What Are The Stories With A Moral? Explained

Stories With A Moral

Stories with a moral can help your children to learn essential values of life in a fun way. Stories have made our childhood awesome and taught us some of the best lessons of life. It is crucial for us to transfer these values to the next generations. Stories can do this job of imparting knowledge from one generation to another when children are flexible to learn new things. You can find some of the best stories with a moral to share with your children and other kids in this post. Check out the list of the stories with their moral values. 

Best Stories With A Moral To Learn

Below are some inspiring stories with a moral you can learn for a lifetime:

1: The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf

This is one of the most popular stories with a moral. It tells the story of the shepherd boy who lives in a village and takes his sheep to the mountains to feed them. He used to prank people with his lies about the wolf when out to feed the sheep. He did the same prank twice, and when the villagers visited him, he started laughing out loud. However, when the wolf came in real, no one believed him. The wolf killed many of his sheep and dragged them to the forest. 


This story preaches always to speak the truth. If you constantly keep lying, no one will trust you.

2: A King’s Painting

It is a story about a kind king who was physically disabled with one eye and one leg. However, he was brilliant and compassionate, and which is why everyone in his kingdom was happy and prosperous. One day he saw the paintings of ancestors in the palace and wondered that the next generation would also remember his work and lead the same path as their ancestors. But, due to his physical disabilities, there was no painting of the king. 

One day he called some renowned painters in the court and asked them to make his painting. All of them get terrified that the image will not turn well due to the king’s disability, except one painter. He accepted the king’s invitation to create his painting. Everyone was wondering how the painting would turn up; however, when he showed the final picture, every person in the courts got wonderstruck. The painting depicted the king riding on the horse on one leg side and aiming his arrow on something with one eye closed. King became happy and rewarded the clever painter.


Every person has their own qualities. We should not see the wrong side of a person but appreciate their positive side. 

3: Saint And The Scorpion

This is one of the most beautiful stories with a moral. The story revolved around a saint and a scorpion. One day when walking on the sea beach, the saint noticed a scorpion who was trying to get over the sea-waves. However, the waves splashed the scorpion, again and again, preventing him from reaching the shore. Despite knowing the scorpion’s true nature and risk, the saint picked the scorpion from the sand to help. However, the scorpion stung the saint. 

A person watching the whole incident asked the saint about his irrational act. The saint replied when the scorpion is not leaving his nature, how can I? His answer left the person surprised. 


We should not care about the other’s deeds but focus on our good behavior towards others. Only we can make our society a better place to live. No good will turn out from the “tit for tat” tendency. 

4: Choose Your Word Wisely

The next story is about an older man who rumored about his young neighbor to be a thief, due to which he was sentenced to jail. However, later the young man proved to be innocent. Wounded by the humiliation, he decides to drag the older man to the court.

In court, the old man said, it was just harmless words. Hearing this, the judge told him to leave for home. Furthermore, he instructed the old man to cut the paper into small pieces and leave them on the road. 

The next day before giving his final verdicts, the judge asked the old man to bring all the pieces of paper back to the courtroom. Surprised at this strange wish of the judge, the old man replied that the wind must have spread the paper, and I could not recollect them.

Hearing his answer, the judge said that: “In the same manner, your simple words have destroyed the reputation of the man, which he is not able to retain.” The answer made everything clear to the old man, and he started pleading for forgiveness from the young man. 


Do not malign or curse anyone without confirming if he is actually committed the act or not. Your words can destroy someone’s reputation, which is really hard to retain. 

5: The King And The Sage

Let’s hear the next stories with a moral from the list. This story is about a sage and a king and how their interaction turned out to be a learning for others. 

One day, a sage was wandering into the capital city of the kingdom, where he spotted the smallest currency coined on the street. He picked it up and planned to donate it to a needy person as he was satisfied with his life. He was looking for a needy person, and suddenly the king who was getting ready to invade the other state saw him.

The king went to the sage and requested him to shower his blessing for a successful invasion on the other state. The sage gave the coin to the king and narrated the whole incident. Hearing everything, the king became angry and asked the reason. The sage replied, “I have seen everyone contended in the state except you who is going to have a war after having so much.” 

The king realized his mistake and quitted the idea of the war. 


We should be happy and satisfied with what we have. Seeking more has no limit. It will take you to nowhere but sadness and disappointment.

Final Words!! 

The stories with a moral described in this post can help your kids to develop a positively strong character. If you also went back to your childhood days and enjoy these stories thoroughly, then you can find some more interesting posts from our blog page. 


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