Angelina Jolie Net Worth and How She Remains ‘Unbroken’

angelina jolie net worth

All the 90’s kids out there would be able to recognize the amazing woman. So, this particular section is going to deal with the moment we say ‘crush’. That’s right; this actress has been ruling everyone’s heart with her mesmerizing looks and acting skills, and the Hollywood industry for over two decades now. The woman is none than Angelina Jolie. This section, therefore, deals with Angelina Jolie Net Worth, her early life, career and everything else one would love to know about her.

About Angelina Jolie

The winner of three Golden Globe awards and an Academy Award, Angelina Jolie Voight is not just a worldwide famous American actress but also a producer, filmmaker, and humanitarian. The former wife of the famous actor Brad Pitt was born on June 4, 1975, in Los Angeles, California. For the fact that both her parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand were actors, Jolie started her career in acting at a very early age.

She has been declared the highest-paid actress several times and is known for her mesmerizing beauty and sharp acting skills. What everyone therefore wonders is her net worth. As of 2019, Angelina Jolie net worth is a whopping $100 million roughly.

The mother of six, at the age of 44 continues to woo the audiences by her breathtaking performances. Not just that, she also vows to give a meaningful contribution to the world cinema by her directorial ventures. Along with this, she is also an active humanitarian. With finding success at all the ventures she touches, Angelina Jolie is one of the top names in Hollywood.

Angeline Jolie Net Worth

An Insight to the Early life of Angelina Jolie

The roots of the acting of Jolie came from her parents. Her father, the veteran actor Jon Voight is too a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award holder and a renowned actor. Needless to mention, she grew up witnessing the traits of being a superstar. However, it was not her father’s stardom that inspired her to act but her mother’s films that she used to watch while growing up.

When one starts to think about Angelina Jolie net worth 2019 Forbes, one needs to start from the start of her career. The ticket of her to enter Hollywood was much easier than others, considering the fact that she was a star kid. Jolie made her debut with the movie ‘Lookin’ to Get Out’ in 1982. Here she performed as a child artist alongside her father, at the age of just five.

It was after years that she made up her mind of pursuing a career in acting and enrolled herself in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Before this, she studied at New York University. Although one might think that being a star kid, here career was easy, it wasn’t really a piece of cake. Jolie had to undergo a lot of mental and emotional breakdown following the separation of her parents when she was just a year old.

An Insight to the Career of Angelina Jolie

When one talks about Angelina Jolie net worth, it is important to have to dig deep into the graph of her career. It was after a decade in 1993 that Jolie returned to the silver screen with the movie Cyborg 2. She rose to fame with the films ‘Gia’ and ‘Girl, Interrupted’ which gained her international recognition. Although Jolie had the role of a supporting actress, she received a huge appreciation of the critics. She bagged several awards like the Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild award, etc.

Jolie established herself as a leading actress with the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001.  It was from here that Angelina Jolie net worth started to take a hike. After this, it was just uphill in Jolie’s career. Jolie appeared in an array of films like ‘Wanted’, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, ‘A Mighty Heart’, ‘First They Killed My Father’, ‘The Tourist’, ‘Kung Fu Panda’, ‘Maleficent’ and numerous others.

Apart from the movies she has appeared as an actress, there are also films where she worked as a Director as well. The movies directed by her are ‘By the Sea’, ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’, ‘Unbroken’, ‘A Place in Time’, ‘First They Killed My Father’ etc.

An Insight to the Directorial Ventures of Jolie

The movies directed by Angelina Jolie drew their inspiration from real-life incidents and therefore had the touch of reality. Starting from the real-life story adapted from the Second World War, the Bosnian conflict, to narrating her own emotions and phase of depression through her directions, Jolie always contributed meaningfully to the World cinema.

Angelina Jolie and ‘By the Sea’

Angelina Jolie’s directorial venture, ‘By the Sea’ wasn’t just a movie for her but a way through which she portrayed her mental trauma and emotions out. Jolie wrote, directed and produced this film.

As per some reports Jolie dedicated the film in the honor of her mother. After her parents’ separation, Jolie and her brother lived with their mother. It was from her that she drew her inspiration for acting. The movie deals with the trauma and depression she had faced after her death in 2007.

The movie also cast her former husband Brad Pitt. Jolie stated that this movie was also a way of her to revive the declining marriage they were having at that point. However, although the movie failed to save the marriage and they announced their divorce within a year of the release of the movie, it became immortalized. Brad Pitt net worth 2019 is $300 million.

An Insight to the Personal Life of Angelina Jolie

The personal life of Angelina Jolie was never so personal after all for the fact that it was always the talk of the town. Since a very young age, Jolie has had serious relationships which her mother was quite okay about. In 1996, Jolie created headlines by marrying her ‘Hackers’ co-star the British actor Jonny Lee Miller. However, they divorced in the year 1999. The following year in 2000, Jolie got hitched to Billy Bob Thornton. Jolie, however, got separated from Thornton too in the year 2003.

