Do you know how tall is LeBron James? The controversy is raging the net!

how tall is LeBron James

The LA Lakers superstar LeBron James has been defying age even in his 20th season! However, it seems that the Lakers will miss him this season as he has been ruled out due to his foot injury. Though the extent of his injury is not known, but the star player seems to be missing out on a couple of weeks. In the midst of it, what has happened is – he has once again courted controversy. If you are an NBA fan, then you must have heard about the controversy regarding his height. So, how tall is LeBron James? What is this NBA height controversy about?

This tell-all guide will give you a detailed idea about this NBA controversy, the other players who have suffered the same fate as LeBron James, and a glimpse into his workout routine. Let’s check out the specifics –

How tall is LeBron James?

As per the new rules of the NBA – LeBron James has been officially measured at 6 feet and 8.5 inches according to the new season. This itself has become a subject of debate since all his life, James has been measured half inches less than what has come to light now.

When NBA announced that they had instituted new plans for the height measurement of the players, if there’s one topic that immediately raged the internet, it was the query as to how tall is LeBron James?

The new guidelines bring new heights for James, Kevin Durant, Davis, Howard, and Thompson – the key NBA mates.

NBA All star LeBron James

Why is LeBron involved in the height controversy?

It is no secret that the query how tall is LeBron James is raging on the internet. But there’s no specific answer about why James got involved in this controversy. Not to worry! This segment will give you a detailed idea about this controversy.

In his entire career, James had measured 6 feet and 8 inches. However, according to the latest NBA rules, the players are not supposed to wear shoes while measuring themselves. Keeping that in tune, the new measurement seems to have created a huge controversy, with LeBron James at its center.

Before the start of his NBA season, his physical checkup revealed the discrepancy in his height. The issue was made public much to his dislike, and it had even threatened his future with basketball.

In fact, this height issue negatively affected his health, and he was almost on the verge of losing out on the season.

For the record, other players, too, have borne the brunt of this set of rules by the NBA. Let’s take a clearer look at the NBA controversy that has consistently led netizens to look out for how tall is LeBron James.

What is the NBA height controversy?

For anyone who has been a fan of basketball and has watched the NBA League games already knows that height and weight in the NBA is a matter of personal concern. The height measurements were gathered from the personal data the player provided, while the weight data was flexible since the players tend to gain and lose weight frequently.

However, in a recent interview with the Washington Post, an NBA spokesperson confirmed that – these new rules were instituted, and all the players have to follow the same. The height has to be measured by removing their shoes.

Though LeBron James expressed his displeasure over this, stating that the players, while the game, has their shoes on. However, his views were negated. When his height was checked, it was found to be half an inch less than what was originally recorded, thereby raising the controversy about how tall is LeBron James.

how tall is LeBron James

#Just so that you know – This height controversy was a result of a mistake. Sacramento King’s guard – Buddy Hield, had reported his age inaccurately, which resulted in a massive controversy. To avoid any such future issue, this drastic change in the rules was brought about by the NBA.

Has this happened before?

Technically speaking, nothing like this was ever reported before. Also, the aforementioned incident, which now has come to the forefront, was also brushed away under the carpet initially. As of now, players are being measured as per the new rules, with no such respite coming to the forefront.

How is LeBron James reacting to this controversy?

The superstar player that he is – as much like other times taken the controversy in his stride. While the internet was flooded with queries about how tall is LeBron James, the man was busy working out in the gym with his son Bronny James.

Social media is afloat with the father-son duo working out, and netizens are going crazy about the pictures.

Summing up

Now that you have an idea about how tall is LeBron James, it is time that you check out the highlights from his old matches (he is currently out due to his injury). For more updates, keep watching this space.


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