Different Ways to Enjoy Fishing Without Going Far from Home

Fishing is currently one of the world’s most popular activities, with an estimated 54 million Americans going on at least one fishing trip in 2022. If you like the idea of angling but don’t want to travel a long distance to get started, the following are some of the best ways to consider. 

Enjoy Fishing in Popular Culture 

You can easily enjoy the thrills of fishing by watching a movie, documentary, or TV show based on this activity. Finestkind on Paramount+ is one of the latest releases to cover this subject, while Netflix has the Battlefish series and Amazon Prime Video includes Catching the Impossible in its list of fishing programs.

Fishing has also successfully moved into the world of iGaming, where it’s commonly used as a theme in a variety of games. This can be seen on the list of the highest RTP slots, where Golden Catch by Big Time Gaming is listed. It has fishing-themed images and a bonus where a fishing boat can sail onto the screen to catch some prizes. Other titles including Big Bass Bonanza and Fishin’ Frenzy take a similar approach and sit alongside varied themes like Viking adventures and wildlife trips.

Immersing yourself in a book, such How We Fish (2023), could also provide a way to enjoy fishing. Co-authored by Paul Whitehouse and John Bailey with a foreword from Bob Mortimer, the book is based on the popular Gone Fishing TV series. Full of interesting stories and anecdotes according to this review, it could provide the spark needed if you’re a newcomer who needs to take the first step and buy their equipment. Or it could simply give you a way to enjoy fishing culture while sitting comfortably at home. 

Look for Local Fishing Spots

Some of the most popular fishing movies and TV series take us on adventures to far-flung destinations with exotic fish lurking under the water. The first season of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green took viewers to places like Costa Rica and South Africa in search of some excitement. River Monsters is a popular Discovery Channel show that has travelled all over the planet to show us some of the most fascinating sea creatures.

Yet, fishing is carried out all over the world and anyone who wants to start gently can easily do so without travelling far from home. Rivers, lakes, seas, and canals all offer different types of experience and require varying skills to carry out a productive fishing session. This means that many of us are only an hour or two away from a great fishing spot.

Once they get started many people want to travel to the exotic or exclusive angling spots they’ve seen on TV or online. However, having a place to go near to your home is an ideal way to get started and find out the basics before deciding whether to expand your horizons and packing for a tropical vacation or an arctic adventure.

By carrying out these simple steps, you can start to get a feel for whether fishing is right for you and how you want to do it.

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