Top 10 best music app for Android to check out in 2023!

best music app for Android

What does the best music app for Android promises you? A plethora of tracks, a range of million free songs, and no storage issues!! So, what’s the tricky part? Which service to pick? There are multiple streaming sites that claim to bring you the best services. But as you all know, not everything is worth your time or space in the Android you carry. Therefore, what are those apps you need to keep as they have proved to be the most worthy of your time?

This guide will give you a detailed idea of the available streaming services and the specific features associated with the same. Keep your ears to the ground; you might just get lucky and have a chance at a free subscription. Here are the apps worth investing in –

Which is the best music app for Android?

That’s up to you to decide when you will be done reading this write-up. Let’s simply curate the list for you –

1. Spotify

Recently, the company was in news for firing an employee who had themed her CV like a Spotify app within a couple of months. Though the piece of news was sad, the songs on the app weren’t! Despite strong competition from other music-streaming apps, this behemoth of an app has a catalog of 70 million+ songs for you to choose from.

This one-stop app has a catalog of tunes – both domestic and international, and podcasts, audiobooks, radio dramas, collab playlists, and poetry readings to boast of!

Though one may access most of the content free of cost – but if you want additional services such as downloading the songs, no adverts, HD audio, and streamlined service – you have to pay the price!

#If you are a fan of podcasts and become a premium member, check out Hideo Kojima’s Brain Structure. 

best music app for Android

2. Deezer

Giving strong competition to Spotify and making it second on the list – those looking out for the best music app for Android and not choosing Spotify could give this a try! It offers a library of 30,000+ trending music from classical to contemporary and without borders.

What differentiates it from other apps is – video content, podcasts, and live radio. This also comes with a Premium version, and you can upload your own MP3 tracks from the computer on this app.

3. SiriusXM Internet Radio

Do you belong to the radio-music-listening audience? Then you need to check out this app! It is a haven for live shows (inclusive of news, sports, and comedy) and also includes an hour-long buffer where you can rewind certain streamed shows for a specific set of channels.

Amidst the contenders for the numero uno place for live internet radio music, this stands at the topmost of the tier!

4. Tidal

If you blow candles from the age of Walkmans and CD players – Tidal is for you the best music app for Android. It categorically marks its standout presence for its lossless audio quality, a feature the app pioneered. Noted for its High Fidelity -music quality, this app, with its compelling features, is a package you cannot ignore.

Though it originated in 2009, within a short time, it fell behind. Today it has reached the topmost position, all thanks to Jay-Z and his coterie of singers rewinding the app in 2015.

#It has no ads, has more than 70 million songs, and allows you to import music from other apps.

5. YouTube Music

That’s a name everyone is familiar with and surely has logged into at least once if not checked out the others. This probably has been your choice of best music app for Android for a long time; let us update you a little more!

An extension of Google’s entertainment arm, the YouTube Music app is a premier service and holds a set of more than 40 million tracks and counting. Also, this app is unlike most of its competitors, allowing you to listen to the songs and catch the videos alongside.

If and when you get a subscription to this app, you will no longer be stamped with adverts in between and will get access to backdrop playback.

best music app for Android

#The best thing about this app is – it carries the set of songs you have liked over the years. In case, you plan to get into a nostalgic mood – this one’s the app for you! 

6. Idagio

Are you a lover of classical music across borders? Do you want an app that specifically dedicates itself to a range of them? Idagio is your humble friend. Boasting streaming services that focus solely on classical tunes, you can keep your ears stuck to the range of interviews and live concerts that this provides.

This also offers – exceptional searchability and offline downloads. But what is classic about this app is – its set of deals with Harmonia Mundi, Warner Classics, Sony Classica, and Grammophon.

7. iHeart Radio

What if you are an old-school music listener? Rather than streaming music, radio is your dear friend, and iHeart Radio is the best music app for Android for this. Focusing on radio services vis-a-vis general music allows you a chance to check out music from this domain – both local, domestic and international. In fact, it is an app that allows you to curate the listening process without any subscription.

On a freemium model, you will get to hear out multiple radio stations. When you get a subscription, you will be able to skip the songs and listen to on-demand – podcasts, sports, news content, and offline music. This app also lets you personalize playlists and create Artists’ stations.

8. Poweramp

This has been a go-to music player for many with its sleek-themed interface. Powerful and efficient as an app, this is powered with playback features such as – crossfade and gapless playback to boast of. Supporting 29 languages, this music app is drool-worthy, given that it has – stereo expansion, mono mixing, and a timer-setting option.

Apart from that – you can customize the settings with tag editing and widgets. If you need to – you may also download the lyrics.

9. MediaMonkey

Touted to be the best music app for Android – this helps to organize your media files according to multiple genres, composers, artists, and albums. Apart from the familiar range of positives, it also helps to sync your playlists and play history across the devices. The free version has a bookmark attached to it, along with the controlling feature from Home Screen and Lock Screen.

In case you are in the mood for podcasts and audiobooks, you can try connecting with this music app!

10. Apple Music

We would not be surprised if you thought that Apple Music would not make it to the list. But surprisingly, Apple has made Apple Music available and compatible with any Android device. Offering more than 100 million songs, it has playlists that can be curated for specific occasions, a chance to listen to offline music, and a Dolby atmosphere support system.

Ranking in the upper tier of streaming services, this music app has a chance to video stream and listen to live radio.

best music app for Android

Which one will you choose?

Well, that was us listing out the best music app for Android you could invest in. Before you make up your mind, it is best that you read this content again and cross-check with the Google reviews of the apps before finalizing one. If you want more updates on this or associated news like this – keep checking this website.



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