While these marriages and the other relationships of Jolie never failed to create headlines, what really made her personal life the center of attention and media’s favorite subject was her association with Brad Pitt. They met on the sets of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and fell in love. This created a huge buzz amongst the people since Pitt was married to the ‘Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston at that point. ‘Brangelina’ as coined by the media became the favorite topic of the media after that.

The ‘everyone’s sought for’ couple went on to have six children. Amongst them, three were adopted and the other three were biological. Brangelina finally announced their engagement in the year 2014. However, by breaking every fan’s heart they announced their separation in the year 2016, putting an end to their twelve-year long relationship. The court accepted their pledge for divorce in the year 2019. Brad Pitt net worth 2019 is an amazing $300 million.

Jolie has always been vocal about her personal choices. When she was asked about her feelings towards the model and actress Jenny Shimizu, she openly confessed about her bi-sexuality and feelings towards her.

Angelina Jolie Net Worth

Like mentioned, Angelina Jolie net worth 2019 Forbes is a whopping $100 million dollars as of 2019. Her net worth maximum comes from the money she has earned through her 20-year career as an actor. Apart from this, she also makes money by producing films, endorsing in brands, collaborating with Netflix.

Acting in Movies:

Angelina Jolie net worth is mainly due to her acting in the films. She was declared one of the highest paid actors several times. As of yet, she was paid the highest for her role in the movie ‘Maleficent’ where she charged $33 million. Apart from this, some of her other movies that took the box office by the storm are ‘Kung Fu Panda’, ‘Lara Croft: Tom Raider’, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’, ‘Interrupted’ and many more.

Brand Endorsements:

Angelina Jolie has endorsed several brands in the span of her career till date. Some of the brands that she has modeled for include MAC cosmetics, St. John, Louis Vuitton, etc. Two of the major brands that she endorsed for were Louis Vuitton where she had a deal of $10 million and St. John where she had a deal of $12 million.

Netflix Collaboration:

Angelina Jolie net worth was also hugely affected after her collaboration with Netflix for the drama, ‘First They Killed My Father’. This drama helped Jolie earn almost $22 million.

Producing Movies:

The production house of Angelina Jolie is referred to as Jolie Pas. Angelina Jolie net worth has also faced an increase due to the massive hits delivered by the production house. Some of the hits delivered by the house are By the Sea, Maleficent, and Unbroken, etc.

Real Estate Owned:

There are several real estate investments done by Angelina Jolie worldwide. This also majorly affects her and Brad Pitt net worth since they share the ownership of some properties. Some of real estate’s owned by her are:

  • The actress owns a $24 million property in Los Feliz which was previously owned by Cecil B. Demille. This investment was mainly to mark her tribute towards his contribution to the cinema.
  • The couple jointly owned a property in New Orleans. During their separation, they sold the property off for $5 million. The key attraction of the house was the architecture.
  • Chateau Miraval is another property jointly owned by her and Brad Pitt. The cost of the mansion is $60 million.
  • The actress owns a massive property in Cambodia. She gifted this property to her first son Maddox.
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also jointly own a property in Valpolicella in Italy.
  • The couple also jointly owns a house in London which they purchased in the year 2012. Angelina Jolie is reported to own a larger share of the $16.18 million property called Whornes Palace mansion.

Angelina Jolie: How she spends her money

Now that everyone is aware of the huge wealth owned by the gorgeous, what everyone must be wondering next is what she does with all the money.

Although Angelina Jolie has a pretty impressive net worth, she is reported to be extremely particular about how she spends her money. Here’s how she spends her wealth:

  • Owning a Private Jet: Like most celebrities, Jolie too owns a private jet so she can travel around freely. However, what most people do not know is that sometimes she flies it by herself. The cost of the private jet, Cirrus SR22 is $334,700.
  • Her Kids: Angelina does not care about any particular budget or boundaries while spending money on her kids. She ensures they have the best education and their part of the fun.
  • Shoes and Clothing: Being the woman that she is, it is quite obvious for her to spend a hefty amount of shoes and clothes. The most expensive clothes owned by her as of now is the emerald fitted she gracefully carried at the Oscars. It cost her a million dollars.
  • Art collection: One amongst the couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s several purchases included great pieces of art. The couple was known to have quite an eye-catching art collection which they were quite proud of.
  • Herself: considering the hectic life she lives of an actress, humanitarian, director, producer and a single mother, it is important for her to take breaks for herself. Her favorite place to release all her tensions is at the Sukantara Spa in
  • Spending on Under-privileged people: Known for her humanitarian works, people are aware of how many Jolie spends to ensure that the underprivileged people have enough.

Final thoughts

A large part of the career and Angelina Jolie net worth 2019 Forbes can be credited to her parents for the fact that they were huge stars themselves. However, one cannot completely overlook the struggles Angelina Jolie had to go through in the time span of her career both emotionally and professionally. Apart from her net worth which is expected to rise with time, she is an amazing personality the whole world treasures.


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