Documentation you need for a burn injury lawsuit

You are legally allowed to file a burn injury lawsuit if you were burned in a fire that you feel was caused by someone else's negligence, carelessness or malice. If you were renting an...

Can you recover from paralysis?

Paralysis is known as a medical condition in which a person has a muscle function loss in their body, which may also include loss of feeling in the part that has been affected. When...
truck drivers

Do young truck drivers have more accidents?

When a big truck gets in an accident there are often very serious injuries and people are killed. The size difference itself between a big truck and a standard automobile makes trucks dangerous. When...

Top 5 dangers on Alabama’s rural roads

For travelers on Alabama’s rural roads, statistics show that these highways and byways are consistently some of the most dangerous roads in the state.  When considering the dangers of traveling Alabama’s rural roads, it...

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