How to Use Mobile Advertising Services to Best Use?

mobile advertising services

Mobile advertising services encompass calling something to the attention of the public by paid announcements that appear on your mobile screens. Mobile advertising services are a subset of mobile marketing.

New technologies are introduced in It Market nowadays to make mobile ads more attractive and personalized towards you like AI and Machine learning. To know more about these technologies in detail visit Intellipaat to complete your Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training today!

Advertisements are carried out in different ways via apps on your phones and even through SMSs. The websites that you have open on your phone also provide a platform for mobile advertising.

Whenever you open any page on your mobile, your search history and cookies are saved on your device. Big tech companies use the history of your device to project ads on your screen as they know what you might be interested in buying and what your personal preferences are.

Case study

Say you wanted to buy a t-shirt and so you looked into various websites so that you can get yourself the T-shirt you want. Now, in the browsing history, you will find all the websites you have been to for buying the T-shirt. Google and other apps like, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media and shopping websites will take the data from your history. So, the next time you visit their site, you will find that you’ve been constantly getting ads for T-shirts.

Not just the big companies but even the apps installed on your mobile phone will give you ads and suggestions about T-shirts once you start using the app. Mobile advertising has become a major source of revenue generation for ad companies and businesses alike.

Why is mobile targeted advertising?

Most of the activity online comes from mobile phones these days. This is a huge paradigm shift since computers were the major source of internet activity a few years back. People use mobile phones more than any other electronic gadget today. This is because whenever they have to search something on the internet or call someone, or text someone, the only gadget that is readily available or is always with them is their mobile phone.

It has been examined that Facebook is one of the most-used apps for advertisement followed by Instagram. Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn are popular ads. This is why Social Media is targeted more for advertisement display as they know that people will never stop using these apps.

Advantages of mobile advertising

Mobile advertising services can be beneficial in many ways:

  • You don’t need to search for the same thing time and again. Once you have searched for the thing you want, you can rely on history and most of the websites will show you exactly what you want.
  • Whenever there is a new arrival or the latest arrival of the thing you’ve searched, you can get the latest update. For example: Say, you searched for books. Now, next time if there is an arrival of a new book or a new author then you will be the first one to be notified based on the available data. So, it always keeps you first in the subject of your interest.
  • An item you want to purchase may be out of stock, but you may still want to purchase it. The moment it becomes available, you will be notified so you can purchase it.
  • Mobile advertising always keeps you in the loop even if you don’t have time to work on that subject. For example: Say, you searched about investment in your web browser. Now, according to the web browser history, you have shown interest in this subject. So, if there is anything new about it, you will be notified immediately.

Disadvantages of mobile advertising

Although you are kept in the loop and there are many advantages of mobile advertising, there are some disadvantages to it too:

  • Your web browser is stealing your data and selling it to various companies without your consent.
  • Your curiosity may make you search for a few things that you may not be interested in. Even if you perform a one-time search, you may get ads or notifications about it for months in the future. Say for example You had an assignment about the history of India. So, you had to search about it to complete your assignment but since in the history it was there, the browser sent the details to the companies, other websites, and apps. These websites now will constantly show ads about the history of India.
  • You can sometimes end up spending more than you wanted it too. It is human nature that we take all that we receive. Earlier we discussed how we end up getting ads that don’t interest us by just one search. But suppose say you are interested in perfumes and you wanted to buy just one for your daily use. Since you’ve searched the keyword perfume, it is on your list of interests. You will constantly receive ads about it and you might end up buying more than one.
  • It can distract you from what you searched for. A lot of times, the algorithm that makes targeted ads may get your preferences wrong due to some outlying searches or online visits. You may then be shown ads that are not the right fir for you all the time and they may even seem inappropriate in nature. You may end up being bombarded with random irrelevant ads which can get a tad bit annoying and even embarrassing at times.

