Books to Read While Traveling to Enhance Your Experience

books to read while traveling

Traveling is indeed a pleasure-filled activity. To get the complete pleasure of traveling you need to breathe the vibes of your tour. It doesn’t matter how far you are traveling or where you are going, few best books to read while traveling always enhance the fun of traveling.

Out of the many pass times that you can ensue while traveling, reading books is perhaps the most fulfilling. A good book leaves its trail behind. Now, the most intriguing question is what type of books you can choose to be your travel partner. Well, the choice of books for any situation is most crucially dependent upon personal choices. But the psychology and mood of travel call for certain specific kinds of books.

What do you think should be the features of books to read while on vacation? The book should be engaging in the first place. You should not feel bored or unenthusiastic just after turning a few pages around. You can choose factual or autobiographical books if you wish. But while traveling we are in frolic mood and the full realization of such books may not dawn upon us while traveling. These books are subject to retrospections and not suitable for travel.

The ideal books as travel companions are travelogues and travel descriptions itself. When you read such books, your appetite to travel md redefine yourself increases. This extended hunger gives you the energy and motivation to travel more and explore more.

1. On the road – Jack Kerouac

This is the kind of hero of the best books to read while traveling if you are a traveler by your soul. For all of you who have a heart that wants to explore the world and move around the nooks and corners of the world, this is the best piece

It is a book with a bit of an unconventional storyline. The novel revolves around the crime world and the abnormal undergrounds of America. It has got everything black right from drugs to sex. In the end what you have on your plate is a retrospection of life that is dark, brutal and rude.

The beautiful connection between the antisocial activities and traveling is what draws people near to this book. It has a 1950 concurrent storyline. The plot is awesome and is going to keep you engaged for hours. Boring journeys can be turned right into interesting one3es with such novels.

2. The kite runner – Khaleo Hosseini

People who adore reading while traveling have definitely gone through this book. Well, if you haven’t yet, you should. Khaleo Hosseini highlights the true face of Taliban rule in Afghanistan through this novel. Under the modern scenario, there is hardly anybody who is unaware of the brutal nature of the Taliban rule.

The plot of the story is based on the heart touching incidents of two young boys. One of the boys is able to escape from the shackles while the other remains behind. The innocence of the boys and yet the trauma they suffer is going to bring tears to your eyes. If you want to fulfill your trip with a list of best books to read while traveling, include this one

The way the author has explained the story is inspiring and realistic at the same time. It also gives an insight to the true state of things. The plot of the story is like a mirror and helps you to differentiate between the state that we live in and the state in which people live

The engrossing storyline is going to grab your attention for a long time and will make your travel worth memorizing. It also exposes the reality of the less known Hazara community of Afghanistan.

3. Mumbai to Vientiane – Leon G Hewis

The book is a travelogue kind of plotline. This book captures some of the interesting adventures of Leon G Hewis. It is an awesome description of the travel experiences in the Indian subcontinent.

The author has penned down his experiences of riding around the Asian subcontinent in a motorbike. It is not simply his experience; it is an insight into the true Asian world. When we are in a mood to travel, it is great if you read somebody else’s travel experiences.

Especially if you are going to visit any of the places in Asia, this book will amaze you. the simple way of descriptions is attractive. The author defines the food, the culture, the people and ambiance of every spot he visits. It is indeed intriguing to know so much about such places.

The best part of the book is that he even describes what sort of problems and troubles he felt during this trip. That makes this travelogue far more real and interesting and essential in the checklist of best books for traveling. It is true that you can never get the full essence of a place until you communicate with the locals. All the briefings of the people are included in this book.

The non-conventional part highlighted in this book is the connection with animals. While visiting any place, we hardly think about the wild animals present there. If you want to get a thought in a completely different fashion, then do read this book

4. The lost city of Z – David Grann

This is perhaps my favorite one in the list of best books to read while backpacking. The book is about Fawcett. Travel lovers must be acquainted with his name. Fawcett’s name is written in golden letters in the history of British Explorers. Any adjective in praise of the book is definitely less. The storyline is going to leave you spellbound.

The plot goes something like this. Fawcett while exploring amazon, had developed a strong notion regarding the existence of civilization there. This city he named as the city of Z. the concept was somewhat close to the idea of el dorado.

Later on when Fawcett along with his son and companion Jack, went to the deeper cores to validate the city of Z, they literally disappeared never to return again. This story shares the experience of David Grann trying to re-explore the city of Z and create history another time.

