21 Questions Game to Know Each Other Better

21 Questions Game

Are you feeling bored and don’t know what to do in your free time? Just try out 21 questions game. The game is all about asking questions and giving answers to know someone else better. This blissful game makes the bonding between two persons, even more, stronger in a delightful way.

How To Play 21 Questions Game

You can find out three different ways to play this game to make it more interesting and amusing.

1. The Round And Round

The participants need to sit in a circular format or face to face in the case of two participants. When participant A selects a question, then the person just right to A have to give the answer. Then the next person in the sequence will give the answer and the process will continue until get back to A.

After completing the circular loop the person next to A will ask a question and follows the same method. Every participant will get two chances to skip certain questions if they don’t want to give the answer. This is one of the most popular methods to play 21 questions game.

2. The Classic Way

In this way, either someone volunteers or the group selects a random person who has to face 21 questions. The person who has been chosen can change the question 2 times if you want to avoid certain questions. To choose the next person after completion of questions there are several methods.

A participant can volunteer, the previous person can choose the next one, or the person can be chosen randomly.

3. The Ricochet

This could be another way to make the 21 questions game more interesting. In this method person, A asks a question to person B and everyone in the group can ask follow-up questions. Then B can ask questions to a person beside A and the process continues until everyone answered.

Here you should keep in mind that the same person can’t be asked twice.  Every participant has two passing options in case they don’t want an answer to certain questions. The last person who gave the answer can choose a new person to start a new round.

List Of Suitable Questions for 21 Questions Game

Here you can check out some interesting and tricky questions for 21 questions game and how you should answer them.

1. How many times do you bunk your classes in school life?

This is one of the popular and frequently asked questions in the list of the 21 questions game questions. While you are playing with your friends, or colleagues, or siblings you might face this question. Just give an honest answer and enjoy the game.

You can ask this particular question while playing with your schoolmates and recall the happy moments you had in your school. Those beautiful memories can give you the visualization of your childhood. You can recall the names of your teachers and how they punish you.

2. Who was your first crush?

Another very common question you can face or ask while playing in a group or with someone else. We all have curiosity regarding this question and normally ask someone on such occasions. You can ask this question to someone who you want to know closely.

This is an appropriate question in 21 questions game to an ask a girl especially if you have an interest in her. You can ask your sweetheart about what type of person she likes. This will bring you the opportunity to become close to your dream girl.

3. What is your dream destination for a vacation?

Well, this question is another popular and common in the list of 21 questions game questions. You can ask this question to him or her to know whether it is similar to your choice or not. If it is the same with your dream then you can plan a trip together.

4. What does your name mean?

This particular question is another frequently asked during 21 questions game. You can ask this type of question to a female or a male. This is a normal question that helps to judge someone’s personality.

While you playing this game with someone you meet for the first time, you can ask. This will help to know about the person more closely. Just observe how they describe their answer to you and you will know many things regarding that person.

5. Would you like to change something in me?

A boy can ask this question to someone who you want to know very closely. This question is a proper one you can place in 21 questions game to ask a girl. You can expect any kind of answer from a girl that helps you know about what she thinks about you.

This is applicable to the opposite case also where a girl can ask the same to a boy. If a girl likes someone and playing the game with him then she could ask this to him. It will bring her a little bit closer to her dream man.

6. Do you like yourself?

This question is very good if you really want to judge a person and him/her psychology. You can have a great idea after you know the answer from him or her. If a person likes himself or herself then he or she might have self-confidence.

But if someone says that he or she doesn’t like himself or herself then you should ask the reason. You can help someone if he or she is suffering from depression. It will strengthen the bonding between you two.

7. What type of girl do you like?

This is a question a girl can place during 21 questions game to ask a boy. If a girl is playing this game with the man she likes then it will help her a lot. She can get closer to that boy and start a good relationship. However, sometimes friends also ask this particular question while playing this game. You expect the same question while playing with siblings or cousins.

8. What was your age when you get drunk for the first time?

You can face such a question multiple times at the time of playing this game. While playing with your buddies it is a common question they ask. Just give your answer and see the reaction of your companions.

You can ask someone in the group the same question. He or she can share the memory and the incidents related to it. You will enjoy the answers you get from the people in your group.

9. What have you learned from your previous relationship?

In general, a  boy places this question during 21 questions game to ask a girl. Sometimes it could be opposite where a girl might ask this a to the boy. It will bring two people closer to each other and improve the relationship between them.

10. What was the place when you first saw each other?

If you are playing with a group where a couple takes participation then you can ask this question. This question used can ask during 21 questions game for the couple. It will be a good opportunity to know about their love story.

It will help you also to take good relationship advice from them. You can feel the presence of love between them and become a witness of their love.

11. What type of girls do you find attractive?

This question will be a good choice that a girl can ask during 21 questions game to ask a boy. Especially if she likes the boy who is in front of her and she has this opportunity. She can gather all the information about him and know her sweetheart more closely. It will bring her to one more step closer to the man she wants in her life.

12. Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

You might have faced such a question during an interview or another kind of serious discussion. Well, this is a good question to ask in a 21 questions game. Through this question, you can aware of the future placing of someone else.

These kinds of information can help you also in your future plannings. You can share your thoughts with other members of the group.

13. What makes you two perfect for each other?

This is a very ideal question you can ask during 21 questions game for the couple. This will create an opportunity to bring them closer. They can unfold the thoughts about each other freely which makes their bonding stronger than before.

You can also learn a lot of things from them. It will help in your relationship and improve your bonding with someone else.

14. What do you want to do for parents?

This is a very adorable question that you can ask during a 21 questions game and know the plannings. Every person could share their thoughts and dreams in this particular question. You can be in the limelight for asking this question.

This particular question creates an ambiance of emotion and love. Every participant should share a beautiful thought regarding this question.

15. Have you ever slapped, someone?

This is a very sarcastic typer question that people can ask in 21 questions game. This is a very common question that you can ask while you play this with buddies. It will be fun to hear the answers from your group members  and you can enjoy those.

16. Have you ever made a prank call?

Certain type of questions is very common and popular to enjoy the game and maintain a funny environment. If someone has any kind of experience regarding this then he or she can share the experience. Although you can spread awareness by asking this question during  21 questions game.

17. What present do you want for your next birthday?

If someone’s birthday is near then it will be an appropriate question to ask. It is a better idea to know someone’s wish in a clever way. You can arrange a surprise present on his or her birthday.

This will help you to grow the bonding with that person more strongly. It will be a good question to present in this particular game.

18. What is your favorite restaurant?

Normally you can ask this to your girl which will be an indirect indication for a date. Here you have the opportunity to convince a girl in a smart way. You can ask her for dinner in her favorite restaurant and she might not reject your proposal.

19. What is your dream job?

It might be some professional kind of question in this game but also a good question to ask. You can get useful information that will be helpful in your career also. Also, you can guide someone who shares his or her thought with you and can give good suggestions.

20. Who is your best friend?

Another good question that you should place during this game. You would able to know the story of friendship and why it is so important. You can share a story about your best friend and why your friendship is so strong.

21. What is the weirdest nickname you ever had in your life?

Well, this is another very jolly question that you could ask someone during this game. It will be fun to know the weird names and you can mock your friends in the future. It will be a great and unique question in this game.

From this content, you can have complete knowledge about this particular game. You can have full instructions that how to play and what kind of questions you should ask. It will be a great experience to play this game in your free time.

This game will be an essential and effective way to know someone better. Those who you already know how they think about you and how to create strong bonding.

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