Underwater Hotel to Explore the Realm of Unseen Beauty

underwater hotel

In today’s world, people are busy. The pangs of reality have taken over the sweet lane of relaxation. Therefore, people are getting aboard with traveling to the farthest corners of the world. Not a single place on earth is left out without the chitter-chattering travelers from all over the globe. Men are also diving deep under the sea to fulfill larger traveling goals. Yes! You read it right. You can be the king or queen of the underwater kingdom for a night or two with only a few thousand bucks.

The main factor behind this innovation may be the fact that travelers love peace where they can be themselves. But, the humdrum of life will never let them do that anywhere on earth. So, why not under the surface? And actually, it feels really good to see a school of fish loitering around you (literally around you) when at the same time you have access to top-quality hotel services.

This underwater hotel industry is a sought after thing now a day. People from over the world are favoring a sweet stay at these hotels to add a cherry on top of their trip.

What is an underwater hotel?

An underwater hotel is an underwater built structure in which people can inhabit for long periods of time and carry out most of the basic human functions of a normal day, like sleeping, maintaining personal hygiene, working, cooking, eating. It is different from an underwater habitat where there is no room for luxury. In such a hotel, you have access to every hotel service, like restaurant, bar, room temperature control, nice environment, spa, cinema, ballroom, game room, etc. After checking in such a hotel, you may as well forget every worry of your life and give yourself to the magnificent marine environment that welcomes you with its rich store of surprises.

An underwater hotel has a structure that resembles a jellyfish. Such types of hotels are usually situated almost twenty meters underneath the water level of the sea. One may wonder as to how an underwater hotel handles the pressure of such an enormous mass of water. The answer is technology. The main structure of a hotel is like a dome made of reinforced steel and concrete and the main ingredient is Plexiglas.  It has huge accommodation of suits, two bedrooms, and other combinations. These hotels can be a place not only for tourists but for those who want adventure and exploration in their life.

How to get there

The noiseless train is located in a transparent, long, double-track tunnel that is made of Plexiglas, with reinforced concrete and steel. This little engine will be powered by a system of automatic cable propulsion. It has rubber wheels that effectively minimize noise production. This noiseless train actually serves two main purposes. It helps in transferring hotel guests to the underwater station from the land station and vice versa. Another purpose that the train serves is to transfer supplies to the Underwater Hotel. Supplies are packed on the land station and transferred to the underwater station so that it takes up a small place to store under there. While transferring, the guests are provided with a nice all in one view of the surrounding marine world. Once you check-in the hotel, it is the responsibility of the hotel to move you around the place.

The Fishes Around

Another attraction of such a hotel is that you can watch the fishes all the time around your suit. You can lie down on your bed or couch and be visited by the fishes. With a glass wall separating you from the water, you can have a clear view of the underwater life. It can be a really good experience that may change your life forever. In the morning, you can be greeted by the teeny tiny fishes. During the daytime, you can be peeped through by some really inquisitive fishes who may be wondering who you are in their home. At the dusk, the golden hue of the water can make you retrospective and shake you out of every negative emotion of your life. After spending some time with the family of fish one may tend to forget about the world up!

Other marine life forms around you

Oceans cover almost two-thirds of the surface of the earth, and they are full of different kinds of life forms. You may be amazed to find out the huge number of flora and fauna found under the sea. Not only fish, but you might also be welcomed by many colorful organisms, such as sea horses, octopuses, huge jellyfishes, or tortoises. If you are lucky enough a school of smiling black triggerfish may pass your hotel room and say “hello” to you a couple of times during your stay. You can observe beautiful corals, sea urchins around you as well. This plethora of exciting experiences will definitely blow your mind and make you want to lengthen your stay. This feeling of oneness with these sea creatures, from which you are actually far away in your daily life, might charge you up with the feeling of unity.

Underwater hotel at night

The most amazing thing that you can experience at an underwater hotel is the beauty of the ocean at night. However, a night stay can set you back thousands of dollar per night. But, to tell the truth, it is totally worth. After a long time, when you will look back to your life, you may as well count it as one of your life experiences. These hotels are not providing you just a hotel room to stay for the night but an experience that only a few can share. It is a place where you can sleep with the fishes while lying down in your luxurious bedroom on thousand-thread-count bed sheets and other amenities of a five-star hotel. The nights are amazing under the surface.

