Best 4 Rides Animal Kingdom Offers The Visitors 

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There are several experiences and rides animal kingdom offers to its visitors. Animal Kingdom is a theme park of Disney located at Walt Disney World Resort. You can find all the past and present attractions of this theme park by reading this full post. In addition to the rides and park experiences, you may also find shops and restaurants to shop and feed your appetite after being tired by exploring the park. In addition to the rides, the animal kingdom character meet section is also awesome, where you may find some of the unforgettable characters of Disney. To know about the rides animal kingdom offers and its other tourist attractions, navigate this post until the end. 

Best Rides Animal Kingdom Offers You Shouldn’t Miss

Below are some of the best rides Animal Kingdom can offer you on your visit to Walt Disney World Resort. Check the below-described list: 

Best animal kingdpom rides

1: Expedition Everest Rides Animal Kingdom

So, what are the best rides Animal Kingdom can offer? A good roller coaster is enjoyed by most people. Fortunately, there are many great ones in Disney World, and the Forbidden Mountain Legend of Exhibition Everest ranks among Disney’s greatest. Exhibition Everest is conveniently situated at the base of “Mount Everest” in a “Tibetan village” in the Asia area of the Animal Kingdom. You can board a train here and then go straight up to the 200-foot mountain top. But be warned: a legendary snow giant deep inside the mountain makes his home, and tourists don’t like it!

Then your train continues its quick descent after the steep climb as you hurtle back down the mountain and into a dark cave. Next, on some broken train tracks, you can happen, at which point the train reverses course and plummets back into the darkness. Soon, before your eyes, the shadow of a giant snow beast will appear! Before the Yeti makes a meal out of you, he roars, and the train speeds away.

The landscape is spectacular. You’ll be rewarded with a dazzling experience if you have a chance to go on this journey at nighttime. In comparison to many coasters, Exhibition Everest is also a relatively smooth ride. Due to the terrifying visual effects, loud noises, speeds, darkness, and drops, the attraction can be on the scary side for kids, however. Then you’ll be rewarded with 3.5 minutes of fast-paced pleasure for those brave enough to board this frantic train.


The 3.5 minutes long, fast-paced rides fall in the category of the thrill ride that has big drops and dark passages. The minimum height required to take the ride is 44″ or taller. Once the minimum required criteria are fulfilled, kids, teens, and adults can take this ride. The FastPass is its Tier 2 or high priority pass. 

2: Avatar: Flight Of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is one of the newest attractions for Disney, along with the Na’vi River Trip. Also, it is also one of the most popular FastPass options. In our list, Flight of Passage is number two because it’s just such an unforgettable experience. The ride opened in 2017 and is based on James Cameron‘s Avatar film, located inside Pandora, the World of Avatar zone.

A 3D flying simulator attraction set in the Avatar universe is Avatar Flight of Passage. The ride is also described as a nice Soarin’ and Star Tours combination and is one of the most technologically advanced rides of all-time for Disney.

In preparation to soar across Pandora’s landscape, guests hop aboard the back of a powerful mountain Banshee, Humans and Na’vi try to restore the banshee population to natural levels, and you are connected with an avatar to fly on an Ikran in this tribal rite-of-passage of Na’vi as part of the avatar program. This thrilling expedition takes you to get a close-up view of the landscape of the moon.

Flight of Passage’s flying effects is superb. To survey the Pandora landscape as you fly, guests can turn their heads in almost any direction, up, down, and side to side. We can see why it gets so much attention on this ride!


This 3D flying attraction is one of the best thrill rides Animal Kingdom offers to adventure lovers. To take the ride, the least height requirement is 44″ or taller. It is suitable for Kids, Adults, and Teens. It’s FastPass is a tier-1 high priority. 

3: Kilimanjaro Safaris

Kilimanjaro Safaris is the quintessential ride of the Animal Kingdom. If there is one attraction that is an absolute must, then probably that is it. Who would want to visit the Animal Kingdom without seeing any creatures, after all?

The trip begins with boarding and finding a seat in an open-air car. Then you begin a tour that allows you to experience a guided tour of the magnificent African savannah of the Animal Kingdom. You’ll have a chance to get up close to free-ranging live animals. Don’t worry, though—they’re not close enough to bite!

The journey takes you across a 110-acre landscape of woodland, rugged wetlands, and quiet open plains, the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. Your guide will point out the 34 animal species that live here while also sharing fascinating information about wildlife during the ride.

This interesting expedition takes about 18 minutes. Elegant giraffes, shy hippopotamuses, intimidating lions high on rocky perches, elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, baboons, zebras, hyenas, and crocodiles can be expected to reach. You sound like you’re in rural Africa, not in Florida, not in Orlando! No visit to the Animal Kingdom would be complete without experiencing Kilimanjaro Safaris, as we mentioned before.

Note: Whatever you do, don’t miss this ride and bring your camera!


It is a slow ride with small drops. There are no height specifications to take the ride, and it is suitable for all age groups. It is a tier 2 FastPass with high priority. 

4: Dinosaur

DINOSAUR is one of our favorite rides in the Animal Kingdom because it combines action-packed entertainment with spectacular visual effects. The story of this track-ride motion simulator takes you back to the dinosaur era. Your goal is to transport a 3.5-ton Iguanodon back to the present day. But you have to dash around fearful predators to complete the mission, capture the dinosaur and get out before a giant meteor wipes you out!

DINOSAUR ride is dark, scary, and unpredictable. Bumps, speedy hairpin twists, and close calls fill it. Some of Disney’s best are the high-tech visual effects! But while the ride is sure to be a hit with most visitors, for some children, the speed, sounds, and scary predators might be too much.


The thrill ride is dark and scary and includes small drops. The minimum height requirement to take this ride is 40″ or above. It is suitable for kids, tweens, teens, and adults. It is a tier-2 Fastpass with moderate priority. 

Final Words! 

This post elaborates on the rides Animal Kingdom theme park offers to the visitors. During your stay at the Walt Disney World Resort, you may explore these rides with your family and friends. Stay connected to get more Disney blogs from us! 


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