5 Signs That You’re Ignoring Your Intuition And Remedies To Try!

signs you're ignoring your intuition

Your gut feeling was telling you to stay away. There was a persistent headache. The knot in your stomach tightened. Yet, you went ahead, keeping aside your paranoia. Look what happened! There were too many signs that you’re ignoring your intuition – but you seem to have chosen to go ahead this way. Naturally, the mess that you are in now seems to be clearly a manifestation of all your blinding faith in yourself. Unfortunately, as good as it may be, it does not always help! 

As you slide down this article, you will get an insight into what truly intuition feels like, the signs that indicate that it’s your intuition speaking, how it originated within the brain, and discuss some tips that will help you better deal with it. Let’s get started – 

What does intuition actually feel like? 

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Let’s try explaining it in this way. Whenever you are making an important decision in life, anxiety will crop up. There will be a moment, or even moments, wherein you will have the ‘flight’ or ‘freeze’ attack. This is where the intuition kicks in. Intuition knows the answer and hence will not allow your brain to go into the ‘doubt’ mode. It expresses its opinions through various sensations in your body, which, if you ignore them, might be the signs that you’re ignoring your intuition.

It is something that you are born with. Intuition cannot be taught. It is a subtle nudge about something that may not seem correct rationally, but IT IS CORRECT. Also, those who are aware of it and have been working for years together on the basis of that will understand that, in most cases, this intuitive interjection turns out to be true. 

What are the signs that you’re ignoring your intuition? 

Getting to the actualities of the context – 

  1. You have a persistent ache in any body part 

pain in the body
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One of the biggest hints of your negating your intuition is – a resultant pain in any part of the body. The physical manifestation of the emotional lagging is a natural reaction. When you ignore your intuition, you are negating certain signs, which will hold back your feelings. For example, you want to express anger but cannot. Maybe you are not hungry, but you are constantly eating out of anxiety. In the first condition, your head will hurt, and in the second condition, you will have an upset stomach. 

  2. There are 2 voices fighting within you 

ignoring your intuition
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The constant mental tussle is one of the other signs that you’re ignoring your intuition. Your head has suddenly turned into a battlefield of voices – where one of them asks you to act upon a certain thing since it has happened last time as well, and this time you better deal with it. Another voice in your head will ask you to ignore the feeling and let it pass by as you stand quietly. If you are constantly mentally talking like this, it is time you change your perspective.  

  3. There is a bounty of feelings 

emotional overload
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If you have read the previous point, then you will be able to comprehend what this section will describe. When your mind has become a battlefield of voices, then there are a plethora of emotions that are rushing through. The two voices are battling; you don’t know which side to pick, and you feel powerless. If, in most cases, when you have to make a firm decision, you are faced with this scenario and are left in the lurch – then it is another of those perfect signs that you’re ignoring your intuition. To fight back your feelings and standing at the threshold of decisions without being able to make one is one of the worst positions to be in! 

  4. Your life requires constant validation 

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As you stand at a warring crossroads with no purpose in life, you seem to be constantly looking for validation and assurances from others. This attitude portrays crucial signs that you’re ignoring your intuition. Intuition, as you will get a better analysis in the latter part of this article, fuels from patterns – when you are unable to understand one, you seem to have a lack of control in your life. 

This results in you seeking assurances from others that you are on the correct path. Trust the experts! Apparently, this may seem like a breather. However, in the long run, outsiders will control your life if you keep following this path. Its time to hold back and hear your heart. 

  5. Physically and mentally – your life is chaotic 

chaotic life
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Another way for your body to show that you are constantly negating its intuitive signs is – by manifesting the unfulfilled feelings by creating havoc physically and emotionally. The first thing that will be affected is your circadian rhythm. With a topsy-turvy sleep routine, you will have an upset digestion system, an irregular menstrual cycle (for ladies), and if not treated correctly, even a chronic case of insomnia.  

Your mind will be affected as soon as you are in physical distress. When you ignore the intuitive signs for a brief period, your brain stops sending you the patterns. It so happens that even if there is a chain of events that has happened before, and you ought to analyze it, you will be unable to do so. This is because your brain, due to the constant ignoring, has stopped fetching the signals. 

