Top 10 Korean Movies On Netflix You Must Watch Out!

korean movies on netflix

The way the Hallyu wave has encompassed the world, we don’t need to further introduction to K-dramas. However, there’s another unexplored side of this wave that you probably are unaware of. We are talking about Korean movies! They primarily came into the limelight, after Parasite was awarded at the global level. Taking a cue from that, you can check out Korean movies on Netflix, that have gained an immense fan following. 

In this post, we will incorporate 10 such movies from multiple genres available on this streaming platform that you can check out at any time. So, whether its a weekend night or a quick 2-hour break, you have a movie for every moment. Here’s the list for you – 

List of Korean movies on Netflix for you 

Here’s the listicle for you –

1. Space Sweepers 

Space-Sweepers-Korean movies on Netflix
Image Credit: Firstpost

Director: Jo Sung-hee 

Initial release: February 5, 2021 

One of the noted and assuredly best sci-fi Korean movies on Netflix – this Song Joon-ki-powered flick is set in a dystopian world with captivating special effects and likable performances. Featuring earth that is no longer worth living, this film depicts the life of space crap collectors, who on finding a little girl amidst the debris of a space shuttle realize that they have hit a jackpot! 

As the movie moves forward, the space crew gets attached to her and the morality of the group is tested in multiple ways. This fun ride has some of the most reckoned faces of the Korean entertainment domain featuring Kim Tae-ri, Song Joon-ki, and Anupam Tripathi. 

2. Night In Paradise 


night in paradise Netflix korean movie
Image Credit: Tatler Asia

Director: Park Hoon-jung

Initial release: September 3, 2020

Are you a lover of dark movies, especially if it goes into the noir genre? Night in Paradise is one of the must-watch flicks for you! This slow burner has a couple of brutal yet bleak moments with fight sequences that give you an intense adrenaline rush. The leads are emotionally bruised, yet despite their hostility toward each other, they build an emotionally believable bond that steals the show. 

With remarkable cinematography to boast about and some of the classic action sequences to take you on a ride, this slow-burn yet ease-paced movie can truly make your movie experience special. 

3. Ballerina

ballerina korean movie
Image Credit: South China Morning Post

Director: Lee Chung-hyeon

Initial release: October 5, 2023

If you are searching for thriller Korean movies on Netflix this will make it to your list easily. The premise is pretty straightforward – a former bodyguard who excels in martial arts seeks revenge for the murder of her ballerina friend, even at the cost of her life. Coming from the director of The Call, this Korean revenge flick was touted to be the ‘most watched non-English film’ when it debuted on Netflix. 

Giving the viewers the perfect adrenaline rush as and when needed, this thriller comes with exceptional choreography and includes dramatic elements in the narrative. Thus, on the whole, this is a film that will make you rejoice in the moments of sweet revenge. 

4. Alive 

alive korean movie on netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

Director: Il Cho

Initial release: June 24, 2020

If you have been a fan of Train To Busan, then this is a lighter movie of a similar zone. While the world was under the 2020 pandemic, this zombie flick follows a live streamer of video games, documenting his process of staying alive amidst a zombie outbreak. 

In recent times, zombies have become the favorite subject of Korean entertainment scenarios. Having said that, this flick unlike others in the same category creates more of a mental complication rather than the external show of gore and blood. With a simple plot, with breathtaking zombie features and unlimited action, this could make for a great late-night horror watch. 

5. Sweet and Sour 

sweet and sour korea movie on netflix
Image Credit: Cinema Escapist

Director: Lee Gae-byok

Initial release: June 4, 2021

Starting a relationship and maintaining one in today’s complex world is a difficult job. That is precisely what this heartening film with a twisted ending showcases. As the name suggests, this is one of those Korean movies on Netflix that has a sweet romantic tale as its premise but with a sour ending. 

Led by power-packed performances of Jang Ki-Yong and Chae Soo-bin, this showcases the difficulties that one faces in today’s fast-paced life, and how the breaking of a relationship is not just about faults, but also about unfortunate timing. With a wide range of emotions and some refreshing moments, this is assuredly a good watch.

