12 Refreshing Things To Do When Bored At Work!

bored at work

If you are sitting down and browsing things to do when bored at work, we understand how bored you must be! As they say – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…” – there’s no shame in admitting that all of us get bored at work, and we tend to take off to imaginary islands for some time. In fact, how many times have you been tapped back into reality by your boss? How about giving that a break and doing something productive at work when bored? Let’s show you how –

This article will give you an outline of – the multiple things you can do when bored while working – whether you are in an office set-up or you are in a work-from-home format.

What are the things to do when bored at work?

Are you working from the office?

Since you are in your workspace, the options are comparatively limited. However, you can try these activities out –

  • Take a stroll along the office space
taking a stroll
Image Credit: Flex Jobs

This is one of the best things to do when bored at work! A stroll along the office space, preferably with a colleague or even solo, is a great way to rejuvenate and rewire your brain for the next set of tasks. Apart from the fact that it helps your body get some metabolism boost, it also gives a much-needed break to your mind, helping you organize your upcoming tasks better.

  • Organize your desktop/laptop
organise laptop
Image Credit: Geeky Edge

When you are bored at work, and there’s absolutely no respite (because you have a stack load of work in your head), you could simply arrange your desktop or laptop to take a short break. Arrange the files and PDFs in one disc so that they are accessible. Also, you could just change your wallpaper to break the monotony.

Update the folders in your PC/laptop and rename them accurately so that there are no glitches and everything is set in the order. This activity would roughly take you 15-20 minutes, and trust the experts – that’s good enough time to break your boredom and divert your mind!

  • Time for a cafeteria break
cafeteria break
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When bored at work – a cafeteria break is a great option!! A cup of coffee, some gossip from your colleagues, a little back-biting about that ‘specific colleague’ while you fill up the bottle – there’s nothing better than indulging in these activities when you are bored at work.

Also, since you will be taking a break of a maximum of 10-15 minutes while indulging in these activities, assuredly, it won’t hamper your work. Without a doubt, it is one of the best ways to do your work while shedding boredom!

  • Update your resume
update resume
Image Credit: LiveCareer

Who doesn’t like a professional boost while sitting bored at work? One of the easiest and best things to do when bored at work is to update your resume. Since you are ‘at work’ and maybe had a cup too many of your caffeine shot, you could simply take some time out to sharpen the statements you have made about your skills on your LinkedIn (or any other resume updating profile).

You could check out some similar resume profiles, see how their statements about skills have been framed, and try to imitate them for your resume. Also, if in the meantime, you have acquired any new skill or any worthy professional experience – frame out the same on your resume.

For the unversed – when you do the same, your brain automatically gets a boost (since you get to review your own achievements, and that gives you a dopamine rush), and therefore you will be more charged to work for your professional betterment.

  • Listen to a productivity podcast
Image Credit: PsyPost

Listening to podcasts is a great way to beat the boredom at work! There are a host of productivity podcasts available like The Tim Ferris Show, The 5AM Miracle Podcast, Before Breakfast – that immediately snap you out of the boredom and help you regain mental strength. So, if you are listing out the things to do when bored at work – put this out on the first rank!

  • Plan and execute your work list
Image Credit: SAP Help Portal

When you are bored and you do not wish to work at the moment, you need not work; take a break. But what’s the harm in planning your schedule for the next set of tasks? After all, take this time out to align your work and set it up well for the future so that you do not miss the deadlines.

You can arrange your work either date-wise or priority-wise and align it on your spreadsheet.

What’s more? You can sit at your desk and do the job (everyone thinks you are working while you are taking a small break!)

Are you working from your home?

In this case, you might have a little bit of relaxation compared to the in-office space. So, here are some things to do when bored at work from your personal space –

  • A little bit of a workout
Image Credit: Muscle & Fitness

Since you are at home, hence you take some ‘time off’ without anyone catching you. One of the prominent things to do when bored at work especially when you are in your personal space, is to – go in for a light workout. You could just take 10 minutes off on your treadmill or go in for the 15-minute regular workout routine. That helps shoot up your dopamine levels, and you are re-energized, ready to put it all into your work!

  • Organize your workspace
organise workspace
Image Credit: Flex Jobs

You need to sit straight there for a whole 9-hour span – hence it is crucial to keep your workspace organized. It happens, especially when you are working from home, that the files, your plates, and coffee cups keep getting accumulated on the table while you are on the work-home keeping-work routine.

Hence, when you are bored with your work and looking to do something to divert your mind temporarily – reorganizing your workspace, maybe putting your family photos, placing a little pot on your table, or even attaching some paintings to your work desk is a great way to beat the boredom!

  • Spend some time on the balcony

coffee in balcony

For those searching out a list of things to do when bored at work in a work-from-home setup, you can always leave your workspace to spend some time with nature. How about spending some time on the balcony? Sip a cup of coffee or your favorite blend of tea and maybe look down upon the bustling city. If your balcony is not a road-facing one, you can always enjoy the serenity of nature. While doing the same – water your plants, and air them well.

  • Spend some time pursuing your hobby
Image Credit: Future Learn

When bored at work, with some time to kill or divert your attention – you can always think of pursuing your hobby. Even if you are working on a timer, you could take some ‘time off’ and practice mandala art, invest some time in sudoku or maybe do a little bit of sketching.

If you like to read books or maybe cook – you could always try reading a couple of pages to refresh your mind or even cook an easy dish in under 20 minutes and relish it while you work.

  • Indulge in a few domestic chores
Image Credit: Experience Life Magazine – Life Time

Since you are somewhat in a privileged position to stay at home and work – therefore, when you are looking for things to do when bored at work – you may always add a couple of household chores to your list. Maybe you could do up the grocery list or set up the table for lunch/dinner.

If not, you could do a handful of other activities such as – prep up for a specific dish, set the lounge, do the laundry, quickly do the dishes, or lastly, you could do the basic dusting of your home. A little bit of movement always helps recharge your brain!

  • Watch a TED Talk
ted talks
Image Credit: Gyan One

A TED Talk is always inspiring and also one of the best ways to kill time when you are bored at work. Not only does it help to divert your mind, but it also gives you an immediate confidence boost, especially when your energy is at its lowest.

Final thoughts

These are some of the quirky and healthy things to do when bored at work, whether you are an ‘in-office’ staff or ‘working from home’ format. It is crucial to note that to excel in your professional life and manage your personal life well; you must take care of your mental health and physical well-being. Therefore – try to engage in activities that are better for your mental health while you are busy being the corporate bee!


If you have some tricks up your sleeve – do share the same with us. For more updates, keep following this page.

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