Fiction writing and its characteristics

writing and its characteristics

As a student of the English language, it has never been easier for me to learn literature. But it doesn’t mean that it is a challenging subject. English is my second language, and I have no ideas about English literature. However, watching and reading novels and stories is my craze. Read on to find out the characteristics of fictional writing.

The craze of reading helps me a lot in writing literature. Therefore in this article, I will try to make you understand what fiction is. Most students of my level and also those who learn English as a second language feel it is hard to learn this term in literature. So let me make you understand about it more simply;

What is fictional writing? 

Any piece of writing, which includes sci-fi and imagery, is called fictional writing. This is the most straightforward term, and writers of fiction always write engaging in this genre.

Here I would give you an example from real life that we watch tv shows where aliens are discussed, or future technologies are used as the prediction. All those non-existing and imaginary characters either place, thing or a person is called fictional work. If you don’t have an aerial system, you can reach out to tv and an aerial installation service provider. 

God, evil or supernatural powers are also part of fictional writing. However, it could be an exciting subject to learn. Here are some characteristics of fictional writing;

  • Setting 

the setting covers the place and time where the story takes place. It is the initial step where everything is taken into consideration before performing. However, the setting must be set appropriately to gain success in the story.

  • Plot 

The plot is the central part of a fiction story. You have seen many movies or tv shows where a villain ends up with the arrival of a new worst condition or antagonist. This is what we call a plot where a series of events takes place. A good idea to provoke the inner feeling of viewers or readers.

  • Characters 

characters are the third most important feature or characteristic of fictional writing. It is a stage where the writer must take care of assigning characters. A character is meant by role performing in a play or story. The people in dramas or talking trees in cartoons are characters of that fictional work. If you don’t have an aerial system, you can visit tv and aerial installation service providers.

This is a simple and straightforward concept of fiction writing. However, fiction has other sub-genres to discuss. But before those genres, you must have a clear idea of fiction which is described in this article.


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