Most Haunted Places in America Not for the Faint Hearted

Most haunted places in America

America is not only notable for its advancement and striking landscape but also because of the home of many haunted places. Several news and reports state that whenever people come across to any of those places they feel a sudden breakdown.

The most haunted places in America mostly centered the abandoned houses, asylums, big halls, graveyards. These places are extremely thrilling and have lots of stories. The positive fact is that people often find unusual paranormal activities there, but the spirits do not cause any severe harm to visitors.

Most haunted places in America

Take a look at these haunted places-

1. Eastern State Penitentiary

Spirits are mostly attracted by solitary or abandoned places. They try to stay away from the man world. Thus, they choose the quiet and solitary destination to ground their living. One of the fine examples of isolated places is the Eastern State Penitenitenitiary. The dwellers of America and the people who expertise paranormal activities consider the place to be one of the most haunted places in America.

The place was the former residence of the prisoners. It was constructed back in 1829. Prisoners used to live there all alone. The punishments of the prisoners were extremely intense. Some of them died in the cells. In the current days, the spot has become one of the most popular tourist spots in America. The place receives hundreds of visitors each year. The visitors mostly regard the place is the terrors behind the walls.

The visitors have often felt strange ghostly activities although they did not receive any intense harm from the ghost world. The tourists only witness shadowy figures, foot tapings, and unusual laughter.

2. The Stanley hotel

The next in the list of most haunted places in America is the Stanley hotel. It was a whiskey bar that was built in 1909. But the post received fame after getting the tag of the haunted place. Stephen king’s famous book ‘The Shining’ was influenced by the paranormal activities in the Stanely hotel. Due to the ghostly sightings, strange happenings, the spot welcomes many visitors. The spot is famous for its mystifying piano melody, the mirth of a kid, etc. The place offers the visitors to undertake the night excursion of the haunted place.

3. Devil’s Tramping Ground

The name of the place is itself enchanting. The neighboring areas and the center of the spot are even more. The place mainly stood in the deep of the woods of North Carolina just as the set of ghost movies. You may get goosebumps after hearing the stories of the place. There is a particular spot which is barren. No plants grow there, in fact, not a single animal pass through the path.

There is a widely known reason behind this.  At that barren land, the devil appears there each night. Some people find exaggeration following the story, but the local dwellers are proof. They claim to witness red glowing eyes from a far distant. Moreover, to prove the devil’s existence, they have tried several methods. They accumulate their stuff at the barren spot and found scattered in the morning. Entering into the spot is strictly prohibited after sunset.

4. El Campo Santo Cemetery

The El Campo Santo Cemetery is well-known for being one of the most haunted places in America. The cemetery was founded in 1849 and is the funeral land of around 450 people. The place was safe until a pavement was constructed amidst the place. The path stands above almost 18 graves. The ghostly troubles started raising here.

Visitors who travel through the path have faced lots of troubles. According to the reports, visitors face difficulties to restart their cars. Sometimes they witness shadowy figures in the street. Not only have the car riders, but the pedestrians have also caught glances of some of these unusual sights as well. To mention a few, they often observe chilly wind behind their neck, floating abstract figures, etc.

5. Iroquois Theatre

In the list of the most haunted places in America, the name of Iroquois Theatre is well known. The place was completely fine until the deadliest thing happened to it. In spite of creating every means of making it fireproof, the theatre caught fire. The fire gulped the entire hall which took the lives of around 600 people. After that, the place has been marked as a haunted territory.

The most ghost-encountered spot of the place is the narrow ways at the back of the theatre. People call these narrow paths as ‘Death Alley’. Visitors who walk by the area have experienced several intense ghostly activities. According to their statement, you may feel like someone is behind you. You can also feel the touch of the unseen. Some abnormal abstract figures have been captured in photos.

6. Menger Hotel

The hotel stands at San Antonio from the Victorian era. The construction of the hotel was completed in 1859. Several reports state the fact the hotel is the origin of almost 30 spirits.  The most dangerous part about the place is that the spirits are not at all harmless. Several reports about the spot state the fact that these spirits have intensely attacked the people. The hotel is gradually getting isolated due to several ghostly activities. The apparitions of ghostly figures are seen walking across the hallways.

There are several instances of the deadly attack of the ghosts. Once a maid named Shally used to work at the hotel. She was brutally attacked by a spirit and died after a few days. Now, often Shally is seen at the hallways and stairs of the hotel. The place is strictly in the list of the most haunted places in America.

7. The house of William Kehoe

In the top mentioned list of the most haunted places, the name of the William Kehoe house is worth mentioning. The place tells many scary real incidents. Several ghost story movies get their plot from this real incident. The mansion was built in 1892 by the Kehoe family. But soon after their shifting, the building was covered with terror. All of the members of the family gradually died. The first victim was the twin sons of Kehoe. After their tragic death, it is believed that the family still occupies the place. The place has now become an inn.

