A Handy Guide To Define Eternal Love Meaning

eternal love meaning

Curious to know the eternal love meaning? Here is a friendly guide for you. If we see the literal meaning of eternal love, it is the love that never ends. No power or situation in this world can break the eternal bond two people share. Some people believe that their love will stay alive even after their demise. If you are wondering if eternal love exists? What makes the bond too strong to be ever broken down? To find all your answers on eternal love meaning, read this post until the end. 

All About True Love

Although everlasting love may sound like something out of a fantasy romance novel, it is a very real possibility. That is why so many famous books and films have been made about it. Eternal love is one of the most beautiful feelings in this entire universe. It can change the way you think and perceive life. To understand eternal love meaning, you have to feel it. 

How To Know If The True Love Really Exists? 

There are many skeptics on this topic. On the question of whether or not love is possible in the first place, there are several critics. Those people have never felt this emotion for another person because it is so obvious when you do. But, while love is genuine emotion and feeling, can you really love someone for the rest of your life? Or does our biological makeup and survival instinct get in the way from time to time? Which is stronger? Love or our DNA? Here are the answers to these complex questions.

For all of you folks out there who constantly wonder if love is a real feeling or just a made-up trick used to justify staying with someone for a long time to have a family, here’s why you’re wrong. Below are the points that support the existence of eternal love: 

1: There’s proof everywhere

Love happens everywhere, and you don’t have to be a scientist to see it. Love also doesn’t have to be romantic. You can feel and express your love for various people in your life in a variety of ways. You care deeply for your loved ones. You are devoted to your dogs. You adore your pastimes. Your significant other is someone you adore. These kinds of emotions can’t be faked, and they can’t be denied.

2: Science even says it’s real

That’s right. You can’t ignore the truth of science. The research was done on couples who had been together for 20 years and on couples who were newly in love. When showing pictures of their loved ones, the brain scans of each party were found to be similar. It just proves that love is real and can be present even after many, many years.

3: Love changes the chemical makeup of your brain

What other way to describe having such intense feelings for someone that your brain’s makeup is altered? That’s how: through love. Your frontal lobe, which is responsible for all of your decision-making abilities, simply shuts down when you are showing pictures of someone you love. You do throw all reason and logic out the window in the name of love! 

It has the same impact as taking cocaine when you form a bond with another. Both produce euphoria in the same way. Love activates 12 regions of the brain, causing a peak of euphoria in the senses, according to several studies. When you bond with someone of the opposite sex, the hormone oxytocin is released. How can you ever stop loving someone or get rid of their feelings when so much happens in your mind and body that makes you feel truly special? It is eternal. 

4: Love Is Addictive

Love is addictive because of the euphoric pleasure it brings to people. Couples in love have found themselves on cloud nine and can’t get enough of the feeling of love. Butterflies in the stomach are real, and they can be felt by couples in love. When you’re in love, you develop a habit of wanting to be with your partner all of the time. It transports you to a completely different universe.

5: Loss of the Sleep and Appetite

Other symptoms of love that you might experience in a relationship include loss of sleep and appetite. When you are freshly bonding with others, you release a lot of norepinephrine and dopamine. Happiness hormones, such as dopamine, can make you feel euphoric. They also cause major physical changes, such as insomnia and a loss of appetite. Sleep deprivation and loss of appetite aren’t just metaphors. Ask any couple in love; they’ll tell you. 

Will you ever stop loving anyone if you don’t feel hungry or sleep? It goes on and on!

6: Love Can Relieve the Pain

Love has the ability to alleviate pain. Being in your partner’s arms can be very calming. Even if you’re sad, a smile or cuddle from a loved one will help you forget about your problems and find relief. Intimacy between partners can be relaxing in a variety of ways. It will help you feel more confident if you keep your partner’s side. Even if you’re lonely, an image of your lover will bring you comfort in difficult times. The agony of separation, on the other hand, makes people wonder how you can ever stop loving someone. This magical effect of love makes it eternal. 

7: Broken Heart Syndrome

When you are separated from your lover, you may experience broken heart syndrome, which is not just a metaphor. Loss of love, physical separation, betrayal, or divorce can cause a lot of pain. Broken Heart Syndrome is the name for this disorder. The loss of loved ones makes the brain release certain chemicals that can weaken the heart and may cause shortness of breath or chest pain. It shows that love becomes an integral part of your body and soul. When true love happens, it lives for eternity. 

Things You Need To Know About Eternal Love

So we’ve decided that love is a genuine emotion that exists. But will the sensation last indefinitely? Is it possible that the traces of that love would remain even after both people have passed away? Here’s what you need to know about the nature of everlasting love.

1: It’s not a fairytale

As fantastic as all of those fairytale books sound, eternal love truly can exist in real life. Take the brain scan research mentioned above as just one prime example. 

2: It’s different from person to person

Eternal love isn’t an automatic thing that feels the same to everyone. Just like each person loves differently, each person also has different capabilities of feeling and finding eternal love meaning. Some people are inherently more capable of allowing everlasting love into their hearts than others. In certain cases, a person’s guard is so high that he or she avoids making some kind of connection out of fear of being hurt. However, this does not rule out the possibility of everlasting love for all.

3: Our DNA says that we can love multiple people

Our bodies have been conditioned to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of our species. This suggests that we need to be able to fall in love in order to replicate. And, since our race’s survival depends on our ability to replicate and create a large number of different beings, we will fall in love with many people over the course of our lives.

Given the above, it can seem that eternal love is impossible to achieve because we can fall in love with different people at any time. However, humans are special in that our willpower outweighs our impulses and genetic code, allowing us to MAKE ourselves only love one person and remain loyal to them for all eternity, which is the real meaning of everlasting love.

4: Eternal love is somewhat of a choice

As I previously said, our capacity to love only one person is determined by our willpower. Getting everlasting love, on the other hand, is a decision. Although we may not be able to choose or control who we fall in love with, we do have control over how long we love that person. We have the ability to love someone for the rest of our lives.

Final Words

This post explains eternal love meaning in true senses. If you do believe in eternal love, you can easily connect with this post. To get more posts on love and relationship, you can visit our blog section. 



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