Therefore, when your brain figures out signs that you’re ignoring your intuition, it starts functioning in a negative manner rather than in a positive way. 

How does it shape in your brain?

how the brain reacts
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As you have already understood as you are reading this article, intuition for different people works differently. Not everyone will have a headache. Neither will everyone face a moment of breathlessness. Hence, as a self-aware individual, it is crucial to know how this takes shape within your brain. 

One recent brain research by a noted awareness consultant has resulted in the discovery of a theory that includes the functioning of the subconscious and unconscious minds. He reveals that – when a person’s conscious mind is aware of certain information, then unintentionally, parts of that information are gathered in one’s subconscious or unconscious brain. It so happens that – the information that was supposedly for short-term memory now has been filed into the long-term memory of the individual’s brain. 

This further is stored as ‘patterns’ in the memory. When in the future, you come across similar patterns, the ‘intuition’ comes into play. If the brain finds that there are signs that you’re ignoring your intuition – then it in the long term, results in a deep trauma that does consistent harm in the long run. In fact, if not paid attention in the first place, the initial signs could become persistent trauma cycles.  

Therefore, medical practitioners advise that rather than negating the signs, it is better that you use them to steer clear of the potential threats. 

How do you use it for better guidance? 

You have gone through the listicle of signs that you’re ignoring your intuition. It is now time to bring about a change! So, rather than hitting back the intuition, how about training your mind to harness it in a better manner? Here are some steps that you may take to ensure that your mind will work in a positive direction and pick out the ‘signs’ well in advance rather than putting them away – 

Remedy 1 – Develop a habit of journaling 

writing diary
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It is not without reason that the biggest of minds ask you to journal your thoughts. When you specifically write down your feelings, fears, and a plethora of other emotions that you are feeling – without a doubt, it would help to clear your mind and focus on your current feelings. That would automatically lead you to listen to those ‘intuitive feelings’ and signs that you were ignoring in the past

What’s more? On doing the needful, you will be able to face your fears more confidently and, rather than reeling under them – will be able to take action on the same. 

Remedy 2 – Listen to your body 

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You were taught back in your childhood how the body is the temple, and its sensitivity can save you from a series of mishaps. Trust the experts – that is all true! One of the biggest signs that you’re ignoring your intuition is you are evoking a negative response from your body. Let’s try to analyze that – 

Say, for example – a co-worker with whom you have a normal professional relationship asked you for a house party (let’s not concentrate on the gender here). How did your body just react? Did you catch it? Was it a sudden glitch or maybe a twist in your stomach? Is the body saying a ‘no’ while you are trying to mouth a ‘yes?’ 

Well – it’s time to say no! Maybe you don’t have all the information, and that is why it is becoming complicated. Perhaps what you thought was a normal relationship is actually ‘not as normal as it may seem.’ 

The receptors of your body can determine that ‘glitch’ way before and, hence, appropriately react to provide you with a defense mechanism. You must listen to it rather than negating it. 

Remedy 3 – Meditate 

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Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your mind and body down and establish a stronger and deeper connection between them. By doing so, you will be able to sync your mind and body in the desired way and thereby follow those intuitive hints that you probably previously ignored. 

Remedy 4 – Start taking small decisions and stick by them vehemently 

take decisions and stick to it
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Lastly, taking the first step is the key to developing your intuition. To sharpen your response to the same, you must rely on your intuition (even for the smallest of things like picking a direction to drive home) and follow the same. The basic idea is to ‘honor’ your intuition and allow it to respond to your needs as frequently as possible. This will help you to prepare to check out the hints in a better way next time.  

Final thoughts 

If you have read this article consistently, one may assume that you have been able to grasp better the signs that you’re ignoring your intuition. Hence, taking the course of your life from here, how about you practice the exercises and steps mentioned above and seek the assistance of your intuition to guide you positively? When you follow the same, automatically, you will see that – the signs that initially would petrify you will now enable you to make calculated decisions. 

Also, in case you cannot harness the benefits correctly by yourself, you can always seek professional help. 

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