Top 5 MacBook Pro Alternatives that you must try!

MacBook Pro alternatives

Are you the one who has been searching out for Apple’s MacBook Pro all the while – the technically ‘prototypical’ laptop that has warmed up multiple hearts? However, the sad news is that now that you have laid your hands on it, you realise this is not your laptop!! Pretty sad news. What do you do next? Search out the MacBook Pro alternatives that are available in the market. This search of yours leads you here to this content – and voila! You seem to have your answers. 

Why wait then? Here is a list of alternatives that you can check out at the earliest and surely (quite much without the pocket pinch). Scroll down and figure out which one you would like to buy. 

The MacBook Pro alternatives that are available in the market

1. Dell XPS 17  9700 

From the very first day, Dell made its position strong in the market. So, without a doubt, its XPS 17 (9700) will serve as the perfect alternative to the MacBook Pro. Armed with features such as a 17-inches screen size and Core i9 CPU model, this laptop is credited with delivering unprecedented performance. 

The aspect ratio is kept at 16:10, while its edges are diamond cut. For the basics – it has 4 USB cable ports with both an SD card reader and a Wi-Fi 6 format. The brightness is kept at 531 nits, while the DCI-P3 is at 89.7%. What’s more? The SD card has a 16GB dual card format, while the reading and writing speeds are kept up at 3272 MBs and 2348 MB/s. 

MacBook Pro alternatives

In fact – summarising in one line – Dell XPS 17 (9700) has quite an impressive battery life, a brilliant screen to boast of and enough power to last the rush of daily workflow. 

2. HP Envy x360 15 

The Envy Lineup from HP’s house brings forth laptops that match the performance levels that HP boasts of. The touchscreen display with a standard 4K OLED – provides brightness nits up to the limit of 400. Holding up on a Ryzen CPU of Zen 3 format, this is available currently both with – AMD ZEN 3 processor and Intel Tiger Lake. 

For the uninitiated – this comes in a convertible 2-in1- form with an option to upgrade it to Windows 11 (It originally came with a Windows 10 format). With an expandable memory of 16GB, this product of 15 inches and 4 pounds provides you with an integrated AMD Radeon of 512 MB.  

MacBook Pro alternatives
Image Credit: HP

3. Lenovo Yoga Lineup 

Surprisingly, Lenovo took Yoga seriously and created the svelte Yoga 9i design. With a Core i7 processor of the 11th generation, this has a 12+ hour battery backup and a set of rotating speakers. 

The refresh rate of 165Hz and the display of 14-inches brings an expandable memory of 16GB. As the flagship convertible laptop, this has a keyboard of the edge-to-edge format, while the intel processors are the 12th generation. Kept at Dolby vision and DCI – P3(100%) display, the aspect ratio is fixed at 16:10. How about checking this out as one of your MacBook Pro alternatives?

MacBook Pro alternatives
Image Credit: Lenovo StoryHub

4. Razer Blade 14 

A true blue saver for money – this Razer Blade 14 range is a trailblazer in the market, one of the best MacBook Pro alternatives and one of a kind gaming laptop! Though this pinches your pocket a little more than usual – this strongly ticks the features as software quality/ battery/ performance. 

With a 14-inch display to boast of, this Razer Blade – has 1TB storage and 16GB memory. The resolution of the base model is fixed at 1080p – with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 for pairing. Having a 165Hz refresh rate – its colour gamut is at 98.8%DCI. In fact, when you are playing a challenging game – the graphics card allows a power draw of 80-90W. 

MacBook Pro alternatives
Image Credit:

At 3.9 pounds and a glass touchpad for the company, the 16:9 ratio screen is what you get as an alternative. 

5. Asus Vivobook Pro 14/14X 

This company from the domains of Taiwan surely has maintained its standards. Undoubtedly, the laptops from this domain are no less than the ‘Pro’ you are looking for. When on a tight budget – yet looking for a premium quality product, this Vivobook 14X comes with a metallic lid. Functioning on a 63Whr Li-ion battery with an OLED panel, the touchpad also has dual duties of the number pad. 

Based purely on data – this laptop has both a built-in speaker and microphone. Additionally, the audio feature is certified by Harman Kardon. The present interface is also a combination of HDMI bonded with a MicroSD card reader and audio combo jack. The OS is the Windows 10 Pro – its onboard memory is 8GB, expandable to 16GB. 

MacBook Pro alternatives
Image Credit: Asus

With 8 slots for connectivity and a DC-in power outlet, this Asus Vivobook Pro 14/14X is the laptop for creating YouTube content, 3D models and Photoshop designs. 


Facts to check before you buy 

The above-mentioned products are the best MacBook Pro alternatives that you can choose from. However, there are certain factors that you must check before you choose any of the above products. Drop down to figure out the same. 

  • The Display is the key factor 

Pixel – Dense Retina display, the accuracy of colours, high refresh rates, panels brighter than 400 nits – that is what you need to check in the MacBook Pro alternatives that you are checking. 

  • The Build Quality is of key importance 

It is not about the style but what is beyond the style! The build of the laptop must be strong enough to handle the quick and incessant flow of work. MacBook Pro does not crash on tough days – the alternative must match the basic standards.  

  • Efficiency standards and Battery life 

In the world of laptops, the performance of the MacBook is legendary. No problem, though – since you have decided to go with the alternative – check if: the battery matches the performance levels (especially the time limits it can go unplugged). Also, check the level of performance uplift that the battery provides – against the used time.   

  • Know how it performs – the software 

Horsepower is the question!! The base for every machine must be strong, and the same goes for the MacBook Pro alternatives that you are searching for. The way to choose one is to make sure that there are no emulation layers that can degrade the performance level. So, whether it is a single core performance that you are asking for or a multi-core aspect – rest assured, the software must support you. In for some high-end performance? The machine must not crash! 

  • Can you upgrade it?

Everything said and done – one cannot update MacBooks. The system is limited, and the RAM is well soldered to the motherboard. So, if you wish to change or increase the RAM, change the machine. This needs to stop! Make sure that the alternative that you choose at least has SSD or Wi-Fi cards that one can upgrade. 

Now that you know the details of the available MacBook Pro alternatives, how about you check your pocket and figure out which one matches your standards. Hope you spend well! 

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