Hotwife: why do women choose it and their husbands don’t mind at all?


It’s safe to say that all married women have fantasized about having sex with another man, not their husband, no matter how happy their marriage is. But only few of the wives allow these fantasies to come true. Many are even afraid to share such a fantasy with their husband. But there are couples in which the wife is the polygamous half of the couple and the husband allows her to have partners outside of marriage. Such women are called hotwife.

It’s time to discard the centuries-old stereotypes. Are women also polygamous or how do modern hotwives live?

This topic is as hot as cuckolding, and answers to all questions can be found in the modern community on the hotwife forum. Many wives do not allow their fantasy of sex with another partner to go beyond fantasy. And some make this fantasy come true and enjoy it with their spouse.

If either spouse has a cuckold or hotwife fantasy, then you should discuss it. Hotwife is a game for two, not a cheating wife in secret from her husband.

Hotwife can make family life better, but both spouses should participate in this. It is worth discussing, weighing the pros and cons and understanding what you specifically want.

Do you want to become a hotwife?

Perhaps you already have a sexual fantasy that you and your husband are planning your sex with another partner. Maybe your husband gets wildly turned on, knowing that you will have sex with other men, and he will know it.

Just visit the hotwife forum on this site. It’s a popular forum with a lot of real hotwives. First of all, you need to understand that this fetish is based on 2 aspects:

  • Trust in your couple.
  • Voluntary consent of both partners.

So what are the hotwife scenarios? In one variation, the husband observes or even joins in the wife’s sex with another partner. In another version, the hotwife goes on dates that she planned with her husband. And when she comes home she tells him how the date went, and can also do photos and videos for her husband.

Any couple or wife will benefit from visiting the hotwife forum

If you decide to diversify the sexual side of your couple, then it will be useful for both partners to read the hotwife forum. After all, the forum is a great place where you can find the answer to any request and ask the question that interests you personally.

A couple who wants to choose this fetish for a change should understand that in order to become a hotwife, you must first discuss with your husband the scenario that will be comfortable for both. This will allow you to discuss all the nuances in order to eliminate jealousy and possible negative consequences.

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