target Audience

This is a crucial step for which requires careful planning. The business should be clear about who their target audience is. Facebook provides the option to customize your audience reach. You can either choose to view your ad to the entire Facebook community or you can pick out the target audience based on their demographic details. For example, if you are placing an ad for a University in the US, your target audience would be youngsters who are looking to study in the US.

You can pick out your target audience by customizing a target profile. Facebook will create a list of people who fit into that category and display your ads to them. Successful Facebook ads are ones that focus on creating content catering to their target audience.

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Decide on Where to Place Your Ad

Facebook provides different options on where you want to display your ads. Depending upon the location, the prices for displaying the ads may vary. You can choose to display your ad on the right-hand corner of Facebook or you can opt for displaying the ad in the Newsfeed.

When thinking about placement, one should also consider that a large part of the population uses Facebook on their phones. Thus, the ad should be mobile friendly. The ads on the Newsfeed are more costly as they are viewed more whereas the ads on the corner are cheaper and stay on for longer. The ads featured on the Newsfeed were the best Facebook ads 2019 as people scroll through their Newsfeed during their free time.

Grab the Attention of the Viewers

This is the most important thing you should focus on while designing an ad. The ad should be visually appealing, something that immediately gets the viewer to stop scrolling and take notice. For this, it is essential that you feature the best of your business. Eye-catching images and clever usage of words will work to your advantage. Focus on inventing creative headlines and use attractive visuals.

The best Facebook ad headlines are those which convey your business in a sweet yet succinct manner. Do not make your ad complicated with too many words. The viewers have a short attention span and they lose interest quickly. Design your ad in such a way that the viewers get an idea of your business at first glance. If you are running offers and promotions, make sure to highlight those words. Use good quality images and make use of professional editing tools if required. Nowadays, video ads are gaining popularity. The best Facebook video ads are ones that deliver the message in a short yet impactful manner.

Create an Effective Call to Action Button

Creating an ad is just the first step. Now you need to make sure that potential customers click on your ads and engage in your business. For that purpose, an appropriate call to action button is necessary.

If you are featuring an ad for a sale, you should create a button that says “Shop Now”. When customers click on the button, they go straight to your website. If you are advertising for your blog, create a “Learn More” button so that people can get additional information about your blog. This way, you will get more customer interaction and your ad clicks will increase.

Create Engaging Posts

Another way to increase customer engagement is to create an interactive post. This will get users to like, comment, or share on your posts. You can create different kinds of posts, such as a poll, a quiz, or by asking people to share their experiences. You can also create an event and get people to share it on their feed.

This is a good way to spread the word about your business. Regular posts will make it easier for the customers to remember your business. The best Facebook ads 2018 were the ones that created appealing content that boosted customer interaction and engagement.

Follow Up on the Regular Viewers

This is a good strategy to build a solid customer base. Facebook provides insights about your ads and gives out statistics that are helpful feedbacks for the business. Based on the feedback, you can target an audience that clicks on your ads more often. Generate a list of people who have clicked on your ads and display your ads to them more often. Your ads popping up more often will increase your chances of a purchase.

If a person keeps seeing your ad, they are more likely to go through with their purchase. Most people don’t make a purchase on the first visit. For example, a customer has clicked on your ad and browsed through your products. They have shortlisted some products and added them to the cart. But they leave it at that and return to their Newsfeed. Now, you can track their activity on your website and display the products that they liked earlier. You can add an offer to the product so that the customer is more willing to make the final purchase. In this manner, you can create strategies based on the insights provided by Facebook.

Run a Trial Ad Before Finalising on It

Spending the money and not getting the desired results is disappointing. Experimenting with different ideas helps to select an option that is most viable. The trial and error approach is useful when it comes to advertising. Create different versions of your ad and do a test run. Facebook provides you with an option to track the different ads and compare their engagements.

This will help you gain an idea of what works and what does not. Try out different templates and formats. Pick out the ad which generates the maximum engagement. Search Facebook ad examples 2018 to get an idea of what works best with the audience. Remember to track your engagements and clicks in order to come up with more effective strategies.

Ensure Long Term Customer Engagement

Successful Facebook ads help create in gaining long term customers. When you create an ad, you can create a link for the viewers to subscribe and register with your business. A simple page asking for their name, contact details, age, and profession is enough to add them as your client.

You can also make registering more appealing by offering promotional codes or special offers for registered users. People usually leave the site when the registration form comes up. But if you provide them an incentive, they are more likely to follow through with the registration. One handy tip while creating a form is to not ask for too many details. It is time-consuming and the customer will lose interest immediately. As mentioned earlier, people have a short attention span when it comes to social media. So the idea is to make it as convenient for the audience as possible.

Keep it Innovative and User-Friendly

The key to creating successful Facebook ads is to make the ads unique and creative. Think out of the box and experiment with new concepts. Optimize your resources and develop ads in such a way that it creates a long-lasting effect in the minds of the viewers. If we look at the current trends, video ads and slideshow ads are the way to go. If the initial few seconds of the video are gripping, the viewer will remember your business.

In the instance of slideshow ads, it gives the audience a glimpse of the variety of products that your business has to offer. Most online shopping brands opt for slideshow ads. It gives them the chance to display their bestsellers along with their prices. Another advantage of this ad format is that it is mostly visual and does not require a lot of write up. The products, if displayed aesthetically, are enough to get the attention of the viewers. Thus, depending on your business, be as creative as you can and create ads that will garner more eyeballs.

These are some of the things you should consider before creating an ad for your business. The tips mentioned above will help you in creating successful Facebook ads for your business.

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