Learn How To Roll A Swisher For The Best Results


The first step is to hollow out the cigar by splitting it open without damaging it. You can use your fingers or a blade. You might want to get a cigar blunt splitter which is specifically designed for this purpose. Please Note: if you are using a blunt wrap you can skip this step as the tobacco leaf is not filled with tobacco. 

If you will be using your fingers to split the cigar open, we recommend you start at the end with the mouthpiece and then slowly work your way down to the other end. If the cigar is really dry, this can be difficult to do without cracking the cigar’s outer side. To combat the dryness, do not breath on the cigar or lick it. To roll a swisher, wrap the cigar in a damp (not wet) paper towel for a few minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can place it in the microwave but you must stand guard and never leave it alone, you only need 3 or 5 seconds. Another alternative is to get a really sharp knife or a razor blade to split the cigar.

Whatever method you choose, the most important part is removing the tobacco from the cigar without damaging it.


If you are using a tobacco leaf and it’s really dry, you can lick it until it is more pliable. Better yet, press a damp paper towel to the leaf for a few seconds at a time until it’s more pliable. Keep in mind, having moisture in the leaf will make it so much easier to roll. Next, take an empty tobacco leaf rolling paper that is ready to be filled with marijuana.

Grind Your Marijuana:

You need to get your favourite strain and grind it up. Keep in mind, a fine grind is really important to get the best results for a slow-burning blunt with a smooth draw. We often use a grinder card placed over a smell-proof container. It makes it so much easier to grind the flower and then just pour it directly into the leaf. We strongly recommend if you do not have a grinder, shop online to find one, especially if you consume cannabis or hemp on a regular basis.

 For more information about grinding please. In our experience, to roll a swisher does not need a crutch but you can always add one.

Now Arrange Your Bud For Rolling:

As opposite to coned, blunts should be rolled straight. Then evenly arrange the ground bud in the trough of the blunt or wrap and make sure it’s smooth for even burning and it will be much easier to roll.

An uneven distribution will make rolling the blunt straight very difficult to achieve. Take your time to ensure you have a really straight even roll. The next step will decide if your rolling has been a great success or not.

The next step is to slowly and carefully roll the ground cannabis into your cylindrical tube. Do Not focus on just one section of the blunt, if you do, the whole thing could fall apart on you. Try to stay focused on the whole picture not just sections. It will make the whole process so much easier to reach the final step with great success. For more information, check out our Rolling Guide.

Now For The Lick And Tuck:

You can start at the mouthpiece or in the middle of the blunt, it’s your choice. If you choose the mouthpiece, give it an extra lick and stick it down while working your way to the other end that will be lit.

If you prefer to start in the middle, lay down the middle third of the blunt and then work your way outward toward each end. 

Finally, Seal & Dry:

Now down to the final wire! Once your blunt is sealed you can use a lighter to dry it out, getting rid of any moisture left behind from licking and sticking. Once the blunt is sealed, apply heat to help it hold its shape. Now you know how to roll a swisher that will be the envy of all!

As you can probably see, it takes several items to roll a good, slow-burning blunt. If you will be rolling blunts ahead of time, make sure they are protected because they can be easily broken in transportation. We advise you to place your blunt and rolling supplies in a discreet smell-proof container or case to avoid any embarrassing moments when you run into the family!

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