Looking for places to stay in seaside Florida? Explore these options!

The beachfront stretch in Walton County, Florida is a gem that you cannot miss! Whether you plan a summer trip or a winter vacation – the seaside of Florida, especially the sunny Miami, has always been a favorite. If you plan to visit the “sunny state” of the USA and do not wish to stay in a hotel, what are the other places to stay in seaside Florida?

This digital write-up will give you a closer look at the alternatives available if you do not wish to opt for hotel services while visiting beachside Florida. Additionally, if you think of buying property in this area, you could scroll down and get basic details about the same. Here’s presenting the details –

Which are the places to stay in seaside Florida?

Are you planning a vacation to explore the seaside of Florida? It has plenty of activities in store for you – from shelling to boating to water sports and even an extended golfing course. The South Beach area of Miami, Florida sports a world-class golf facility.

But what if you do not wish to stay in a hotel? Which are the other places to stay in seaside Florida? Let’s assure you – the options are one and plenty. From vacation rentals to Florida villas to hostels and condominiums (all of which come with their own set of benefits) there’s nothing you wouldn’t love about these alternative stay areas.

So, why have these alternative places to stay in Florida gained popularity in recent times? Also, what factors you must check before you opt for any of these alternatives? You will have to scroll down for the details –

places to stay in seaside Florida

Why you can choose a Florida vacation rental?

A vacation rental is a property that has been made available for staying by the concerned owner or the management company for a brief stay. Florida vacation rentals have become one of the most opted places to stay in seaside Florida in recent times. Giving stiff competition to hotels, these vacation rentals offer visitors – privacy, a hangout place for family vacays, a range of amenities, and a sense of warmth quite like that of a home.

Here are the benefits that vacation rentals offer –

1. They are spacious compared to the cramped hotel rooms. Since they are residential properties, hence, it is maintained in that manner and therefore emanate a sense of warmth. If you are planning a family holiday, a beachside vacation rental is an idea you can consider.

2. Why a vacation rental is one of the best places to stay in seaside Florida, especially when visiting with family, is – rather than taking 2-3 hotel rooms with minimal privacy, you can have the whole rental home to yourself. These holiday homes provide flexibility and privacy, which one cannot expect from hotel rooms.

3. This vacation rental offers a range of amenities for its visitors. From essentials such as telephone, WiFi, complete kitchen set-up, heating/AC (at no additional cost) set up, laundry room facilities, television, and dishwasher to clubhouse space, furnishing, and game room – there’s nothing much that you will miss out on. When placed in a hotel, you might have had to pay extra charges for these facilities, in vacation rentals you have a combined sum to pay.

4. What if you are picky about your meals? As one of the places to stay in seaside Florida a rental home will give you a chance to cook your own meals, something a hotel will not provide. You can try out distinct cuisines in the comfort of your home.

5. Vacation rentals are also affordable compared to the hotels and resorts that dot the Florida beachside.

places to stay in seaside Florida

If you are someone who wishes to take a break from his or her regular life but within a modest budget and in the wraps of homely comfort, a vacation rental is an alternative you can choose.

Why you may opt for Florida villas?

This is another alternative that you may try out. The villas in Florida have in recent times garnered tremendous response as one of the exceptional places to stay in seaside Florida. At a throwaway price – they offer a range of amenities all within the private domains of a villa.

Here are the benefits of choosing villas –

  • They offer a range of amenities that a hotel does not offer. Whether it is the games room, swimming pools, and private golfing areas – these villas have every amenity that you wish to have during the holidays – all at an affordable rate.
  • Booking the Florida villas is comparatively easier, even during the rush. Therefore, if you are someone who makes last-minute plans, you can always check the list of villas available in beachside Florida vis-a-vis the hotels.
  • These villas offer a wide range of amenities to visitors. From the privacy and warmth of a home to the comforts offered – television, kitchen, heater/AC (at no additional cost), laundry facilities, trained caretakers, and WiFi, this is truly one of the best places to stay in seaside Florida.
  • If you plan to hold an intimate wedding or an anniversary get-together with your close ones, there’s nothing better than a Florida villa. With a huge space to boast of, and yet an extremely private arena – the Florida villas provide the comfort that the seaside resorts cannot.

Therefore, on your next beach vacation to Florida seaside, you could actually schedule your stay in these beach villas.

What if you are on a shoestring budget?

What are the places to stay in seaside Florida if you are visiting on a shoestring budget? Hostels!! Gone are the days when they were strictly for students or bachelors making a sudden trip. Currently, multiple hostels have come up on beachside Florida that offers visitors a range of facilities (almost quite like a hotel) albeit at a lower cost.

Here are the benefits of choosing these hostels –

  • There are choices available. You may opt for a private room and bath or a dormitory with bunk beds and a shared bath. Also, the dorms could be gender-segregative or mixed.
  • The rates are quite affordable and you may reserve your rooms or be a part of the walk-in traffic.
  • Most of these hostels have their own WiFi facilities, a home computer, and parking facilities. If you have decided to reserve a room at a hostel, you could just ensure whether they sport these facilities.
  • There’s a guest kitchen area, smoking deck, coffee room, home theater facility, and even an entertainment room.

The biggest advantage of hostels is that you get most of the facilities at affordable rates, vis a vis the hotels in beachside Florida (whose asking rates are skyrocketing). Therefore – you could choose the hostel option as your places to stay in seaside Florida when you plan a trip.

places to stay in seaside Florida

What if you want to buy residential property?

If you are looking for residential places to stay in seaside Florida then you need to keep certain things in mind. Since Florida is a tourist hotspot for many vacationers around the globe, therefore, you could buy residential units for both personal and rental purposes (if you do not intend to stay for a long time).

If you choose to buy a temporary residence – then your options include apartments, small-size condos, bachelor pads, and townhouses. These are comparatively easier to buy since the varieties are quite many. Additionally, these are easy to rent out (property surveys show that visitors and temporary residents look for such kind of property in the Florida beach area) if you do not wish to reside there permanently.

However, if you are looking for places to stay in seaside Florida on a permanent basis then nothing can beat the magic of condominiums. They come with a range of positives such as – utmost privacy, individual units for different individuals, fully furnished, and even recreational and housekeeping functions.

Also, given their popularity in recent times, they have grown in multitudes in seaside Florida and are well connected to the downtown areas.

Its time to book a staycation

Did you like these places to stay in seaside Florida? Which one would you opt for? Take your time, plan a vacation, and pick out any of the abovementioned alternatives, if you are not a hotel/motel fan. Do you have any experience to share with us? You can always leave your comments here. Keep scrolling this website for exciting updates.


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