12 cool math games for kids to ditch their fear of learning numbers!

cool math games for kids

Math!! That name itself is scary!! Ask any kid; there’s only a minuscule chance that they would agree otherwise. After all, the figures, the probabilities, the adding up and the multiplications – the twisting of numbers are nothing but a hassle for the little brain. In fact, more than often, kids cannot fathom how to catch the numbers, and they all seem to go awry atop their heads. To solve the issue, here are some cool math games for kids that help them understand the concepts of the sums, thereby making them comparatively easier and fun to solve. 

If you are a homeroom teacher, math teacher, or even a parent, you can try any of these games for the kids to understand the concepts better.

What are the cool math games for kids to try? 


Here are some of the math games by which kids can learn the tricks of mathematics without ramming their brains over! 


1.Remove and Match The Number 

Imagine learning math by exploring caves and mountains. That’s exactly what this math game is all about. One of the best games created – this, with the help of visuals and characters, uses the format of a count-down to teach subtraction to kids. 

You can find this game on the SplashLearn app, and it is specifically curated for teaching subtraction to kids. If you have an elementary kid at your home or school, this is the strategy to teach them the core concepts of subtraction. 

cool math games for kids

2. Math Facts Bingo 

Using bingo cards is one of the best ways to teach math to kids and increasingly improve their mental prowess. If you are looking for cool math games for kids, then you can try this bingo card game wherein equations are used to teach multiplication. 

To play this game, ideally, you will have to give every student a separate sheet for calculating. Then you must give them equations to solve and cards having answers for the same. Once they solve the equation, they can tally it with the cards and, in the process, learns the concepts of multiplication. 

cool math games for kids

3. Math Twister 

You must have a Twister game at home or even at your school. Well, it is time to lend a mathematical twist to the same and learn math in a creative manner. Add numbers in a range to the traditional twister – say: 2/3/4/5/6 at one go. Then make the students guess the number but not directly. Thus, rather than saying ‘right hand on blue’, go about stating ‘right hand on 6-3’ or even go for ‘left hand for 4+2.’ 

Let’s see who gets to score the maximum and learn the concepts earlier. 

cool math games for kids

4. 101 And Out 

Checking out cool math gamesfor kids that strategize counting and help learn values at ease? With this 101-and-out game, you can divide your students into equal batches of 2 and then give them dice along with a pencil and paper. As the game progresses, you will have to count the numbers at their respective face values and then multiply them by a number of 10. 

Additionally, there will be a competition set up amongst students automatically as to who can get the maximum numbers and take them to the highest multiple of 10. Easy to play and easier to teach – this game is one of the finest that you cannot miss out on! 

cool math games for kids

5. Prodigy Math Game 

If you have a child who likes to explore or is a fan of adventure – or even if you notice that your child is inclined toward mysteries – you can always use the Prodigy math game to explain the concepts of basic math to them. This, touted to be top-ranked amongst the cool math games for kids helps your child understand the basics of math as they encounter the problems and look for their solutions while proceeding in the game. 

cool math games for kids

This game is designed in a specific manner wherein the player (or the kid) has to earn rewards and pets to move ahead in the game. While they progress in the game’s storyline, the difficulty level of the problem directly correlates with the building of academic blocks of the child. 


6. Pythagorea 60

For the ones who are weak in geometry – this is a game that offers an ample amount of geometric problems. Most kids have a problem when solving trigonometric sums since the degrees and the angles do not align or are beyond comprehension. With this game, you can solve the challenges with symmetry, regularity and the natural laws that are part of the game. 

Since this game is categorically based on Euclidean Geometry, therefore, the students grasp the concepts while they construct the segments and set up the lines in the intersections. 

cool math games for kids

7. Coin Addition Bingo Game 

If you have a specially-abled kid back at home or wish to teach counting to kids with intellectual deficiencies, this Bingo-like set-up game is the perfect one for you! As one of the cool math games for kids this uses currency (especially coins to teach kids basic math like addition and subtraction). Once you subscribe to the Twinkl portal, you can play this game online and offline. 

cool math games for kids

8 . Shape Scavenger Hunt 

This  is one of the cool math games for kids that not only teaches them about the different geometric shapes and sizes but also brings in the fun of hide-and-seek. First, set up a list of shapes and sizes as shown in the math picture books. Now give the students pieces of paper and ask them to tally the number of shapes and sizes (as mentioned in the paper) that they see. Set a timer. 

Once done – you will have to tally the students about who got the highest number. This is one way to learn about different sizes and shapes that are geometrically available. 

cool math games for kids

9 . Math Madness 

Are you looking for an online math game that will teach you place values? This online game has 35 values attached to it, and students can carry out basic sums involving addition, multiplication, subtraction and division using values up to 100. In fact, as a creator or teacher – you can customise this game by creating up to 10 teams and printing and sharing this game amongst the teams. 

This game is available online on Jeopardy Labs, and you can get a lifetime membership of this game for a minimal amount. 

cool math games for kids

10.Odd Squad Games 

This is not the show on Netflix! It is a cool math game designed categorically for kids of 5-8 years to help them learn the basics of math as they solve cases. Unlike the other math games, this is designed categorically to help students master the art of deductive learning. Therefore, you can teach your kids concepts of logical reasoning with this as well. Available free of cost, you can always check the details of this on PBS Kids and decide for yourself. 

cool math games for kids

11. Guess My Number 

You must have already listed Guess My Number in this listicle of cool math games for kids! Let’s share the details with you once again. In this game, you will have to print a sheet having grids of 1-100 numbers and have students think of any number between 0-99. Then, you will have to guess a number and cross out the other numbers in the way. When the number is finally guessed, the winner picks out a new number, and in this way, the game continues. 

cool math games for kids

12 . Jeopardy 

The last name on this list is Jeopardy, which categorically focuses on honing the math skills of the concerned students by preparing them via tests and quizzes. You have to use a bristol board to play this game. Take a board and divide it into specific columns and rows wherein the columns have a specific value, and the rows must range from 200 to 1000 (with a gap of 200 units in between). 

Any team member can ask questions from the concerned pockets, and then the team with the highest points wins the game. This is one of those games that improve the students’ competitive spirit and help them gel with their peers. 

cool math games for kids

Apart from this, you can also visit the National Library Of Virtual Manipulatives, which offers many digital math manipulatives, including blocks and coins. Developed by Utah University to engage students in math and help them learn this subject in a creative, gamelike and conceptual manner – this digital library has become popular with time. 

Another cool math game for kids is Monopoly! Though not many would agree with its range of benefits for kids, Monopoly, since 1935, has been one of the finest board games to learn math the easy way. 

Final thoughts 

Now that you have clarity about the available cool math games for kids and the range of benefits associated with them, therefore, it is better you pick up the ones that are easy to explain and play with the kids. If you liked this article, then let us know in the comments section, and keep checking this website for more updates like this! 

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