Mobile advertising 2019

There are some platforms which are best known for advertisements:

  • Google- Google is one of the best mobile advertising platforms in today’s date since all the mobile phones have Google preinstalled. Most of the people use the Google search engine. Google has turned this into its benefit to earn more. Google uses Google Ads for advertising online and generates huge revenue from it.
  • Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram – After Google, Facebook and Instagram are one of the most popular advertisers in the market. You might have noticed while scrolling your Facebook or Insta page, various ads keep on coming in between the posts. Also, while viewing the stories, you end up viewing stories that are unfamiliar and also the stories of the pages you don’t even follow. This is how ads are viewed in these social media apps.
  • Unity- While most of you might not be familiar with this platform, unity is a game development platform where game developers develop games for android. Unity also uses Unity Ads like Google uses Google Ads for advertising.
  • Snapchat- Just like Google and Unity, Snapchat also uses Snapchat Ads. Snapchat is one of the most popular apps that helps you know your people’s whereabouts. The app is also insanely famous for its advertisements.

Mobile advertisements using WAP

Though a little outdated, WAP or “Wireless Application Protocol” is also a type of ads display protocol used by Yahoo and Bing. Earlier, Google used to use WAPs too. However, Google decided to no longer use WAPs from June 2015.

The Advent of Mobile Advertising

In the early times, mobile advertising used to be done via SMS when the internet was not famous or inaccessible to most of the people. Now there is a shift from SMS to mobile internet interfaces while various apps have advertisements. There are many times when we find popping ads in the middle of their work and can be annoying. So, advertisements are removed for these people if they purchase the premium account of the application they have been using.

For example, you use YouTube frequently. But YouTube also shows ads in between the videos and you don’t like it. To avoid encountering ads while you enjoy your video, you can purchase the premium account of YouTube wherein you won’t be disturbed by any type of ads.

Types of Mobile advertising

  • Images: Images are widely used for advertisements apart from videos. In image-based ads, you will see a photo with some text on it. However, some photo-based advertisements do have a clickable link so that they can take you to the main site.
  • Videos: Video-based ads are one of the most widely used types of ads. These ads are less bizarre than the photo-based ads as you can see some actions being performed. These ads deliver more information than images as the characters and the plots are constantly shifting and the user doesn’t need to read it. People tend to ignore the things they have to read or work upon.
  • Carousels: Carousels are another type of ad which have hyperlinks and a bunch of photos with limited text that explains the purpose of the ad.

Mobile Advertising Services

We know that the internet carries a plethora of information and people can’t just sit and in one go, mug up all the information in one shot. Learning requires time and patience. Today ads have served that purpose quite well. Ads are a visual representation of information and people grab information quickly when represented graphically.

These days there are special analytics courses that help people train in mobile advertising. Such courses focus on converting ad views into purchases and train people on how to build strategies for mobile advertising services.

Careers in Mobile Advertising

With major new developments in the field of mobile advertising services, newer professions have opened up in this field. A few of the major roles which companies are offering these days in the field of mobile advertising services are:

1. Digital Marketer

The position of a digital marketer deals with creating campaigns that encompass using digital platforms to reach out to potential new customers. A Digital Marketer has to use mobile advertising services to expand the product outreach and build a brand image for the company.

2. Social Media Manager

The post of a Social Media Manager deals with managing the social media outlets of a company and posting on them regularly. It also involved leveraging these platforms to sell the company products and propagate its brand image. Mobile advertising services become vital in this post since a social media manager needs to expand the company’s reach.

3. Content Developer

Most people use their handheld devices like phones and tablets to view and consume content from different platforms. The post of a content developer involves generating new content for a company’s online portals. Content Developers have the dual objective of developing content that appeals to the people while brandishing the company’s image along with it.

4. Business Strategy Analyst

A Business Strategy Analyst is responsible for coming up with a business strategy for any product that a company is making. A person in this position needs to build a pipeline to bring new sales for the company and also needs to get new customers on board. This job cannot be done without mobile advertising services since most people these days spend at least 3 to 4 hours on their phone.

You can have lucrative job options under mobile advertising services. Most times we get ads of the same product we saw months ago because that’s how this works. The applications use cookies to asses the needs of the customers. As more and more websites on the internet incorporate ads, this field is sure to see growth and new strategies in the coming times.


Today mobile ads have become popular and also widely acceptable across the globe among people. They have helped companies send targeted products to customers and have helped customers find what they desire. People nowadays receive tailor-made ads that sell them the product they desire based on their own preferences. As more and more companies enter the field of mobile advertising to boost revenues, this sector will see robust growth in the near future. The ads you see on your mobile are all set to get better and neater as time passes and this is just the beginning. With the development of new fields like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the ads you receive will become more and more personalized towards you.


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