The top 6 in your list of the best laptop for architecture students!

best laptop for architecture students

When buying a laptop for a student associated with general studies – the requirements are quite different from buying the same gadget for an architecture student. For the uninitiated – in the case of architecture students or professionals – there at times arises the need to use multiple software such as AutoCAD or SketchUp, and that too simultaneously. In such cases, it is just not the design or the portability and screen quality that matters – how it manages to match up to the demanding programs is the key to making a choice. Therefore – here is the list of the best laptop for architecture students at your fingertip.

This listicle has been prepared after much research on the quality of gadgets, the performances as viewed previously under multiple circumstances, and expert testimonials. Sincerely – it will guide you to finding out from this list which laptop suits your demand the best.

Choosing the best laptop for architecture students

Here are some of the alternatives that you can choose from –

#1 – Lenovo ThinkPad W541

Lenovo never disappoints, and this time was no different with the quality – chassis and clipboard. There’s more to come –

What does it offer? 

  1. The Quad Core Processor is powered at Intel i7 while the RAM is kept at 8GB (with an extension allowing up to 16GB)
  2. The speed is restricted within the 3.5GHz level while the hard drive is kept at 500GB and the speed at the RPM of 7200.
  3. The graphics card is powered by NVIDIA Quadro 2GB GDDR5 format.
  4. The key positives – Single-channel triple free slot offering a combination of USB, HDMI, and digital media card readers – backed up finally by a warranty period of 36 months!

best laptop for architecture students

#2 – Acer Aspire E15 

With the targeted market being the students looking for something affordable – this is one of the best laptop for architecture students. This is enabled with – a quality processor and accommodation for multiple ports.

What does it offer? 

  1. Since you are looking for software that is designed for architecture students – the 6th generation Intel Core i5 is the key factor here.
  2. This software is supported by – NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with an SSD drive of 256GB backup.
  3. Enabled with – 8GB RAM, 15.6 inches display, and ports for HDMI and USB, Kensington Lock, both VGA input and Ethernet port.

#3 – HP ZBook Mobile Business Workstation 

This new HP ZBooks range is enabled with additional G2 and within the range of 15 to 17 – inches. The chassis, input devices, display, and connectivity are kept in tandem with the initial set of ZBooks.

best laptop for architecture students

What does it offer? 

  1. Equipped with an Intel i7 processor and a hard drive of 750GB.
  2. The triple-spindle wedge design is undoubtedly another of its key points, which ensures that the significant weight of the same is kept at the backside.
  3. With an inch range of 17.3 – this has an associated DreamColour panel display with updated processors and graphics card.

The above features are why this laptop features in this list of the best laptop for architecture students.

#4 – Acer Aspire Nitro Black Edition 

Call to reach heights – this one from Acer is the one at the peak! From its premium customized Black design to its enhanced smooth performance – this is one gadget that exudes class at every step – albeit within a range of $1000.

What does it offer? 

  1. The Hard Drive comes with a power of 1 Tb backed by an RPM of 5400.
  2. If overheating was ever a problem with any of your previous gadgets – then there’s a reason why this name fits the bill in your search for the best laptop for architecture students. It is affixed with joint DestDefender and CoolBoost technology.
  3. The screen size is kept at 15.6 inches while the GPU is enabled with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M.
  4. It is integrated with HD Audio Support Digital Microphone, while MIMO Technology backs the Wireless LAN.

#5 – Dell Inspiron Gaming Laptop 

This belongs to the set of gaming laptops and, therefore, is quite affordable – with the benchmark of being placed at a rate below $800.

What does it offer? 

  1. Features Intel 5 with a Quad Core Processor (amounting to 2.3 GHz).
  2. The Turbo Speed can rate up to 3.6 GHz while the Cache is kept at 6M.
  3. Maxwell Architecture forms its base with triple exhausts and dual cooling fans – the key factors that place it fifth as the best laptop for architecture students.
  4. The 8GB RAM, along with the SSD drive of 256 GB capacity – definitely increases the speed at which data is transferred along with ports such as – USB (3 in number), Ethernet, and HDMI alternatives.
  5. Two hoots for the multi-reader card slot and audio system enhanced with Maxx Audio Pro quality, subwoofers added.

#6. Microsoft Surface Book

Surely it is part of the first generation laptops – however – categorically for architectural purposes – the one with 256 SSD and NVIDIA dedicated GPU is the perfect one. The key aspect here is – its role in accommodating multiple software that is graphic intensive – such as Rhino, and 3dsMax, to name a few.

best laptop for architecture students

What does it offer? 

  1. The Maxwell architecture as a base with Intel Core 6th Generation Skylake i5 format.
  2. Armed with the Surface Pen of Microsoft – it also provides a backup of 12 hours.

What to look out for in the laptop?

When you are searching for the best laptop for architecture students, there are certain key features that you need to check.

  • This laptop must be accrued with – a graphics card and multi-core processor. Most of the software the students use is extremely demanding – hence the necessity of the same. Try to go in for Intel 5 and 2GB of GPU for enhanced processing.
  • For the RAM – choose one with 16GB. If at all – you are getting an 8GB option – it is suggested that you use it judiciously.
  • Choose the SSD format of disk compared to HDD one for better results. However, you can always choose the Hybrid disk format that will enhance the standard of your laptop’s performance.
  • The peripherals are essential. It should connect the USB and the HDMI ports for the standard requirements.
  • Though you might not consider the screen to be essential but – one with Full High Definition and within a screen size of 15 to 17-inches is a necessity.

Gaming laptops or Touchscreen laptops?

For the uninitiated in recent times – architecture students are using gaming laptops increasingly since they come equipped with the required computing power. Also, without a doubt – they have a comparatively cheaper price rate, which becomes affordable for most. On the same note – touchscreen laptops are more of a luxury for the students; therefore, having one is fine, but not having one would not affect much, especially when you are searching for the best laptop for architecture students.

Mac or Windows – what’s the choice?

If you are talking creative in this list of best laptop for architecture students – then Apple is the extensive choice! However, Apple has a history of being selective in terms of its software; therefore, some of the architectural software is also restricted in the process. On the other hand, MacBook has been quite supportive of the designs and therefore has the attention of an increased audience.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, you have a fair idea of the best laptop for architecture students. If you choose any of the products mentioned above, then do leave your feedback for the same.


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