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The domain of digital marketing is extremely dynamic. Trends, methods and techniques are ever changing. The biggest challenge for any successful online marketer is to stay updated. Gone are the days of doorstep or manual marketing. It is very obvious that with upcoming digitization in every field, marketing too falls in the same line. The easiest way that you can become accustomed with these marketing strategies that are ruling the world is to go for an online marketing course with certificate

Digital marketing has literally become one of the trendiest fields. This is basically due to the varied applications and enormous success rate of digital marketing. When we are talking so much about online marketing, let us not skip the fact that individuals who are trained in online marketing with a certified course, are potent enough to get placed in well reputed companies. Online marketing has opened a whole new sector of job opportunities.

Why will you choose Online Marketing Courses with certificates?

If you want to build your career in marketing, then these online marketing courses with certificates are probably the best to build your profound career. So, today’s article is going to provide you all the information regarding the most popular and effective online marketing courses with certificates.

Under such circumstances it becomes essential to stay updated about the various online marketing courses with certificates, that can help you become a savvy Digi marketer.

First of all, you need to understand that who all can opt for such courses. If you are already in the field of marketing and want to upgrade yourself in pertinence to the modern ways of marketing, then you can definitely go for digital marketing

Google tops the list

We are in the age ruled by Google and there is absolutely no scope to deny this fact. So, it is a must to place the free online digital marketing courses with certificates by google, at the top of the list. Here is a complete list of the multidimensional online marketing courses provided by google. Initially there are two key facts that you must know as an intro to these courses. Firstly, most of these courses are absolutely free. The courses are extremely well planned and catered by the leading experts of google. Moreover, Google is the trendsetter in anything and everything that is digital, so who can do it better but Google.

So, let us check out the Google certification courses

Google digital unlocked

The course is called Google’s online marketing challenge or Google Digital Unlocked. There are multiple factors which draws a large number of people from across the globe to participate in this online course. First reason can be cited as the trustworthy position of google in the world of internet.

We cannot think our lives today without google, therefore in the competition of choice google always gets an upper hand. Most people choose google courses, because google is reliable, the best known and definitely the most famous. The brand image really plays the hero of the show in this case.

Secondly, the facilities and the quality of the course provided by google is by far the best in ranking. Once you complete the inline marketing course from google, you can unravel any corner related to digital marketing. The course involves appropriate training of individuals in a journey from amateurs to experts.

This is the basic course that is enriched with the basics that are mandatory for digital marketing. It gives you an insight to the huge scope of digital marketing. The skeleton of this course is the birds eye view of all the basic principles and key concepts of digital marketing. One of the fundamental inclusions in this course is the chart of vocabulary and modular terms for enriching your projects in digital marketing

The course is designed in the best possible way to give the students a real-life experience and exposure in the field of online marketing. The course curriculum covers all the basic and pro topics of online marketing like search engine marketing, social media marketing, usage and implementations of various tools like videos in these marketing procedures.


According to reviews, this is the best online marketing courses with certificate for novices. It gives you a fair idea about the basic introductory principles of digital marketing. The course is quite compact, in a moderate duration you can have a comprehensive yet profound idea of digital marketing. Analytics and advertising are the advanced themes of the course.

The regime of the course is tailored by weaving 26 different modules that scrutinizes all the aspects of digital marketing. The entire course is of around 40 hours. The course is conducted through online video tutorials. It has been specially designed by experts from google to make the concepts of digital marketing transparent and accessible.

At the end of the course, you will have to run an advertising campaign for a fixed short time span. This will be like an internship that you shall do under the umbrella of google. The preliminary object of this campaign will be to introduce the learner in the real competitive world of online marketing and put their potential to test.

Upon successful completion of all the tiers of the course, you will get a certificate by google. Needless to say, what is the importance of a google certified course certificate in your portfolio.

To put cherry on the cake, this google certification course is completely free of cost. All these amazing USP’s makes this course one of the best rated certified online digital marketing course.

On completion of the 26 modules, you will have to take up a test consisting of 40 questions. You will get your certificate only after you pass the test.

