Issues With The iPhone XS

iPhone XS

Ever since Apple launched the first smart device, a lot of people assumed that they would eventually get boring and some other company would take over as the new pioneer for technology, but 12 years later, things have not turned out the way a lot of people expected. Apple has continued to be a leader in innovation and has continued to make some of the most unique products, and even if there were not unique entirely, there would be some features that would make the product still stand out well enough. Read on to find more details about the iPhone XS Issues in detail.

Everything Apple has released ranging from their smartphones to tablets to air pods, they have all been received well by the public, and Apple’s popularity has managed to stay even after so many other competitors and tech giants joined the game. The iPhone XS has been one of the recent smartphone models released by Apple, and it does have a host of great features.

The iPhone XS is known for some things including its bigger storage capacity, good display, improved camera, faster-detecting face ID, and a bunch of other things. The XS has been well received by the general public and it has managed to become a popular iPhone model. However, the iPhone XS is not without any faults. There have also been some iPhone XS Issues and complaints reported by users. In case you are considering getting an iPhone XS, you should familiarize yourself with these issues before making your decision. In case you happen to be an iPhone user experiencing these iPhone XS issues or if you are generally having trouble with your iPhone, we would strongly advise either taking your iPhone to an official Apple resource store or taking it to a phone repair shop. You can look into  and check out their list of phone repair services to have a better idea.

One thing you need to remember here is that Apple has discontinued selling the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS max since they introduced more improved variants like the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

One issue a bunch of iPhone XS users noticed was that their iPhone XS would not charge if it were off or if the screen was locked. This meant that people would have to unlock their screen or press the power button before the iPhone recognized the charging cable.  This of course created issues for a lot of people and this complaint did get a lot of attention. Apple did address this complaint and fixed it in their next software update. However, if you are still facing this issue, you should either go to an Apple center, or you should have your phone checked by a repair store to make sure that there are no hardware issues that might be affecting your phone’s charging.
Connectivity issues have also plagued the iPhone XS and a lot of users have complained about their iPhone having connectivity issues, especially when it comes to LTE technology and 5 GHz networks. This of course was leading to slower connectivity speeds. Apple did launch a software update to fix this issue, however, if you are still facing issues with connectivity, you should contact your data provider and see if there might be a fault on their end. In case the issue does not lie on their end, you should take your phone to a repair store and have them try to figure out what might be causing the problem.
One thing that is supposed to make the iPhone XS stand out especially is the A12 Bionic chip. This chip is new and is supposed to perform better than the A11 chip so you should be experiencing better performance speed, quicker processing, more energy efficiency, and a much better graphic performance. If you are not noticing any of these things happening in your iPhone XS, it would benefit you to go to a repair store and have them take a look at it and confirm whether or not your iPhone XS is working at optimal speed.
Face ID in the iPhone XS and XS Max has been improved significantly thanks to the true depth technology so your iPhone XS’s Face ID feature should be working a lot faster than previous iPhones. However, if your face ID system is not working for whatever reason, then your phone warrants professional attention. So if you are unable to set face ID or if your iPhone is not able to recognize your face ID, then this might be a problem that needs to be looked at by a professional.

If you are noticing problems in your iPhone XS’s performance, hardware, or anything, it will heavily benefit you to take your phone to a professional repair shop and have an expert look at it. If the problem can be fixed, you can continue using the same phone, if the issue cannot be resolved or are far too many, you will need to start considering replacement options.

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