All You Needed to Know About Palmistry and Palm Reading

Palm reading

Palm reading has been in human culture since time immemorial. Also known as chirosophy, palmistry reveals human character. It also forecasts the divination of one’s future. It began during ancient times and spread thereafter. Tradition fortune-telling had found its roots in Ancient India and Rome. Often gypsies would make a livelihood out of chiromancy.

Medieval palmistry evolved into service by witch-hunters. These witch-hunters started to interpret a pigmentation spot as a sign of pacts with the devil. Gradually, chiromancy spread in regions like Tibet, Persia, China, and Egypt.

Its second ebb was a period of its popularity after a short regime of dispute. After several studies, there were attempts to make readings more rational. Gradually, after building a more realistic foundation, palm reading underwent a classic revival. This happened during the early 1900s. Thereafter, in the 20th century, chiromancy received all the renewed attention. Interpreting lines of palm had duly found a new meaning.

A brief history of palm reading

Palm reading is a common practice in the Eurasian region. It was first practiced in India, Sumeria, Nepal, Babylonia, and Palestine.

Famous acupuncturist Omura described its roots in the Hindu astrology. Ages before, Sage Valmiki was known to have written books comprising as many as close to 600 stanzas. It was from India that palmistry spread to Egypt and even countries in Europe.

From the Indian subcontinent, palmistry had progressed to Greece which was then presented to Alexander, the Great. He took a great interest in analyzing lines on people’s hands.

In the renaissance, palmistry was classified into pyromancy, hydromancy, necromancy, geomancy, aeromancy, and scapulimancy. After the spread and newfound fame, the art of chiromancy was suppressed for some time by the Catholics. But, very soon, it had revived and experienced startling opera in the modern era.

What results to expect of palm reading – everything explained

A pertinent question that bothers us is- how to read your palms? Several other questions related to palmistry gives way to curiosity.

So, a prospective client will always want to know more about romantic relationships, spiritual wellbeing and also feel somewhat eager. But, that is very natural and is an inevitable part of the entire process.

A good palmist will do his best to answer all your queries. He/she will do the best to ease out your nervousness. So, it is important to get the active hand-inspected thoroughly.

A reputable palmist focuses on things like the texture of your hand, the prominent lines, and all related possibilities. A renowned palmist remains clear to foretell possibilities and will alert alarming situations that may arise. It is very natural to have a flawed hand, but there can be suggestions for improvement as well. A good palmist explores all options after analyzing your hand well.

A palm reader may never say that you’re a lazy person. But, in palmistry, it can be revealed your attitude is a little laid back and that you need to work on it.

Some insights on how to read palms

Check out some aspects of palm reading you need to understand to dig deeper into it:

Lend your dominant hand for palm reading

Check for the hand that you use the most. This is because the non-dominant hand might have lines that aren’t prominent. The non-dominant hand is also called the passive hand. Hold your active hand in front of the palmist and ensure it is face-up. In this way, one can ensure easy reading of the lines. Also, it is important to check if there are visible differences in the lines of passive and active hands. The lines on the passive hand could be a sign of inherited traits. While each line indicates the hard work you’ve done to develop yourself.

Read lifeline to determine wellbeing

The lifeline runs from the wrist to the base of the thumb. Lifeline reveals every experience that you have had or are about to unfold. They change the outlook on our lives. The length of the lifeline indicates how other people could influence your life. While the depth would reveal how easily you could move forward. If the lifeline is short and shallow, one might feel weakness very often. Long lines indicate that you could be in good health in the long run.

  • The lifeline may have branching. The lifeline could branch in the upward or downward direction. Upward branching of the lifeline has a very positive meaning. It could indicate the emergence of fresh and endearing opportunities. On the flip side, a downward branching reveals negative aspects.
  • It is very important to understand that the lifeline can never dictate when you’re about to die. So, it is needless to worry about the length of the lifeline.

Looking at the head line

One can locate the head line right above the lifeline. It runs horizontally across the length of the palm. Longer lines would mean that you have great analytical capabilities. While shorter lines could imply that you’re more impulsive. The depth of the head line has a different meaning altogether. Since deeper lines may be associated with a great memory, you can be happy about having deeper head lines.

  • Your head line starts to break, you may encounter a very severe mental strife. It could also reveal that you had several epiphany moments in your life.
  • Thoroughly if your head line is straight or is it wavy? Wavy lines mean that you can solve a problem more creatively. While a straight line means that you solve every oddity more traditionally.
  • So now we can focus on a new possibility. There is a chance that the head line connects with the lifeline. It may mean that you’re introverted and you often internalize problems. The head line connecting with the lifeline also means that you’re worried and indecisive.

