Pilates equipment for home? A tell-all-guide to help you!

pilates equipment for home

The moment you hear the form of exercise Pilates – automatically, there is one thing that reverberates in your mind – it is supposedly ‘THE’ exercise for women. Time and again –  it has been placed in the garb of oversimplified marketing technique – one that promotes a ‘lean and long’ figure. However, this form of workout has close to 600 variations, with one that suits the requirement of all – be it a female or a male! Since most of the pilates require some equipment or the other – how about checking out the pilates equipment for home?

This article will provide specific details of the equipment you can get at home, the set of benefits that these will provide you, and some other details if you want to sign up for an online class. Drop down and check out the details –

Some quick benefits of pilates

Though you are a regular practitioner of Pilates and you know the benefits, for the novices reading this page – it is important to give a basic idea. Well, for starters, Pilates improves your core strength and posture, betters flexibility of the body, and prepares the body internally to manage injuries. Thus, on the whole – it improves cognitive functioning as well as the external balance of the body. Clearly, this is one workout that you do need!

Now, what if you wish to work on your body within the comfort of your home? In that case – multiple pieces of equipment are available at your behest. Scroll down and check out the available options –

Pilates equipment for home – what do you need and why?

The checklist is here –

1. Pilates Bolster

When you are doing the oblique twists – you will find that stability is the key to success. In that case – you will need a strong bolster that will help you, especially in those forms of workouts that target your core. The firm flat top will hold you well.

pilates equipment for home

2. The Exercise Ball

Whether you choose the standard size or go in for the mini one – this ball is perfect for enhancing your workout process by ensuring that the balance in your body is maintained. When the body-balance standards are challenged – it automatically engages the whole body, which again activates the muscles – providing complete benefit.

If you are practicing planks, or want to target the abdomen and lower area – this is the pilates equipment for home practice sessions.

3. Pilates Rings

They are a must for your practice sessions at home! The Magic Circle(the alternative name) is ergonomically designed to ensure that body – balance and muscle engagement are maintained well.

4. Toning Tower

As one of the best pilates equipment for home – this does not dent a hole in the pocket and yet provides you with the best combination of Cadillac and Barre equipment. Its’ spring straps are an added advantage.

pilates equipment for home

5. Aero Pilates Reformer

This will be supposedly the costliest buy amidst the given set of equipment. However, be assured that it will also be the one that will provide you with the maximum return on investment. With this – the whole body is targeted as you carry out the traditional set of pilates exercises here! So whether you are practicing your cardio routine or wish to maintain your body’s flexibility levels, this reformer will work on your complete body.

#Everything said and done – a must-buy to practice pilates at home is a thick yoga mat. If you are alternating pilates with yoga, you can use this mat for both. 

What to check before you buy?

Some of the aspects that you need to check before you buy pilates equipment for home are –

  • The structure of that equipment. It must be technically sound.
  • Metal or wooden? Choose metal due to its better durability features and prime quality.
  • Since pilates is a resistance exercise – therefore it is important that the springs match the resistance levels. Check the springs well.
  • The brand name is important. Get ones that have been in the market for a considerable period and have cemented their standards.

Would you like to join an online class?

Since you are practicing at home, chances are there that despite you being the best at it, there might be some mistakes that you are making. If that happens – you will not be able to derive the complete benefit of this workout.

In that case, you can check out some online courses or even free videos. Multiple streaming platforms provide their services – at times for free, at times for a subscription. With their help, you can better your techniques and use the equipment best.

pilates equipment for home

Well then

Now that you have a complete idea regarding the pilates equipment for home, it is suggested that you kickstart your routine with one of those pieces of equipment that is easier to handle or that you are currently comfortable with.

Once you get the hang of that, you can proceed to buy the others. It’s a request – thank you for stopping by this page. It would be kind of you if you shared this post with your workout pals.

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