Top 10 Best Sea Salt Spray For Men You Must Not Miss Out!

best sea salt spray

Did you ever notice how voluminous and glossy your thatch looks after you spend a day bathing in the sea? Yes, you have tanned a little, and albeit there’s sand at awkward places – but your frizzy curls have suddenly turned into delicate ringlets while your straight-back hair seems like it got a matte salon finish! The magic potion is sea salt. In this article, you will get a list of the best sea salt spray for men. That’s not all! You will also get an idea about how to use sea salt spray and some key factors in choosing the right product.

Here’s a listing of the details for you –

Which is the best sea salt spray for men in the market?

As you already know, sea salt spray is a pre-styler that mimics the texture that natural seawater brings to your hair. These sprays use sea salt to give texture and volume to your hair in between washes. Overall, it not only texturises and hydrates your hair but also adds volume, giving an authentic beachy look to your mane.

With too many positives to boast of, it is time for you to pick the best sea salt spray for men from this list.

1. Horace Texturising Hair Styling Spray 

Image Credit: Ape To Gentleman

Horace has been a name that many have attached to the most premium of products for decades together. Coming from the French domain, this sea salt spray is infused with a blending of – glycerin, panthenol and acacia extracts.

You can simply apply it, get the sleek look and wash over the residue – do to it again!

2. Sachajuan Ocean Mist 

Image Credit: Sachajuan

Another name in the list of best sea salt spray for men, this Sachajuan mist is part of the larger ocean mist products that are categorically curated to give a lightweight volume to the hair. Free from mineral oil, this ocean mist is weightless but manages to nourish your hair deeply with a single application.

One of the most-opted pre-stylers, this looks good even when kept overnight.

3. Murdock London Sea Salt Spray

best seasalt spray for men
Image Credit: Esquire

Pick out any of the best sea salt spray for men listicles, and there’s no chance you will not find this name! Curated by the traditional London-based barber, this premium product has a blend of citrus and botanical extracts.

Having a refreshing scent (combining different varieties of orange, lemon and grapefruit), this gives a matte-like finish to your hair and hydrates it without leaving it down.

Free from any synthetic dyes, parabens or sulphates – this sea salt spray is blended with natural oils that benefit the hair texture.

4. Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray

bumble bumble
Image Credit: GQ Magazine

You have seen a whole list of sea salt sprays that would make your hair shine. What if you want something extra? For that, comes this surf foam spray from the house of Bumble and Bumble that is a combo of sea salt spray and mousse. Coming from the legendary salon of New York, this spray categorically gives you a matte finish while the seaweed extract hydrates your hair.

One of the most affordable styling solutions, this spray with additionals of algae and sea kelp extracts – is perfect to set your hair. Spray it on your dry hair and set the grit to look ‘right out of the shore.’

5. Bulldog Original Styling Salt Spray

Image Credit: Ape To Gentleman

Though not many would reckon with this brand, but experts more than often refer to this when looking for a lightweight product. Made from natural ingredients and Mediterranean sea salt, this has been clinically approved from multiple sources.

6. Davines Sea Salt Spray

Image Credit: Ape To Gentleman

Capri has some of the best beaches in the world. So, what? Well, who said if you are not visiting one, you cannot get the look? One of the best sea salt spray for men the Davines spray is curated with an Italian formula to particularly absorb oil from your hair and add some voluminous layers to your thatch.

One of the most sustainable hair products made of organic elements, this spray gives that perfect curls to your hair, ensuring that you get the perfect beach look – albeit miles await from the sands!

7. Baxter of California Clay Effect Spray

seasalt spray
Image Credit: Esquire



Providing the perfect hold to your hair and enriched with the positives of jojoba oil, this salt spray suits every hair type and gives the perfect matte look. Looking for a quick move over? This is a great option!

8. Brickell Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Image Credit: The Manual

This is one that may be called the powerhouse of salt sprays! With a range of products such as – hydrolyzed proteins, Vitamin E, and surely sea salt, this texturizing salt spray thickens your hair, and provides a perfect set of waves for your hair.

Apart from styling your hair, it also helps to strengthen your hair follicles – ensuring better hair quality in the long run.

9. Sun Beam Sea Spray

Image Credit: The Manual

Coming second last in this listicle of best sea salt spray for men – this spray is suitable for every tress, from straight to curly. Formated with UV rays to protect your hair, this is enabled with a humidity-proof formula, thereby lessening the amount of frizz in your hair.

Even if you have thin hair, an issue that most sprays do not deal with – this product is infused with seaweed, sea kelp, and Hawaiian black lava sea salt that adds the perfect texture to your hair.

10. BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray

byrd salt spray
Image Credit: MensHealth

Want to look like a surfer just out of the sea? Then, let the coconut formula and scent combo enriched with Vitamin B5, sea buckthorn and quinoa do the required magic for your hair. Developed specifically by surfing experts, this surf spray acts as a reparative agent and protects your locks from UV rays.

This surf spray is free of phthalates, parabens and sulphates, provides the ultimate gloss to your dome and keeps your hair hydrated.

Why has it garnered such popularity?

Though initially, the make-up artists would use natural sea water to give a sleek look to the hair, especially on-location, the advent of sprays has made things easier. This spray gives the hair a grittier and surfer texture, allowing a better base for styling hair. As a lighter alternative to pomade or clay, this is a pre-styler, especially for humid days. Rather than fluffy hair, this sea salt-laden one has been making the rounds recently.

How to use it correctly?

You might have the best sea salt spray for men in your hands, but you must know how to use it correctly for the best results. There are multiple ways to use it –

  • You can directly spray it on damp hair before you go in for a second styler.
  • If you want a lightweight texture in your hair, you could spray it and then blow dry your hair.
  • For best results (according to some experts), you could very well spray this product on basic towel-dried hair. Target the end and middle portions of the hair.
  • If you have fine hair, using this product sparingly and in short bursts is better. Try to fix the hair with your hand to attain the desired shape.
  • Do you wish to highlight your flat roots? Wet your hair and spray near the scalp for amazing results.

Even if you have chosen the best sea salt spray for men, you must not use it regularly. Thrice a week is a maximum, else it will dry out your hair (as hydrating as it may claim to be).

How to choose the correct product?

When you plan to look for the best sea salt spray for men online, you are bound to be spoilt for choices. However, as an aware customer, you must remember the pitfalls of choosing the wrong product for your hair.

  • You will have to check your hair type first. From dry hair, to oily hair to hair with a wavy texture – there’s a product for every type. Which one is your hair type? It is best to consult a professional and do a patch test before opting for a product.
  • When looking for a sea-salt spray, also check the additional nutrition benefits it offers. Most of these sprays are packed with a wide range of hair-boosting nutrients that will nourish your tresses in the long run.

If you are in doubt, it is best to check the hydration levels of the concerned product and consult a professional before finalising.

Choose the product well

From the Sachajuan Mist to the texturising spray from Horace, you have checked out some of the best sea salt spray for men. Also, now that you know how much to use and which product to choose – one may assume you will do a good job picking the correct product. Did you find any ‘premium’ products missing from this list? You can always put forth the name in the comments section. For more products like this, keep browsing this website.


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