6. 20th Century Girl 

Image Credit: Kpopmap

Director: Bang Woo-ri

Initial release: October 6, 2022

This is the one for rom-com lovers! A far cry from the usual cheesy romantic flicks, this one is about the fleeting high school life and friends, lingerings of the heart, and light notes of romance – all set in the pre-cellular phone world. 

One of the most notable Korean movies on Netflix, this comes with its set of phenomenal performances. With its captivating storyline, but with a light tone – this Kim Yoo-Jung-led flick will have you reach out for that box of tissues, quite often. 

7. Kill Boksoon 

kill boksoon korean netflix movie
Image Credit: The New York Times

Director: Byun Sung-hyun

Initial release: February 18, 2023

Here’s how the plot goes – an action drama about an assassin who wishes to protect her daughter. Seen that before? Yes, surely, but this one comes with a twist! This action flick inherently includes Korean cultural and social nuances into its narrative, making it one of the best Korean movies on Netflix.

Powered by Jeon Do-Yeon (playing the titular role), this drama flickers between the demands of the assassin’s ‘job commitments’ and her disconnect with her teenage daughter. The conflict comes when someone, an A -level assassin unfortunately has little or almost no control over her daughter’s life. With spectacular and nuanced performances, this is a movie you will not wish to miss out on.

8. Tune In For Love 

tune in for love korean netflix movie
Image Credit: Movie Nation

Director: Jung Ji-woo

Initial release: August 28, 2019 (South Korea)

When you have Jung Hae-In and Kim Go-Eun in a film, there’s no chance you will get bored. This film deals with the charm of a mundane romantic relationship. As you sit through this movie, you will find that its plot unfolds across time gaps, and in the process, the protagonist’s life changes. What remains the same is – their slow-burn love for each other, which only grows when they move from one time-space to another. 

Unlike other Korean movies on Netflix this flick has minimal characters and the pace moves with a sense of subtlety. The prompt connections and expressions given by the characters make up for an amazing cinematic marvel. With a happy ending in line, this is a movie you will love to watch on your weekend. 

9. Pandora 

pandora korean film netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

Director: Park Jung-woo

Initial release: December 7, 2016 (South Korea)

Have you been looking for a nail-biting movie that displays a range of emotions within a limited time? Click aside Avengers, Pandora is here for you! The premise of the movie itself is quite frightening – an earthquake that results in an explosion in a nuclear reactor in South Korea. A reality, that can happen anytime with us!! This action drama powered by Jae- hyeok’s (Kim Nam-Gil) extraordinary transformation from a simple worker to a savior, sets aside this movie from many other survival flicks. 

What’s most interesting about this movie is that – it has given a clear picture of every entity involved in this explosion, without whitewashing them. As a result, you have a very humane film that does make you anxious but also teaches you how to act in such dicey situations. 

10. Dream 

dream korean netflix film
Image Credit: NME

Director: Lee Byeong-heon

Initial release: April 26, 2023 (South Korea)

One of the latest Korean movies on Netflix starring – noted singer IU and Itaewon Class fame Park Seo Jun, this heartwarming sports film with a feel-good premise is a must-watch. With a cranky coach heading them, a group of homeless men, with determination in heart and utmost hard work take up the challenge of participating in the Homeless World Cup. Set against a simple melodramatic premise, this movie reinforces the hope of life that we all are searching for.

This movie clearly shows that at times, it is not about the win or the loss – it is rather the display of courage, the team effort, and the dedication to be the best that matters the most. This sports film enmeshes human emotions and presents a complex drama that has a touch of comedy in it. A much-recommended Korean film, that will have you cheer for Team Korea!! 


From rom-com to sci-fi to inspirational – the Korean movies on Netflix give you a taste of every movie genre. So, whatever your mood for the day, you can pick up any of the above-mentioned flicks and enjoy your time. Also, if you have any specific recommendations, then do let us know of the same. If you liked this post, and want such entertaining Hallyu-related posts from us, let us know. Keep following Fiction Pad for more! 

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