But, the ghostly activities never stopped. Those who have stayed in the inn have viewed apparitions of a child at the edge of the bed. Another activity that people often encounter is an automatic switching on and off of lights. Some of the visitors often felt someone is touching them.

In the room of 201 and 203, visitors often get the glance of the wife of William Kehoe. But, the favorable part is that the spirits are harmless. So you can trouble-freely excurse the place if you want to witness something mysterious.

8. The Whaley House

Situated in San Diego, the Whaley House is known as one of the most haunted places in America. The horrific past story of the place can make you panic-stricken. The place one of the haunted destinations following the suicide case of Violet Whaley and Yankee Jim Robinson. Whaley jumped from the second floor and Robinson hanged himself. The reason for their suicide is unknown.

But, after the suicide incident, the house experienced many unusual actions. Now it has become a popular haunted spot that welcomes several visitors. The psychic actions are so severe that the paranormal investigators took the investigation of the place. Famous America’s Most Haunted Travel channel took the investigation.

The experts were blown away by the apparitions of Whaley and Robinson. Apart from these two figures, the experts notice the presence of other spirits too. They end up in the conclusion that the other spirits might be the post residents after the death of the former owner. But the actual cause of their death is still unknown.

9. The Horton Grand hotel

San Diego is the home of the maximum spooky places in America. Number 9 in the list of scariest places in America is the Horton Grand hotel. Since its inception, the hotel is experiencing paranormal actions. Till now the actions continue. The worst cases occur in room no 309. Those who have stayed in the room have faced numerous frightening incidents. To mention, the shaking of the bed, flickering lights, footsteps, witnessing shadowy figures are quite normal. The experts have investigated mainly two spirits. One is of a gambler named Rodger and the other one is most probably of Ida Bailey. During the time of the investigation, these spirits tried to put a lot of barriers before them. After several deadly incidents, the room no 309 remains closed.

10. East Martello Fort

Based on the scary incidents of East Martello Fort, many ghost movies are directed. You may all have heard about the walking doll Robert. The incident began at Key West East Martello Fort. The doll belonged to a boy named Gene. He used to be very fond of the doll and the maximum time with it. The boy’s parents could hear unusual sounds from Gene’s bedroom. According to the sources, the parents heard Gene screaming. When they enter the room, they found the stuff of the room is scattered here and there. The only word that the terrified child uttered is that Robert did all the mishaps.

The second part of the story is scarier. Gene was so fond of his doll that he kept it eve in his adulthood. The spooky incidents never stopped happening. Over the years when the house was sold, the owner donated Robert. But, the amusing part is people could see Robert every night here and there. It has now become one of the most haunted places in America. For the past few years, the doll is kept under surveillance at East Martello Fort. Still now, the mishaps continue. Several reports state that whenever someone tries to capture Robert, their camera malfunctions. Even the workers of the fort discover the change in his position after each night.

11. The king’s Tavern

Another place that goes through several misleading regarding the paranormal activities is the King’s Tavern. The construction of the building was over by 1700s. The dwellers of the place consider it to be one of the oldest structures in the state.  People believe that the disturbing history of the hotel is the reason for the present mishaps.

The story flows in this way once a person named Richard King took ownership of the building. He later hired a young female as the waitress of the hotel and indulged in a love affair with her. His wife found out the truth and killed the girl. The name of the waiter is Madeline. It is said that the spirit of the girl now haunts the hotel.

The scariest part is that after a few years of the incidents, people of the surrounding local discover about 300 bodies from the chimney area.  The place has become one of the top haunted destinations of America. Visitors often flock to the place to feel some unusual happenings. After knowing the incidents, you might goosebumps.

According to the records, after visiting the place, many visitors suffer from a serious break down both mentally and physically. The investigators found out the presence of more than one spirit at the hotel. Visitors report to heard girl’s laughter, noises coming from a crying kid, shadowy figures and much more.

12. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Insane Asylums are one of the favorite spots of the spirits. Paranormal experts have found out the fact that about half of the insane asylums catch several mysterious events that have no explanations. One such place is the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston. Due to poor infrastructure, the asylum stopped receiving patients and gradually it was completely abandoned after 1994.

The place has become a top example of the most haunted places in America. Reports state that the asylum is now the residence of the several spirits of the patients who died in the asylum. The spots now welcome several visitors to encounter the ghostly incidents. Visitors have felt the touch of unseen. Some even felt a chilled breath behind their back.

These are some spookiest places in America. Apart from all these, several other spots in America witness ghostly appearance.

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