Why Shouldn’t You Appear at a Pre-Trial Hearing Without Your Attorney?

Appear Pre-Trial Without Attorney

If you face criminal charges and have an upcoming pre-trial hearing, you need to have an attorney to represent your case. Attending a pre-trial hearing without an attorney can worsen your case leading to prison time. You have the constitutional right to an attorney, and there are many benefits of hiring one, especially when you want to settle the case in the pre-trial arrangements.

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A pre-trial hearing is critical as it lays the foundation for your case and has an impact on its outcome. Prosecutors can do everything possible to get you to plead guilty. An attorney will represent you in the court and build a strategy that proves your innocence.

Pre-trial hearings typically do not require the client to be present until and unless you want to defend yourself. Either the case is resolved, or the case is prepared for trial at a pre-trial hearing. An attorney will take a proactive approach in preparing your case and secure the best possible resolution.

However, when you decide to appear at a pre-trial hearing without your attorney, you will have the following disadvantages.

  1. Lose the Opportunity to Settle the Case

Pre-trial hearings are important as there is a chance that the case will be resolved informally without going to court. This happens when there is not enough foundation for the case to proceed to a trial. Without an attorney, you will miss the opportunity to settle the case, which will go for a trial later. And that is why you should hire an attorney and not put your future at stake. A reliable attorney will work for a dismissal or a plea to a lesser charge, allowing you the opportunity to proceed with your everyday life.

  1. Lack of Legal Training

An attorney is a knowledgeable person who knows the ins and outs of the law. You may not be familiar with all of the legal procedures and are prone to making mistakes that could ruin your prospects. A lawyer has the special training to present a case in court and find out information and evidence to prove your case.

  1. Unable to File Motions

A pre-trial hearing requires a lot of preparations as the law process is complex. Without legal knowledge, you will not know when to file motions and how to structure them. An experienced attorney will take care of all the legal work and will file a motion to prevent certain evidence from being used at a trial.

  1. Unable to Properly Present Evidence

A pre-trial hearing consists of both prosecution and attorney presenting their case and evidence. A professional attorney will present your case and the necessary evidence for your case properly. The attorney will ensure that your interests are protected at the pre-trial hearing.

  1. Unable to Negotiate with Prosecutor

If you appear at your pre-trial hearing without an attorney, the prosecutor will not negotiate with you and is unlikely to listen to your legal arguments. An attorney can help you negotiate with prosecutors as they benefit from being in the profession over the years.

By choosing an attorney who is known for their competency and efficiency, the chances of negotiations become significant. Seeking the aid of a legal professional will help in reducing penalties and having plea bargains.

With a seasoned attorney representing you, not only will your prosecutor take you seriously, but you will have more options for the disposition of the case. This is why it is essential to choose a lawyer with experience who knows the court procedures and can handle them in the best possible way. Find a reliable attorney for your pre-trial hearing when you still have the chance to settle your case.






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