Insights on the primary lines of our hand

Here is an insight into the primary lines of our hand:

Reading the heart line

The heart line is also called the love line. It is located exactly above the head line. It runs horizontally across the palms of an individual. Sometimes, the heart line or the love line initiates underneath the index finger. It means that you’re very complacent with your accomplishments. It also means that you’re very committed to whatever you do in life.

The heart line can even originate beneath the middle finger. It may mean that you’ve been highly restless all your life. Deeper heart lines reveal that you always value interpersonal relationships in life. The crux of the story is – heart line indicates the health of all your relationships. A break in the heart line may mean that you’re involved in multiple relationships. A curve in the heart line says that you can communicate with your romantic partner very well. Straight lines indicate that you remain approachable all the time. But, it also says that you’re too shy and passive.

Checking the fate line

The fate line is more of a vertical line that runs to the center of our palms. The fate line actually represents how other people could control or affect your life events.

A deep fate line means that you’re very strong mentally. It means that you have the sheer ability to start a run a good business. A shallow line could indicate that there remains a chance that you change careers multiple times. It also means that you bear fruitful results less often. A shallow line indicates that you remain grossly impulsive.

Secondary lines

Here is an insight into the secondary lines of our hand:

The sun line

The sun line is also more famously known as the Apollo line. It is a vertically running line that extends beneath the ring finger. You can easily be happy about having a very deep sun line. A deeper sun line is a precursor to name and fame. A shallow sun line means that you’re slowly developing many important skills. But, it also means that you have to work hard to make an indelible mark in life. If the sun line remains broken, chances are you may gain success passing many oddities and obstacles.

You may or may not have a sun line. Having one is a sign that you’re an enthusiastic go-getter. A sun line reveals that you truly enjoy each day of your life. But, never stop working hard because that’s the only way how you can shine on.

The relationship line

It is also called the marriage line, at times. Like the name reveals, the marriage line talks a lot about your attitude towards commitments. Marriage lines that are deep and long suggest that you’re a person of long-time commitments. Shorter lines may mean that you often like to revisit an old friend. It means that you love to experience multiple relationships, at times.

Interpreting the intuition line

An intuition line is a very important aspect of palm reading. The intuition line starts underneath the pinkie and extends towards our wrist. If the intuition line remains pronounced, you quickly develop an idea about other’s intentions. You can easily sense if they are actually positive or negative. You catch vibes too soon. A break in the intuition line says that you’re very emphatic towards folks. But, you must also remember to focus on mood swings and your emotions. One may or may not have an intuition line, to say the least. But, one can still be emphatic towards folks.

Check your health line

The health line is a very important element of palm reading. The health line remains diagonally placed more often than not. It initiates at the edge of your pinkie and extends to the center of our wrists. A deep and long health line says that you’re an earnest caregiver by nature. It also says that you’re very supportive of other people around you. Not everyone is assured to have a health line actually. But, that does not necessarily mean that you can’t be an ardent caregiver. Breaks in your health line may indicate illness of you and your loved ones.

Looking for the money line

The money line is rather a short and diagonal line extending from the base of your pinkie. Straight and deep money lines say that you are utter smart with investments. It extends possibilities of your acquiring a large fortune. Shallow lines that are wavy could mean that you really need to be more analytical in your ways. It means you’ve to do more homework to become wealthy.

What are minor palm-lines?

  • Examining the Edges of Venus: The Edge of Venus is an arched line. It is often traced in the middle of the ring fingers. In palm reading, these minor lines are examined with due care. A more prominent Edge of Venus says that you have the ability to be emphatic to other people. A lighter Edge of Venus says that you’re really insecure in your relationships. It says that you’re having trust issues with most people. The Edge of Venus is often a representative of pat trauma.
  • Look for the Ring of Jupiter: Look if there is a line wrapping the index finger of your hand? If it is there, you have a Ring of Jupiter. A very prominent Ring of Jupiter means that you are well respected. It means you possess excellent leadership skills and you excel every position that you are given. A rather shallow Ring of Jupiter means you have to work hard to build a good repute.
  • Look at the Ring of Saturn to know about your emotional wellbeing: The Ring of Saturn is actually associated with a negative attitude. It is often linked with frustrations and oddities or obstacles. Whether or not the line disappears, you can still feel emphatic towards folks in general.

Final thoughts

As mentioned before, it can be very natural to have a flawed hand. The palmist will make every effort to suggest remedies and fight oddities. A lot of things may depend on your palms, but you can still be the sailor of your ship. Who does not think of uncertainties? But with the correct kind of mindset, you can be a happy person in the long run. Never feel too much apprehensive. Palmists suggest rings on the finger to stay protected and shielded. You may secure a good future by taking concrete steps. Having a positive attitude can save you from a thousand troubles.

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