The exceptional fame of the story is probably because of two things. First, the engrossing fashion which the author sticks to that will not allow you to even blink while you go through the book. The next factor may be the large number of mishaps that had happened to any explorer begore Grann, who had tried to retrace the lane to Fawcett’s city of Z.

The book has been appreciated internationally on a large scale, making it a must-read travel script. For those of you who shall be overwhelmed after reading this book, you can also check out the film that is based on this story

5. The motorcycle diaries – Ernesto Che Guevara

The perfect book to elicit the roadie, the carefree traveler within you. This is all time travel classic which secures an esteemed position in the list of best books to read while backpacking. It is going to enhance your quench for travel and hence a perfect companion for your travel experience. Motorbikes are the true symbols both materialistically as well as metaphorically associated with travel.

This specific book narrates the experience of two bike riders who set forward dauntingly to explore the entire of South America. They set forth from Buenos Aries on a Norton Bike. This is not fiction, because one of those two men was the author himself. The book is not a simple narration. It raises the fundamental concept and question of uncertainty in the world in the mind of every reader.

It also gives you a close view of the pre-Cuban revolution time frame. The atrocities and disasters in their true and uninterrupted raw formats are the best parts of the book

When you set out for an unknown destination just to imbibe and dive deep into traveling, you leave behind all preset plans, all luxuries, you just carry your mood and soul with you. when you do so, you realize how uncertain and dynamic life is. You never know where you shall be the next day, whether you will get food or not.

Those who are travelers in true essence and live to travel, and in search of best books for traveling, must read this book. It will change your perspective on life. The book has also been molded in the form of the award-winning movie named after the book itself

6. Girls who travel – Nicole Trilivas

Many of us must have been wandering around with the aim to find the basic answer to the question why we want to travel. You must have heard plenty of people establishing the need for travel as a part of growing up and becoming independent. But how far have we dived into the true meaning of this statement? Well if you haven’t yet, then pair up with this novel.

The novel has two faces. The first face is hitting hard on the face of a conventional society that has woven a cobweb of stereotypes about why women should not travel alone. This book focuses on every possible reason that she should, on every probable incident to cite that she can do it successfully and on every probable motive why she should do it more often.

The second face of the book actually illuminates the essence and beauty of travel. You don’t need to climb mountains and do expensive sports to have travel fun. The breeze of the road should call you; the nomadic life should inspire you, your will to break away the shackles pf worldly entangles must inspire you to travel.

The book must find a place in the list of best books to read while traveling and especially for all the girls, who still face the dilemma of traveling solo. The awestruck stories of adventure in the book, will make you realize and fall in love with traveling once again

7. Wild – Cheryl strayed

The book is a national bestseller. From the journey of being hopelessly down with a lost life, to rediscovering her spirits through a wonderful travel and exploration of the pacific crest, this is an awesome travel book.

The best part of the book is the style in which the author narrates the experience. Crossing the Mojave Desert, California and Washington, she made it to the pacific crest trail. With no prior training and sheer will, she made it.

This book is also a strong blow to the conventions which do not allow women to step out for solo travel. It is the story of a girl who single-handedly did one of the most daring tasks of life and found herself to be a new person. Reincarnated, stronger than before and ready to face the world with better terms. For me, this is surely a mandatory one in my list of best books to read while traveling

8. The beach – Alex Garland

The last one in the list is a deep-sea dive into the beach of Thailand. This extraordinary story is again an experience of a traveler who is an enthusiast at exploring things. This is quite an unconventional one to find a place in best books to read while traveling

The storyline centers around the type of experiences and situations that every westerner faces when they come to explore south east Asia. The story is about Richard, who is cattle of this aforesaid herd yet a bit different. He is all set to discover a hidden beach which is a paradise. He comes to know about the existence of such a beach when he comes to Thailand. After hearing from the locals, he is head on heels to get a sight of this untouched beach. The locals narrate about this hidden beach to be heavenly and Richard believes them. He sets forth in the lieu to discover this beach.

The experiences he goes through are indeed potent enough to set the reader in a hallucination. It is a different taste of travel. The book is awesome to disclose the true stories of south east Asia travel. It is quite engrossing.

If you want to know the end, then what are you waiting for? Grab the books and start reading

Hey guys, so this was a list of best books for traveling. Grab any one of these to make your trip much more fun and engrossing

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