Impact of Education on Our Health


Since time immemorial, education has been how knowledge gets transferred from an individual to the next. Even though education has been evolving, its primary purpose has always been the same; to ensure that people gain new knowledge that they did not have before.

It is through education that people get to maintain their cultures from generation to generation. Realize that the earliest form of teaching was through word of mouth. Through the use of songs and stories, human beings could pass down cultural information from generation to generation.

This mode of learning was later changed with the invention of the art of writing. In this new era, all one had to do was get a book, read it and, in the process, learn how to perform a particular task. Instead of passing knowledge through word of mouth, a pro now puts down his writing ideas and leaves them for anyone who wanted to learn the craft. Understand that at this point, education was mainly reserved for the elite of society.

As soon as the idea of mass education was developed, modern education came into being. Here, the combination of books, students, and teachers was adopted. The world over was now reserved the right to learn; it is no longer reserved for the rich and powerful. This is because education is one of the fundamental factors that determine the kind of life one leads. In essence, you can call it the key to life.

Modern education has a lot of perks. Technological developments are being implemented in the education system hence making it more accessible to students. For instance, schools are now being outfitted with computers and the internet. This is one of the developments that have made educative material more accessible to students.

Students can now access as much reading material through the internet as they would like with the click of a button. With the high number of academic assignments that students get each day, it is no surprise that they will require some help with these tasks. Through the internet, medical students can quickly get residency personal statement help at any time they need it.

Health Benefits That Education Avails People

It is through gaining knowledge that human beings can be able to grow mentally. Humanity has always had a curious mind. This nature of curiosity has made education a necessity for all of us in all its different forms. Let us look at some of the health benefits that being educated will avail you:

  • Money – being learned avails you a lot of opportunities in the job market. One of the qualifications of landing a job nowadays is that one must be learned. This means that being educated enables you to earn money needed to cater to your day to day needs. This means that a person can not only get the best insurance available, but they also have the resources needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Personal growth – while in school, you will get to interact with lots of different people. This means that you will not only learn to live with different people, but your view of the world will also be changed. Being able to interact appropriately with other people is very important. It gives you the ability to create a social support group of friends. This support group will help you navigate life’s struggles, hence enabling you to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Independence- education avails people a chance to land a good job and start making money. This ensures that a person can be self-reliant. Where this happens, one can pursue their dreams and, in turn, lead a quality life. The point here is that the independence brought about by being self-reliant will enable you to be happy in life, which ultimately leads to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Where a mother is educated, her children have a higher chance of leading healthy lives. This is because being learned exposes her to those practices that lead towards that path. For instance, she will make sure that her children get all the vaccines required.

It is essential to understand that there is a direct correlation between health and education. The higher the level of education that one has, the more insight they have on leading a healthy lifestyle. However, this does not mean that being highly educated automatically translates to a healthy life; we only mean to show that education ultimately affects the kind of life one lives, both financially and health-wise. This blog was written to show that there is a relationship between health and education.

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