5 Tips on How to Decrease Electricity Consumption at Home

electricity consumption

As we are staying more in our homes and companies are favoring remote jobs, it is clear that we are also consuming commodities such as electricity even more. Our phones and computers help us accomplish our set deadlines, and these electrical gadgets make us stay near charge ports and room sockets daily for our electricity consumption.

Other home appliances are more likely to increase their consumption too. Thus, to help you save a lot on your home electricity usage, you may opt to look for a local heating and cooling installation company such as SmileHVAC.

Our electrical consumption nowadays gives us the burden of paying higher bills. Aside from that, we still have some groceries to do. This can put a massive hole in our budget if not managed properly. Still, the good news is that you can be a wise consumer of electricity. The following are a few tips you can consider to achieve that:

Tip 1: Shut down your computer after use

One main gadget that uses up a lot of electricity consumption energy is your computer. Leaving your plugged computer in sleep or screensaver mode does not guarantee energy saving. After use, proceed to shut down your computer to reduce wasted energy as much as possible.

Also, do not forget to pull out the plug from the electrical source. Practicing this can help you decrease the high monthly consumption rates marked on your electricity bill.


Tip 2: Choose the right light bulb to use

You can save more money by simply purchasing energy-efficient light bulbs. An ideal option is LED bulbs because of their popularity and because they require only minimal electrical wattage to operate compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Besides, the brightness and life span of the LED bulbs are even better.

Tip 3: Unplug appliances and chargers


TVs and radios keep us entertained and updated on the recent daily news, if not our phones. Like other home or office items such as printers or microwaves, these electronic items are most of the time left open even when not in use. Nevertheless, it is more advisable to unplug all of them from the sockets to ensure optimal electricity usage.

Recently released appliances can attract you with their energy-saving properties. However, even if you buy these appliances because of their affordable prices, always practice shutting them down when not in use.


Don’t forget that one of the most forgettable devices we leave in the sockets is the charger. Remind yourself that chargers continuously absorb electricity even if not connected to gadgets as this consumes a lot of power when left behind. Chargers are also hazardous to keep stuck in sockets and have a high risk for fire.


Tip 4: Maximize the use of power strips


Electrical power strips are ideal for saving a lot of wasted electricity on appliances. The strips’ design has singular switches in every socket, which are designed to give you more ease shutting down a particular device without interrupting the supply of electricity to the other gadgets. These power strips are also excellent for maximizing space if you are connecting with plenty of electronics.


Electric power strips can be available for purchase in your local hardware store. Some of these power strips even have an auto-shutdown feature, but instead of relying on this, it still best to manually unplug them from the power source.


Tip 5: Choose to save more electricity


With a lot of your time spent on technologically advanced media devices, it has become even harder to expend less electrical energy. If you wanted fewer expenses on your energy bills, the best advice is for you to consider alternative ways to save electricity without any hassle.

For example, you may opt to switch on a classic furnace instead of an electrical one. Taking a step like this can create a tremendous impact on your monthly energy consumption.


You can also consider making more use of eco-friendly ACs. Always keep in mind that coolers in your rooms should not bore a hole in your pocket. You can find affordable ACs for sale today that have energy-saving properties, all of which are not risky for your health and that of your family.

These tips are just among the ones you should always keep in mind when maintaining your electricity consumption. It’s also best to have immediate access to an electrical install/repair person who can get to you in just a short time to prevent more electrical leaks.

Luckily, our trained personnel here at Smile HVAC Services are ready to assist you with your electrical wirings or outage. They specialize in professional assistance with room furnaces or any home electrical lines that are troubling you. Even if it’s during a winter day, they can get you covered with their best protection and maintenance plans.

You’ll want to get in touch with Smile HVAC Services as soon as possible, especially if you have the following electrical concerns or emergencies:

  • AC installation
  • Furnace repair
  • Humidified repair in GTA, and
  • Air Conditioning repair service

Maintenance plans at Smile HVAC Services also come at affordable prices. Having a professional service on the call will give you less to worry about. The professional service they offer can help with installations and repairs, which can prevent you from paying higher bills. Also, the highly trained and fully licensed team will be able to support you on any given day.

They also continue to do maintenance checkups for your equipment. This way, you get to prevent spending on expensive emergency calls, too!

All these tips are just a few of the many ways that will help you conserve electricity. Regularly following them allows you to make sure that your monthly energy consumption is kept to a minimum. Aside from these, it would be best to evaluate other possible ways that can help you save energy expenditure among your other home appliances.


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