Ad Words fundamental course

Similarly, the ad word course will let you dive deep into the world of ads. Significance and strategies of various kinds of ads are an integral portion of the course curriculum.

At the end of the course you shall have a thorough idea about product related specificity in terms of ad designing. It also deals with variable strategies to be adapted in case of different modes of ads in respective media

The google ad world course is excellent for sensitization of ads. You will be able to streamline the kind of ads that will be potential for individual clients. This course will show you the new dawn in promotion. The techniques included will help to develop a targeting technique that will be tailor made for every individual client.

When you complete the course, you shall be able to understand about the personalized demand of every product and service and hence enrich the ads with precision that creates a solid pin point customer base.

Reaching out people through ads is the oldest technique in marketing world. Google is bringing renaissance in this field by assorting and segregating the technique of ad presentation for each kind of requirement. The course also includes at optimizing the visibility and accessibility of the ads by means of distinguishable extensions

You can definitely opt for this comprehensive course that is free of cost. The authenticity of the course is unquestionable as the guides are handpicked from google.

Google digital Garage

Online skill development by means of certified courses is being a sensation that too when offered by google. This description would be literally left incomplete if we do not talk about Google Digital Garage in this context. This course focusses on the online skill development.

This is a bit sophisticated in the basket of google certification courses. Here you have a line of options. You can opt for a skill that you want to. This is typically for people who have a more or less idea about digital marketing. Data and tech, digital marketing, career development are the three options that you have.

you can improve your skills in these avenues to give your business a solid boost. You can choose your own pace and own schedules for learning. On successful completion you will get a certified course certificate to flaunt I your CV.

When you attach such google certified course certificates in your LinkedIn profiles, your online business profile definitely gains an elevation.

Tools and best practice course

This is more or less a planning course.

For establishing a strong base in online marketing, understanding and comprehending the competitors in market is very important. You will learn about Marketing strategies for search engine optimization in this course.

A successful online marketing is completely dependent upon effective and utility-based designing of actions. Strategical planning and correct approach are necessities for successful establishment of online marketing.

Tools and best practices course as the name suggest is going to acquaint you with the best tools for online marketing such as keywords. You will also know the proper usage of Google planning tools. Proper keywords, arrangement of marketing can amplify the responses of marketing by two or three folds.

Merely knowing about the information will hardly help. So, it is utmost important that you k ow, how to use the strategies properly. This course lets you do that

Analytics course by Google

As a test is incomplete without results, similarly the whole idea of online marketing is incomplete if you do not get to know or understand the customer attention or trafficking generated through your marketing. The google analytics course is a gateway to this operation. On completion of this course, you shall be able to figure out the effects of your marketing campaign.

Google analytics and academy of ads in association with google offers similar free of cost online marketing courses with certification. The difference of these courses from the basic course by google is that they focus on exclusive arenas.

For example, google analytics course, by means of video tutorials, you are taught about the analytics and its importance in digital marketing. This course will make you an expert in using analytics to understand data. You shall be easily able to trace trafficking, consumer response and success rates of campaigns after you successfully finish the course. A certificate at the end of this free course is definitely an added advantage. To get the certificate you need to pass a test and score above 80 percent.

These were the major courses under the canopy of free online marketing courses with certificate by google There are lot of other courses offered by google.

  • Shopping advertising courses
  • Video advertising courses
  • Mobile advertising courses

Each of these courses will provide you with certificates to enrich your CVs.

What more to look out for

Not only google, but various other online marketing courses are also noteworthy in terms of impact and success rates. These include

  1. Skill share by Buffer is an important milestone course that introduces you to the basic and advanced whereabouts of social media marketing strategies
  2. Inbound marketing certification courses launched by HubSpot is probably the next most popular online marketing courses with certificates after the ones offered by google. Their effective methodologies in the world of online marketing are indeed benchmarks. Needless to say, it is highly prestigious and useful for any individual to get associated with this course.
  3. Facebook blueprint is also another amazing online marketing course with certificate for those who want to excel in social media marketing through Facebook. Facebook is a widely used social media platform and Facebook marketing is extremely potent.

Well the list is never ending. This article is just a glimpse into the vast world of online marketing course.


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