You can enjoy the fathomless dark of the surrounding sea dotted with tiny night lamps of your room. If you are not so much a quiet person, you can head to the bar that is a few steps away from the bedroom. Or, you can enjoy the mysterious view of the night ocean in the spa room with the smell and magic of oriental massage oils. You can have your food delivered to your hotel room or you can go out with your partner and socialize over a good plate of seafood at the restaurant. An Underwater Hotel is a perfect place for you to spend a memorable night with your partner. It is romantic, charming, and hello, exciting. And, to spend the night is going an extra mile!

The coolest hotel ever

Now, you can be the star of your own underwater film as you have the chance to do so with these underwater hotels rising to business. It might go without saying, that it is the new tablecloth linens that is being more and more popular with tourists from all over the world. So, if you are one of those people who want to fill up their lives with more adventures, go and book a suit for yourself. It is a wonderful experience as you explore the depths of the ocean, witness the coral reefs by dark night and savor the beauty of the dark blue water around your hotel.

Costs of staying at underwater hotels

It cost a little high to be a guest of an under ocean hotel. The expense may vary from hotels to hotels as the services vary. However, the general worth is around 50,000 to 250,000 dollars per night. Otherwise, they offer you multiple packages to suit your needs. New hotels are opening every day. The cost maybe a little less when there is more availability of this kind of hotel.

While reading, you may have been thinking of immediately grabbing a ticket and jump into booking a suit for you. But where should you get one? To speak about hotels abroad, there are hotels underwater in various places in the USA you can enjoy.

Underwater Hotel USA

The USA has always been a thriving tourist attraction for many decades. New tourist places are coming up every season with a bunch of new exciting experiences. One of the many such newfound attractions is underwater hotel in the USA. The most renowned name in this genre is Jules’s Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida. It is the first underwater hotel in the United States of America. Located thirty meters under the surface of the sea, this hotel welcomes the guests with the heartiest greetings. In order to get to the rooms, the guests have to scuba dive. Yes fellas! It is this much excitement.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, Florida is another name in this realm. It has a twelve room property under the ocean at the depth of twenty-four to thirty meters.  The purpose of their business venture is to make people aware of the endangered life under the sea, to sensitize people about the beautiful world of sea animals, and to make them aware of the necessity to protect them from the ravishing grasp of technology.

Underwater hotel Maldives

The Muraka villa is the underwater lodging in the Maldives that offers you an experience for life. The sunken retreat is equipped with a bar, restaurant, gym, and of a course infinity pool. The top floor of the villa reaches up to the surface of the water, which offers the guests a lavish area for relaxation, unwinding, and tanning. The suits of elaborate beauty do cost an astounding fifty thousand dollars per night. However, other packages are available for the varying needs of different guests.

Per Aquum Huvafen Fushi, Maldives is another pioneer hotel of the area that offers a luxurious stay underwater. It is located under a wonderful clear green lagoon where you can have a relaxed stay. It has the first underwater treatment rooms of the world. The softness of the beds of the rooms evokes the tactile experience of the colorful corals and the soft music of the water flow. Moreover, the tropical fishes with their colorful skins add to the color palate of the underwater world.

Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives has the world’s first club cum hotel. The Niyama resort is located five hundred meters out in the ocean and twenty feet below the surface of the water. You can enjoy anything down there, from champagne breakfast, intimate lunches, wine tasting to wedding parties and many more. Or you can dance your tension away in the incredible water club that Per Aquum Niyama offers. In every way, the depths of the Indian Ocean refuse to disappoint you.

Maldives underwater hotel booking

Now, with everyone looking for spending a night at these mind-blowing hotels, it would be a safer way to get a booking for you beforehand. To get a booking you may like to call or send an e-mail to the respective hotels of your choice. At first, you have to make sure that they have rooms on the dates you are planning to visit.

You may ask the cost for your particular package. You should also ask to get informed if there are any hidden charges except the package fee. It is also necessary for the hotels to know your food preference to provide you a perfect service during your stay. So, you may inform them if you are vegan or non-vegan, drinker or non-drinker or anything for the matter. After all the preliminary formalities, you may get the paperwork for your booking and wait for your life-changing experience.

We know only about a small part of the universe. And, we have seen even smaller. It is really surprising to introspect about the huge unknown that we have never come across in our life. To go and live among the fishes is also a part of that unknown realm. So, why don’t you give it a go?

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